Are Kala Ukuleles Worth Buying?

Music has the power of uplifting souls and lightning up the world with its melody. Among thousands of musical instruments in the world, the ukulele has gained huge popularity amid most of the music lovers.

If you are particularly an admirer of stringed instruments, ukulele is bound to fascinate you. But with all these brands of ukuleles, it’s a wonder if the hyped brand ‘Kala’ is worth your money. Today, we present you with a few points of view why we thought Kala is a good ukulele brand.

In the world of ukuleles, Kala ukulele has made its place among the top picks. With its decent reputation, Kala has barely turned down its customer’s expectations. This ukulele brand has imprinted its image as a distinguishable step up from the entry-level ukuleles. 

The Kala Ukulele line produces good quality ukuleles that can be fit for any budget. With various ranges of price, this prominent brand comes with ukuleles that have amazing sound, elegant styles, finishes and wood types. 

1. Trusted Brand Image:

First things first, it is often an important criteria for most buyers to get their beloved instruments from trusted shops or brands. Kala has passed this test with flying colors. The Kala ukulele brand was set up by Mike Upton. This is a trusted face with an experience of working in other well-known musical companies over the years. 

Among the entry level to intermediate level ukulele players, The Kala Ukulele Company has been a best seller for the past 10 years. 

2. Varieties of options:

The Kala line is famous for its huge number of collections and varieties of ukulele. They have 20 different series of ukulele, each including up to 6 to 7 different models in them. From beginners to advanced level ukulele players, Kala has suitable ukulele for everyone. For the ones who have no experience with ukuleles at all, Kala has their ‘Learn to Play Ukulele’ ukulele series, consisting of 6 different models that come with Ukulele beginner lessons as well as song tutorials for a lot of popular songs. 

The Kala Ukulele collection has numerous woods, finishes, shapes and sizes to choose from. Constructed from woods varying from Mahogony, Walnut, Ebony, Acacia up to Hawaiian Koa, the Kala ukuleles have a huge number of elegant finishes which include Satin, exotic, gloss, solid and a lot of other sophisticated finishes. With this wide range of collections, Kala can easily meet your desires and choices regarding your ukulele. 

3. Comes within every price bracket: 

From ukuleles with price leaned towards the lower end of the scale to high quality ukuleles with niche prices, the Kala brand offers ukuleles in all prices. With their Learner series which starts from $39 USD, the Kala price range goes all the way up to $500 USD. It does not matter if you are to buy ukuleles out of hobby or if you are ready to splash your cash on an upgrade, there is a ukulele from the Kala line to fit your budget. You can be certain on that. 

4. Ensures quality in decent price:

Although Kala ukulele is a relatively new brand in the market, the impact they have already is praiseworthy. If you want a well-built, good quality ukulele within an affordable price range, you can go for Kala having to think twice. This brand has made a noteworthy place among players who want to get more serious about their ukulele journey without breaking the bank.

They are well reputed for always prioritizing high quality production while keeping the price range reasonable for all of their models. In fact, the most affordable models from Kala Ukulele Company uphold top-notch quality which paves their way to becoming the leading ukulele brand. 

5. Brand that lasts a lifetime:

With the vast range of ukulele collections, Kala has suitable ukuleles for ukulele players of every level. From beginning your ukulele journey with this brand, you are sure to find all of your upgrades from the Kala line, without having to shift brands. Kala effortlessly meets the desired ukuleles for every upgrade. This will not only save you from tons of research and fuss before purchasing from a new brand, but also will buy you more time to spend with your favorite ukulele. 

6. Different types to serve different needs: 

Ukuleles become a part and parcel of every player’s life. Keeping that in mind, The Kala Ukulele Company offers various types of ukuleles to serve each of your purposes. They have a good number of models for people who to take their passion for ukulele to the next level. From ukuleles that are home-friendly to ukuleles that are travel friendly, Kala brand has got all the needs covered. Apart from the different features, Kala Company offers ukuleles that suits different personalities. They have the ‘Novelty Ukulele’ series with 3 different fun-shaped models for people with a taste of cheerful things in life. The ‘Resonator Ukulele’ from Kala, which has resonators aligned with the body, serves people who want brass covers. 

7. Ukuleles constructed from more than one Tonewood: 

If you are wondering if ukuleles can be made of not only 1 but a number of tonewoods altogether, Kala has made such an instrument come to life. Constructed in the most unique manner, tenor size ‘Kala KA-ATP-CTG Acacia Cedar’ is built with a solid cedar on the top and solid acacia on the sides. It comes along with Paduk rosette and binding with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This has earned the fame of being one of the most exquisite ukuleles to ever exist. One can only imagine how heavenly it might feel to get your hands on this beast. 


From the very inception of this brand, Kala Ukulele Company has been consistently offering top quality ukuleles to its players. It is quite impossible to look for good quality ukuleles without considering Kala. With diverse range of instruments, Kala is sure to have a suitable one for everyone. So it’s safe to say that it’s worth the hype.

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