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How to Make a Guitar Amp from a Speaker

Starting off playing any instrument can be a little taxing and confusing [...]

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Bass Guitar

The question of how long it would take to learn bass guitar [...]

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How to Stain a Guitar

There are a lot of ways to stain your guitar. You also [...]

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How to Fix a Bowed Guitar Neck without a Truss Rod

Getting a guitar bowed is a common phenomenon among guitarists. This normally [...]

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How to Play Purple Rain on Guitar

Prince, the legend who is associated with the creation of several works [...]

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How to Make Audio Sound Distant?

Let's say that you are working on a scene that involves a [...]

Latest Ukulele Tips

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How to Restring a Ukulele?

The strings of ukulele are pretty durable, given the fact that they [...]

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How to Strum a Ukulele

If you have played a ukulele before have you noticed that you [...]

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What is a Lute?

Many of you have heard of a musical instrument with cord and [...]

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How to Tune Down a Half Step?

If you are bothered by the high pitch that comes with your [...]

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How to Remember Key Signatures

As a beginner, it can often be a challenge, and even an [...]

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When to Use Augmented Chords

Some people may assume that augmented chords are something to avoid when [...]