5 Best Eight String Ukulele

Due to having just four strings to play with, ukulele has an established popularity as an easy instrument for beginners. But once gained expertise, players tend to get more adventurous on their ukulele journey. If you are planning to explore new adventures with your ukulele, 8 string ukuleles might be the right ones for you. 

These are not as familiar as the standard four string ones, however, 8 string ukuleles are moving towards huge popularity by the passing days. It can be a crucial task to choose the model that suits you best. At the end of the day, everyone has their own different choices and preferences. Today, we present you a list of 5 best 8 string ukuleles with their specifications for you to choose the right fit from. 

1. Luna High Tide series 8 strings:

With the unique shape of a tenor, Luna High Tide Series 8 strings ukulele offers great quality sound as both an electric and an acoustic ukulele. This model is an eye-catcher with koa on the top and mahogany on the body and neck. Luna ukuleles are often well known for having signature builds and appearances. Its walnut fret board is designed magnificently with waves and full moon which immediately sends a sense of sea. Also with the elegant crafting, Luna High Tide Series 8 Strings is considered to be constructed with the perfect thickness that makes it create a very full and warm tone. 

But, the equipped volume, treble, and bass sliders give adaptability due to their sensitivity, which allows the ideal control of the tone. In general the pickup supplements the ukulele well to deliver a splendid, round sound.

Just like every other thing in existence, Luna High Tide Series 8 String come with its share of drawbacks along with its advantages. Although it has an appreciable, measured volume, the resonance is a bit less strong and powerful than other options. Other than that, the useful cutaway of this ukulele makes it the right choice for players tending to play high notes on the fretboard with only $249 USD.

2. Oscar Schmidt OU28TE Tenor 8 String Ukulele:

This tenor 8 string ukulele from Oscar Schmidt is dependable in its sound and quality, yet it’s outstandingly within a more moderate price range than different models available. In case you’re new to the 8 string ukulele world, you’ll make some incredible memories exploring different avenues regarding this instrument, without having to use up every last cent. 

While being one of the most affordable 8 string ukuleles in the market, this tenor model maintains a proper quality with the right amount of features. It has laminated mahogany on the body and neck with a satin finish. Its rosewood fretboard and walnut bridge create a bright and sweet tone, besides viewing subtle variation in timbre. 

This might not have the most beautiful looks, but this $130 USD ukulele certainly has an elegant sound which is a great deal within budget. 

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3. Kala KA-ASAC-T8 Solid  Acacia:

The Kala KA-ASAC-T8 Solid Acacia as a smashing appearance as well as incredible sound quality. Shaped liked a tenor, this stunner seizes the day with its Acacia body and Mahogony neck with a satin finish. Made from the wood best known for an impeccable sound quality, this 8 string ukulele gives the purest and loudest acoustic tone, which ages like a fine wine. 

Apart from being strongly constructed for its sound, it has a mark look much the same as the Luna model. Vine inlays enrich the excellent fretboard and the edges of the body are adorned with white piping.

The acacia that it’s produced using has a gorgeous regular grain that offers beautiful texture and varieties in shading as it goes from light to dark brown in color. This prepossessing ukulele with a resonant acoustic sound comes in only $219.99 USD.

4. Kala KA-8:

The Kala KA-8 model being a more affordable one compared to the other decorative models looks simple and traditional with a solid sound. It focuses rather on premium tones than looks. This tenor model from the Kala line has fewer bells and whistles than the others in the line, making it lean more towards the lower end of the price scale. 

The Kala KA-8 has laminated mahogany for it body and neck with a glossy finish. With its fret board and bridge made from walnut, this model from the Kala line is solid and durable with loud and round sound. Since this is a travel friendly ukulele, you can rock your music wherever you go. 

The plain design of this model might not give it a flashy appearance, but if high sound quality is your priority, you can get this basic excellent 8 string ukulele in $249.99 USD.

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5. Lanikai MA-8T:

The Lanikai MA-8T is a customary ukulele that gets the entirety of its highlights right. This 8 string ukulele is for any individual who is searching for a balanced ukulele that you can depend on for its sound and adaptability.

The Lanikai MA-8T works superbly of adjusting quality and highlights at a sensible cost. For example, one element that you’d generally find on better quality ukuleles is an opened headstock, which looks extraordinary on the MA-8T.

Together with a single ply white ABS fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, and a wide nut and neck profile, the Lanikai has a work of art and timeless look and sound. Since it is built from mahogany, it provides a loud and pleasingly warm tone. 

This classic-looking, standard 8 string ukulele model from the Lanikai brand comes in only $199 USD with strap buttons as a bonus.


If you have mastered the four string ukulele, there’s no reason to sit back. Feed your adventurous soul by rocking 8 strings. Try a few types and see what works best for you.

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