A review on Boss FZ 2 Hyper Fuzz

Boss FZ 2 Hyper Fuzz Review: Once a player reaches the advanced level, it is hard to be patient with trying out challenging music. Pedals have established fame for aiding the players to create good music. If you are wondering what a pedal is, it is a lever pressed by the foot in the playing of a musical instrument. With the help of a pedal, a player can recreate music from the past century. 

In the world of pedals, I would come as a shock if the name and fame of Boss FZ 2 are not recognized. Boss is a company that manufactures the pedals which create effects for the music for electric guitar and bass. It is a division of the Roland Corporation, a Japanese maker that works in musical gears and accessories. For a long time, Boss has produced a huge variety of items. The essential products relate to effects processing for guitars, which include “compact” and “twin” effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners, and pedalboards. 

In the recent occasions, Boss extended their item range by introducing diital studios, rhythm machines, samplers and other electronic music hardware. They likewise are presently fabricating strong state intensifiers and speaker heads, for example, the Waza and the Katana. Both component multi-impacts units intended to imitate Boss’ exemplary impacts pedals.

 On top of that, they are manufacturing solid-state amplifiers and speaker heads such as the Waza and the Katana. Both component multi-impacts units intended to copy Boss’ exemplary impacts pedals. 

Modes of the pedal:

The pedal has 3 modes and is quite difficult to dial right as it does not function admirably for chords. It usually requires some good investment of time grasp the functionalities. if it even tkes u ten yers, you should not be surprised. Relying upon who you inquire, this pedal is either an adoration or a completely disdain product. 

  1. Mode 1: The first mode is called ‘vintage’. Different players have reported to use it by properly dialing and making octave fuzz. The soud of octave, however, did not sound like a scrambler. A player can hit the mids ore than the highs and lows. Apart from that issue, it is said that the sound is not as focused causing the attack to get slower and the sound mutilated.  This lessens the percussive as well.  
  2. Mode 2: This mode is the modern one. This is a tight Fuzz with loads of highs and lows. This undoubtedly is a very different one from the first mode. 
  3. Mode 3: It boosts with 2 bands EQ. For example, it denotes how an organization like Orgy uses the pedal and its journey. 

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It is reported that the buffer in its pedal makes it sound exceptional when compared to the buffers of other brands or other products. To everyone’s surprise, it really  is capable to enhance the sound of any single coil guitars in the chain. 

The FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz by Boss packs two remarkable fluffs into one minimal unit while boosting pick up. It can reproduce a customary fluff sound, however it likewise has the ability to produce a more present day contortion. With two tone controls, you can conform however much you might want until you accomplish the ideal, exact tone you’re searching for.

The FZ-2 is a bending pedal with three modes: Fuzz 1, Fuzz 2 and Gain Boost. Fluff 1 is utilized for a “blasting” sound, Fuzz 2 for high pitch sound and Gain help when the FZ-2 is utilized along with amp bending. The FZ-2 endeavors to make a fluff sound suggestive of the 60’s and 70’s but it likewise has the likelihood to make a sound that is more in the grit bearing.

The FZ-2 reproduces the exemplary fuzz tone sound qualities of ’60s guitar greats, which is reappearing as a basic sound of the’90s.With 3 modes and 4 distinct controls, you can utilize the FZ-2 to make a wide assortment of fluff tone sounds. You can utilize the FZ-2 as an advantageous addition sponsor as well. About 35.000 FZ-2 pedals can be created; which is a significant modest number according to the standard of Boss. No recognized production is changed, however. 

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How to use the Boss FZ2 Fuzz:

For a classic fuzz sound: 

This settlement gives you vintage fuzz tone with a lot of music and contortion. By easing off your guitar volume and choosing your front pickup you can get a ring balance style impact.

For an in-your-face grunge tones:

If you put the FZ-2 in Fuzz II mode and set the TREBLE TONE and GAIN to the maximum, it will allow you to make a wonderful grit sound.

To use the FZ-2 as a treble booster:

For a powerful contortion tone, an extra punch can be added to the amplifier. You can set the FZ-2 to the GAIN BOOST mode and put it before another distortion unit as well.

The pedal has an incredible boost. Since it is set at 25db, this makes it huge. To put a cherry on the top, the treble and bass knobs are proven to work fine on the boosts too. If you try using 1 as a simple treble booster for darker amps, the second mode really gets scooped and sounds great.  


The specifications of the Boss FZ 2 include:

  1. The controls are Level, Tone, Gain and a 3-Way Mode Switch
  2. The connectors of this pedal are Input, Output and AC adaptor
  3.  The current draw is 16 mA (DC 9V).
  4.  The recommended AC adaptor for the Boss FZ 2 Fuzz is the PSA Series.
  5. The silver used in Boss FZ 2 Fuzz is made in Taiwan.

The height of this pedal is 129 mm and the width is 73 mm wide. The price range of this very popular pedal starts from $250 to $500. 


There is a good reason behind the hype about the Boss FZ 2. With its different fuzz tones and clean boost, there is no doubt that you would enjoy playing your desired music with it. 

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