3 Chords Songs: A Step Closer To Mastering The Ukulele

Luaus and leis! That’s what ukuleles are supposed to remind you of. Ukuleles are associated with the summertime breeze and sunny days. This instrument is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They can be picked up by children or adults alike. Keep reading to learn about 3 Chords Songs: A Step Closer To Mastering The Ukulele

The best part is how easy it is to learn songs. Beginners tend to focus on 2 chords or 3 chords of ukulele songs to begin their musical journey. With recognizable chords, it’s no wonder that this Hawaiian instrument is loved by all. Before jumping into the details, let’s look at why you should start playing ukuleles.

Why You Should Get a Ukulele 

They’re compact

3 Chords Songs: A Step Closer To Mastering The Ukulele
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Ukuleles are cute and portable. You can’t carry keyboards or drums on your next camping trip. Ukuleles, you can. An average ukulele weighs around a pound. So you can carry it to picnics, beaches, or even your weekend road trips. 

Not only are they easy to carry, but they’re also less difficult to hold too. This is why children prefer this instrument over others. They’re extremely durable too. So you get all the benefits in a compact package!

Almost every song can be adapted for ukuleles

Most popular songs can be easily played on the ukulele. Even the challenging ones can be toned down to something simple. This is why many aspiring musicians begin with this instrument. 

There are so many resources online too. You can easily learn how to adapt your favorite songs once you master the basics. Since the ukulele only has four strings, constructing music is much easier.

It’s a painless process

Ukuleles are friendly instruments. The lightweight frame and the pressed-down strings are perfect for beginners. People struggle with guitars because they need to develop calluses on their fingers. 

You don’t have to go through the same process for ukuleles. All it takes is practice and perseverance. Moreover, you can use them as a primer for other instruments. If you’re interested in playing the guitar or bass later, this is a good place to start. 

They’re inexpensive

3 Chords Songs: A Step Closer To Mastering The Ukulele
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Most instruments require a hefty investment. Even guitars! The better ones cost around $500. Think about the costs of cables or amplifiers too. On the other hand, you can find decent ukuleles for under $100.

Why? Well, they’re small. So they don’t need as much material. Mind you, not all ukuleles are made the same way. The cheaper ones often don’t stay in tune. So make sure you research before finalizing your purchase.

It helps with songwriting

Technology has transformed the music industry but it can be intimidating for beginners. The ukulele provides an easy alternative. It has certain boundaries but you know how to approach this.

This benefits songwriters more as they can adapt the verses accordingly. It doesn’t take much effort. You can strum the chords and write the verses simultaneously. Do all of this without going through the complicated process of producing.

Now that you know why you should take the leap of faith and get a ukulele, let’s see what you can do with it.

The Easiest 3 Chord Ukulele Songs

If you’re a beginner, you need to take an easy approach. This is why starting with three-chord songs is a good idea. You can start practicing your vocals with it to entice your audience. Let’s check out some of the more popular songs! There are some tutorials attached for your easier understanding.

All Apologies 

Performer: Nirvana 

Chords Used: C, F, G 

Genre: Grunge, Indie 

All Apologies is undoubtedly one of Nirvana’s top songs. It shows how they can be aggressive but laid back at the same time. Also, listening to Kurt’s hoarse voice is always a pleasure. This is one of those songs that sounds great on ukuleles too. Check out this tutorial to get started! 

Just the Way You Are 

Performer: Bruno Mars

Chords Used: C, A, F 

Genre: Pop 

Did you know this song was one of Mars’ first chart entries? He previously worked with other singers but this was the first under his name. This groovy music is easy to pick on ukuleles. It has a repetitive pattern that beginners like. Plus, it’s fun to imagine being in Bruno’s shoes. Check this video out! 

Authority Son

Performer: John Mellencamp

Chords Used: C, F, G

Genre: Classic Rock

It’s easy to nod your head to the “I say oh no, no no” verses. This is why this song is such a perfect fit for the ukulele. This rollicking melody is a fun song to play in front of friends. This tutorial helps you master this song in just a few minutes. All you need to do is mimic the instructor!

Sweet Home Alabama

Performer: John Mellencamp

Chords Used: C, D, G

Genre: Classic Rock

This is perhaps on everyone’s list when it comes to learning ukuleles. This classic song is easy to pick up. After all, you only need three chords. You need to follow a simple pattern. It is as follows: two Ds, two Cs, and four Gs. This video elaborates further. 

What’s Up

Performer: 4 Non Blondes
Chords Used: A, Bm, D
Genre: Rock

This song receives mixed reviews. It did win the Danish Music Award so it does have some merit. It appeared out of nowhere and entranced the audience with a neo-hippie vibe. So why wait? Learn the chords and get started. Click on this link to get started. 

Final Thoughts 

Honestly, don’t wait for someone else to decide for you. If you feel inspired, just go ahead and get a ukulele. Not only is it a great way to pass time, but you also get to exercise your muscle memory too. It’s also a great source of entertainment.

Just do it for you. There are so many songs you learn in just a couple of days. You could master “Ring of Fire” one day and “Shake It Off” the next. What’s stopping you? Master 3 chord ukulele songs and become a novice musician in no time!

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