2 Chord Ukulele Songs: The Trick to Mastering Ukuleles

Nothing depicts luaus as a ukulele does. The unique but dainty music conjures images of good times in the sun. A ukulele is like a guitar’s younger cousin. It’s fun to play and easy to pick up on. Not to forget, it’s the perfect instrument to project getaways. 

Playing the ukulele feels like you’re manifesting a Hawaiian getaway. It’s gaining popularity because of its simplified nature. It has soft nylon strings and a small fretboard. More importantly, just about anyone can pick up this instrument. Even children as young as five years old! 

Why are Ukuleles Popular? 

The surge was inevitable when brands such as Fender began producing ukuleles too. Cordoba invested in them too. Why wouldn’t they? This convenient instrument is loved by many. You can take them anywhere with ease whether it’s the beach or the park or your friend’s house. It’s also easy to store!

What’s not to like? It all comes down to your commitment though. You won’t master the instrument overnight. Take care of it and practice regularly. Don’t give up because of a few hitches. You can easily learn multiple songs with frequent practice. You just need to dedicate yourself. 

Why Start with 2 Chord Ukulele Songs? 

Pick a song you enjoy. Your choice of chords is endless. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to pick up a 2 chord ukulele song. They help you gain confidence. Start with a slow pace and pick up more difficult chords over time. Take breaks in between. You can learn how to increase the tempo with practice. 

Learning ukuleles from scratch isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s often frustrating for beginners, especially adults. They tend to compete with themselves and think they can master it instantaneously. While some have the inherent talent, others don’t. This is why it’s best to start with 2 chord ukulele songs. 

Tips to Learn Ukulele Songs 

  1. Enhance Your Muscle Memory 

Honing your muscle memory is important when it comes to playing an instrument. It’s an art. Your motor activity is recorded in your memory. It takes note of the chords you play. So when you’re doing this repeatedly, it almost becomes instinctual. The process becomes effortless after some time. 

This way you don’t need to focus too much while playing. To make the most of this, it’s important to take breaks. Your muscle memory needs time to get accustomed to the movements. You’ll find it easier to master and pick up more songs this way!

  1. Use A Metronome

Precision plays an important role in music. This is why many musicians use metronomes while practicing. This helps keep everything on track. You’ll play everything in perfect timing. Metronomes simply make a beeping sound sequentially. You can modify the speed according to your preference. 

Want to know the secret behind learning the ukulele quickly? By playing slowly. Yes, you read it right. Playing slowly will help you learn quickly. Set tiny achievable goals. Learn a song at 70BPM first. Then add 5BPM. Continue until you reach the desired goal. Practice makes perfect! 

  1. Hum and Sing-Along 

Nothing is as enjoyable as humming along to musical tunes. You’ll enjoy learning new songs this way. It’s a tad challenging. Especially to beginners. It gets better with practice though. Pace yourself with a metronome repeatedly. This will help you grasp both the melody and the lyrics. 

Don’t concern yourself with the lyrics at first though. Hum to get accustomed to the chords you’re playing. Start singing once you think you’ve mastered humming. Do it while strumming the basic beats. At this point, you’re expected to learn the chords. Or at least the strumming pattern. 

Top 2 Chord Ukulele Songs to Learn 

Now that you know where to start, let’s look at some of the 2 chord ukulele songs you can pick up! 

  1. Oh, My Darling Clementine by Freddy Quinn

Chords Used: G, D7 or C, G7 

Freddy Quinn may have been popular in the late 50s but this song was ageless. You can pick either of the two chords. It’s a fun variation to learn because there are so many artists that made a cover of this. This mocking yet serious song keeps things interesting. So you know it’s an interesting topic of conversation. 

  1. Down in the Valley by Burl Ives 

Chords Used: C, G7 

It’s easy to get mesmerized by the lyrics. Down in the Valley is a masterpiece. The American singer knew what he’s doing. This is another popular C major and G7 song that’s easy to learn. It doesn’t hurt that both the chords and lyrics are catchy! 

  1. Lord of the Dance by The Dubliners

Chords Used: C, G

The chords played by the Irish folk band are soothing and melodic. 

The chords played by the Irish folk band are soothing and melodic. This isn’t an easy song by any means. You’ll find it difficult to come across simpler versions of this. With the rise of ukulele players, it’s easier to find instructions to master this. 

  1. Streets of Laredo by Johnny Cash 

Chords Used: C, F

Johnny Cash’s high-tenor voice is unlike any other. These chords are a popular choice because the strumming melody is easy to learn. It’s a great place to start! 

  1. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 

Chords Used: Am7, F6 

You might be surprised to find this electronic song in this mix, but it’s a very popular 2 chord ukulele song. It’s fun, eccentric, and extremely catchy! Not to forget, modern too. 

Final Thoughts 

2 chord ukulele songs aren’t hard to master. You just need the willpower to practice. Start slow and then pick up a faster tempo. Tune your ukulele before you play. Different songs require different adjustments. Get cozy and start practicing. You’ll find yourself mastering a ukulele in no time! 

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