Alvarez Ukulele Review

To make quality ukes affordable to the mass, Alvarez has launched its Regent series ukuleles that will provide the best performance in a low budget. The Alvarez RU26T is such an ukulele. It is carefully designed to produce the best sound projection with a clearer tone. 

This responsive instrument has an impressive body that will attract you immediately. Not to mention the texture and quality of each part, proving every corner as a worthy investment. 

However, we think it should be your discretion to declare the uke as worthy or not. That’s why, we have provided a comprehensive Alvarez ukulele review below with the most honest and fair information. 

Alvarez RU26T Review

Table of Contents

  1. Body Neck
  2. Hardware
  3. Tuners
  4. Strings
  5. Design Finish and Playability
  6. Sound Quality
  7. Pros and Cons

Body and Neck

Just like any other tenor ukuleles, Alvarez RU26T is also a full-sized tenor body, preferable for the large hand players. However, if you feel like having a smaller sized uke, don’t worry. They have the soprano version from the same series. 

The ukulele has a nice smooth mahogany body on the back and sides. Providing a classy sleek look, it contains a satin-finished spruce top that will catch your attention immediately. This uke is also perfect for musicians who are looking for more depth in the registers. Thanks to the rosewood fretboard that comes with in-built 18 frets. Among these frets 14 of them are in the clear.

Now, let’s talk about the neck area. This Alvarez model has a stunning mahogany neck just like the body. You won’t have to worry about any breakage problems as they are very sturdy in nature. 

In our opinion, this uke can give you the feel of a quality instrument only by looking at it. The sparkly pearloid soundhole rosette says it all. Also, you’ll notice a refined black ABS binding both on the top and the back of the guitar. Undoubtedly, these features provide an elegant feel to the ukulele. 


If you are looking for electronic features in a tenor ukulele, then this is not the uke you are searching for. This Alvarez model doesn’t feature any electronics. However, it’s built with some really good quality materials.

Along with rosewood fretboard comes a rosewood bridge which ensures great quality. There’s a nut and saddle made of real bone. Getting all of these compositions under $100 is truly a win-win situation for the buyer. 


For tuners, the brand has chosen sealed chrome tuning machines. Topped with black tuning buttons provides an aesthetic look to the ukulele. They are constructed in a manner that is easy to maneuver while playing the tenor uke.  

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To get the best tuning, string quality matters the most. Suppose, you have a ukulele with outstanding quality and finish but the strings don’t perform well. It will cause you stress while playing the uke. On top of that, you won’t be able to produce the right tone you wished for. 

So, while purchasing an ukulele, you must check the strings’ quality at first. Luckily, this RU26T has a very good string set from Aquila. These strings are made from Nylgut material that produce much better tone than the Nylon strings. You can rock every jamming sessions with these strings comfortably without even worrying about string breakage problems. 

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Design Finish and Playability

Embracing the satin finish body, this tenor ukulele has an amazing design finish. We have already described its outlook in the body and neck section. It also has a bracing design incorporated. The design is a modification on traditional fan-style braces. Surely, this modification was opted to optimize better response.

You’ll feel comfortable playing this ukulele. Especially, if you are a beginner player, we can ensure you that you won’t find it daunting to play. 

Sound Quality

Now, let’s come to the most important part of the ukulele. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about the sound quality. As a tenor ukulele, you’re probably looking for louder sound tones.

This Alvarez RU26T ensures the best quality regarding sound. You will be able to produce sweet tones in higher volume. The Aquila Nylgut strings handles the stability of the tuning quite impressively. To improve the sound quality, you can replace the strings with superior string sets from other high-class brands. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s be honest. In this busy world, we highly get time to read reviews word by word for purchasing a product. It’s definitely awesome if you could go through the detail but what if you don’t have that time? No worries! We got you covered.

In this section, we’ll concise the whole Alvarez Ukulele Review and point them out dictating pros and cons. Even if you don’t read the whole article, this section will perhaps help you to decide if you should invest in this uke. 


  • Traditional yet eye-catching outlook
  • Excellent tuning 
  • Super construction quality
  • Perfect for the beginners


  • Can be too basic for advanced players
  • Price could be higher to some beginner players

Final Thoughts

Considering all the negative aspects, we think Alvarez RU26T is really a good choice for the young professionals. Even if you are a recreational player, you can definitely try out this tenor ukulele.

Just like we described earlier, a well-constructed ukulele like this is pretty hard to find. They not only ensure quality but also provides an impressive look that can’t be ignored. For large hand players, we’ll say you guys will feel the most comfort playing this guitar.

Well, we will still recommend you to judge and evaluate the uke better before you buy it impulsively. Our Alvarez ukulele review will surely help you to take better decisions.  

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