5 Travel Ukuleles from Flight in 2021

While smashing everywhere you go sounds ravishing, there is a risk of your ever-adored ukulele getting scratched or harmed during travelling. That is where travel ukuleles come into highlight. The key attribute of a travel ukulele is basically a body that is thinner than the other kinds. The body of an ideal ukulele is generally 3.5 to 4 inches thick. But a travel ukulele can mostly be found with a body that is 1.5 to 2.5 inches thick. This feature makes the travel ukulele lighter and easier to carry around in just a backpack. 

Flight has done an impressive job in earning a name at the entry-level point of the market. On the contrary with typical ukuleles, the travel ukuleles of the brand are warily built with plastic to support a light-weight build. Flight has accomplished an exceptional task of making these plastic string instruments durable, with sound quality that wins any day, featuring a carefully-designed headstock built-in with geared tuners. 

This travel-friendly brand has a line of 56 ukuleles in total. Today, we will be reviewing 5 of the top Flight Travel ukuleles among them. 

1. FLIGHT TUS50 Salamander Travel Soprano Ukulele:

The Flight TUS50 utilizes laminated walnut for the sound board which is a captivating heartwood, favored by luthiers for the both its flexibility and excellence. The beauty of grains pair up with a hand drawn Salamander designs to give the ukulele an exquisite appearance. The top of this plastic ukulele is wooden that makes it solid and fit for travelling. That top has a delicate satin finishing, which makes the wood grain feel naturally pleasant in contrast to the plastic back. 

The neck and fingerboard of the TUS50 are produced using ABS plastic. For entry level ukuleles, it is an ideal solution as it is not inclined to be affected by any change in climate. There hardly is any sharp fret or bowed neck this travel friendly ukulele. The neck surface emulates the wood design which maintains a strategic distance from a sensation of modest plastic.

With its tremendous resonance, the Flight TUS50 ukulele has a mellow yet pleasant sound. The zero fret which comes along with a unique bridge construction is what keeps the string action down and intonation on point. If you are getting worried about the plastic, you can be assured that it does not ever move hence you would not have to stress on the saddle. 

This unique and innovative product comes in 55,00 € along with a denim bag to put a classy cherry on the top. 

2. Flight TUS35 Black Travel Soprano Ukulele:

Because of a more extensive angled ABS back, the Flight TUS35 Black Travel Soprano Ukulele has more volume in middle range than any normal soprano. It resonates better and sounds more splendid as well. This bright and funky model from the Flight travel series has laminated Linden for sound board, which creates a bright sound and a sleek texture. 

One of the most integral part of ukuleles from the Flight line is the unique headstock design. Matching the color of the top, the headstock veneer of TUS35 is constructed by linden wood as well. Just like most models of this series, the Flight TUS35 has no exception in case of the denim gig bag. 

This great deal of the Flight TUS35 Black Travel Soprano Ukulele can be purchased for only 49,00 €. 

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3. Flight TUC-40 GRANADA Concert Travel Ukulele:

Flight Travel Ukuleles have been highly praised for their incredible sound, playability, toughness, and worth. Flight Concert Travel Ukuleles (TUC) have a somewhat bigger body and a marginally longer fret board than the Soprano Travel Ukulele, bringing about a bigger sound–all the extraordinary characteristics of the TUS, yet greater. Players with bigger hands will appreciate the additional room on the fret board. 

The rounded back of the Flight Concert Travel Ukulele has the chance of sliding down while playing the ukulele. In order to resolve this issue, a strap button has been added to the ukulele so that a strap can be added.

Produced from laminate linden wood, the sound board of the Flight TUC-40 Granada highlights a design that was stirred by the captivating Arabic patterns of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. This ukulele sports an ABS body, neck, fret board and connect. As a result of which, this ukulele has low action that is anything but difficult to clean and keep up. 

If you are in search of a tough ukulele that looks and sounds amazing for any level players, The Flight TUC-40 GRANADA Concert Travel Ukulele can be an ideal choice for you. 

This outstanding travel-friendly ukulele can be found in the markets for 62,00 €. 

4. Flight TUS35E Electro-acoustic Black Travel Soprano Ukulele

Alone on a beach or lying on the deep green grass under the night sky or killing it on the stage, one can only wish for a great instrument to sing to the stars; an instrument with an extraordinary sound that is strong enough to withstand difficult climates.  The Flight TUS35E Electro-acoustic Black Travel Soprano Ukulele can easily accompany you to fulfill your adventurous desires. Made from linden woods, this bright travel ukulele has an added benefit of electric features along with acoustic traits. The passive pickup in the ukulele makes it prepared to be attached to a sound system where effects can be added and the sound can be amplified according to one’s requirement. 

This small yet impressive ukulele from the Flight Travel Series costs 65,00 €.

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5. Flight TUS-MARTY Marty Dominguez Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele:

This stunning ukulele includes a white wood design with pink layout, combined with a coordinating gig bag. It was made in collaboration with Marty Dominguez who is a youthful and aspiring artist from Argentina. The indestructible build of this travel ukulele accompanied with fascinating sound projection has an ABS plastic body. 

With a laminated linden sound board, the Flight TUS-MARTY Marty Dominguez Signature Travel Soprano Ukulele comes with a pink gig bag in 65,00 €. 


With the travel-friendly ukuleles from Flight, you can always be ready to rock the world with each step you take. The huge collection of Flight Travel Series is sure to help you out. 

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