Ukulele Schools: Find 5 Best in New York City

Ukulele Schools in New York City: They say, New York is the city of dreams. If you are a Ukulele enthusiast in the city, there is nothing that can stop you from chasing your passion for music. Playing for a huge crowd begins with learning the instrument effortlessly. If you are a New Yorker and planning to take the step towards pursuing your passion, we have great news for you.

You buy yourself a delightful Ukulele and dive into a bundle of joy. There is nothing you would love more than playing your favorite songs on it. Learning to play a whole new instrument is not child’s play, and getting bruised while trying Ukulele the wrong way is the last thing on your list. 

The excitement of getting your dream instrument starts wearing off when the hardships seem bigger than satisfaction. You don’t want to kill your music spirit, there is no point in struggling on your own. Today, we present you 5 Ukulele Schools in New York City where you can get ukulele lessons and easily learn to play your favorite musical instrument. 

1. New York Ukulele School: 

New York Ukulele School specializes in Ukulele. It has been into being since 2007. This is the most recommended Ukulele schools by most New Yorkers.  NYUS is taught by a very experienced music educator, Mark Michaels, along with other proficient music educators. It is located at 244 W. 54th St., 10th floor, NY NY 10019, between the Iguana Restaurant and Studio 54/Roundabout, about in the middle of the block. NYUS also offers private one-on-one classes for beginners, and help to hone skills of intermediate and advanced players. Their service includes ‘Children’s Beginner Ukulele Classes’ for children who are under the age of 12. 

The great news for people living outside New York is that NYUS has recently started ‘Online Ukulele Lessons’ worldwide. These classes are held with the help of Skype and the rates are same as their discounted lessons.

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2. “Ukulala – Ukulele Schools for All Ages”: 

If you believe that music does not have any age, then this place is for you. “Ukulala” makes music enthusiasts of all ages come together and create harmony together. It is located at 853 7th Avenue, New York City. Apart from schooling, Ukulala also offers in-home, flexible ukulele lessons all around New York City. Owned by Gracie Terzian, this ukulele school performs workshops at different Ukulele Festivals all around the globe. 

3. New York City Guitar School:

Apart from guitar lessons as the name suggests, New York City Guitar School also provides lessons on Ukulele for all levels of players. This school has been serving the thirst of music enthusiasts of New York for about 16 years. Till date, NYC Guitar School has more 50 teachers and 30 studios, located in 5 locations including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 

They offer unlimited drop-in classes with electives and weekly ukulele classes taken by teachers in person. Along with personalized skill evaluation and learning plan, this also school takes admissions of live-online virtual classes. Their services are currently offering free trial lessons and one-on-one private ukulele lessons.

4. Ukulele Jake: The Ukulele School of NYC:

Ukulele Jake has some of the distinguished ukulele icons of New York as their teachers. 

It is situated in 171 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, New York. Taking the pandemic into consideration, this ukulele-specialized school kept offline classes off for the time being. Meanwhile, online lessons are available and popular among the residents of New York City. Known as the ‘Ukulele Orchestra of NYC, their lessons are aligned with the learner’s interests and ambitions with the instrument. Their services offer the learners to learn to play the ukulele according to their suited taste and styles. 

The rate of Ukulele Jake for 1 Lesson is $60, 4 Lessons: $220 ($55 a lesson net) and 8 Lessons: $400 ($50 a lesson net) along with discount packages available from time to time. 

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5. Daniel’s Music Foundation:

This ukulele schools is a safe place for every Ukulele enthusiasts of New York City, regardless of their ages and abilities. This organization was founded to use the power of music for providing opportunities for acceptance and respect every individual, notwithstanding their disabilities. Variety of class options are available for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities from the age 3 to adulthood. Their services include Group classes, Private classes and Virtual lessons and Field Trips. 

Daniel Music Foundation offers free Group Classes 5 days a week, for 30 weeks a year at their music center. 

Different varieties of private lessons are also available at the DMF music center for their community as well as the general public. New and experienced learners are also offered immediate placements. These Private Lessons are charged $75 per hour.

Besides these, Virtual Lessons are provided by Daniel’s Music Foundation to create opportunities for their learners to enjoy learning ukulele, in the easement of their own houses. With a cherry on the top, the first ‘25-minute Trial Lessons’ is free. These classes are availability from Monday through Saturday, between 10AM and 8PM. 

There are opportunities for Virtual Private Lessons at DMF as well. Each 50-minute lessons are charged $50 and each 25-minute lessons cost $25. In addition to private lessons, Virtual Small Groups Lessons have also been in action. These group classes cost $30 each for a group of 2 participants, $20 each for a group of 3 participants and $15 each for a group of 4 participants. 

Conclusion for Ukulele Schools in New York:

Taking the step towards learning a new instrument can be bamboozling itself, let alone learning it properly. But if Ukulele has your heart, frets should not make you wait any longer. If learning Ukulele on your own seems a bit too much for you, take lessons from these schools and let your musical journey kick-start.

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