5 Best Plastic Ukuleles

Plastic ukuleles are often looked over and wooden ukuleles are rather preferred by the ukulele lovers. In fact, some players ever consider plastic ukuleles as toys. Along with their string, durable features, plastic ukuleles are waterproof and travel friendly as well.  It does not matter if you are out on a beach or even in a pool, these ukuleles can sustain anywhere. 

Plastic ukuleles are gaining the noticeable amount of popularity in recent days. This type of ukuleles is ideal for fun-loving individuals as they come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and patterns. If you are willing to gives these ukuleles a try but cannot get your head around the best pick for you, today we bring to you 5 plastic ukuleles that are worth going for. 

1. Bugs Gear Aqualele:

With an eye-catching design, the Bugs Gear Aqualele ukulele is hands down the perfect fit for players who want a louder sound. Instead of sticking to the customary ukulele look, BugsGear has given its plastic ukulele intense tones, a balance soundhole, and a cutaway. However, even with the offbeat look, it actually feels and plays like an ordinary soprano ukulele. This, in fact, sounds the least like regular plastic. One thing you may see is that the body is somewhat more profound than your standard soprano ukulele. This is one of the keys to getting a decent sound out of a plastic ukulele. As the ABS utilized in these ukuleles is not as resonating as wood, the greater body redresses. You are more likely to experience a fairly louder ukulele as compared to the other soprano ukuleles made of wood.

With great playability and intonation up to the 18th fret, this ukulele costs $126.20 USD.

2. Vorson ABS Ukulele:

Although most plastic ukuleles are soprano, the Vorson ABS Ukulele is a concert ukulele, bringing good news for those ho had difficulty with the small size of soprano ukuleles. The concert size of the ukulele allows more space on the fret board which results in great volume and resonance. 

One thing to remember with the Vorson ukulele is that the ABS used to make it is genuinely delicate. It is, thus, more inclined to neck warpage. The fact that it sounds no better than any regular plastic ukulele cannot be ignored. Along with that, it is quieter than an average concert ukulele made from wood. But when the strings settle down, the intonations get better. 

The design of this ukulele does not get any creative; rather it has the appearance of a standard concert ukulele. However, the company offers various ranges of colors and shades, which even include an American flag and eagle and another with flames. These simple yet elegant designs can float your boat any day. 

The Vorson ABS Ukulele come in only $27.99 USD as a dream come true for players with a tight budget. 

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3. Woodi USA Ukulele:

The inventive looks of the Woodi USA Ukulele on its traditional body is certain to make a bold statement. There is hardly any ukulele lover out there who would not want to customize their instruments according to their taste while keeping the sound quality intact. This is where the Woodi USA ukulele comes as a boon. If you need a break from conventional wood grains, the colorful designs of this brand is sure to catch your eye. 

The genuine state of the body of the ukulele is extremely conventional. But what makes the Woodi stand out from the rest is the astounding array of patterns you can get imprinted on the plastic. Flower, hallucinogenic, and rainbow prints are highlighted close by the standard brilliant neon tones, allowing practically everybody to discover one that they like. The sound it produces might not be exceptionally wonderful compared to a solid wooden ukulele, but it is good enough to do the job for any casual strummer. 

This playable ukulele comes in $54.99 USD. 

4. Makala Waterman :

In the world of ukuleles, it is impossible to overlook the Makala ukuleles. Having a record of making extremely affordable instruments, it is no surprise that this line added plastic ukuleles. 

The Makala Waterman has gotten the fame of one of the most famous items, and all things considered. With the blend of traditional look with a fun set of colors and patterns, this ukulele has a marvelous appearance. on top of that, it sounds unbelievably decent for a plastic ukulele.

The makla Waterman ukulele, by no means, could have a poor sound quality but it does sustain less with more punch than a regular soprano ukulele. The spot on intonation makes this ukulele perfect for strumming.  

If you have no issue with a ukulele built entirely from molded plastic, you can get a Makala Waterman ukulele only for $43.99 USD. 

5. Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele:

The Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele is widely chosen by the players because of its high-quality sound and beautiful designs. The flimsy body and cutaway design make this Enya Nova U Carbon Travel Concert in vogue and appealing. It has a splendid clean solid and is very loud for such a thin body ukulele. With the fretboards being smooth and sleek, the activity is extraordinary and low on the fretboards. 

The Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele does not only come in handy for regular users, but this good-looking ukulele is a friend to travel lovers. This waterproof ukulele uses Carbon fiber composite for high-grade construction which makes it durable. The crisp and bright sound of the Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele can never disappoint you. 

With nly a bill of $89.99 USD, you can treat yourself with a comfortable playability of the Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele.

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Plastic ukuleles are not toys, rather very comfortable real ones. You can get your hands on them selecting from these top ukuleles in the market. 

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