Are Luna Ukuleles Good? Here’s What We Think

In a world full of hundreds of musical instruments, ukulele is sought after thousands of music lovers. It has been well established that, good quality ukuleles come with a high price tag. People with a small budget often get disheartened over the thought of not being able to get themselves high-quality instruments. This is where Luna ukulele comes in the play.

If your heart belongs to the tune of ukuleles, but bank balance does not support it, you can drop your worries. Today, we bring to you how reasonably priced Luna Ukuleles have a good quality. 

A lot of us know Luna as a well established brand for guitars. But this brand produces a full lineup of artistic, elegant and gorgeously built ukuleles, which are budget friendly. These ukuleles are crafted with huge amount of attention to the details. With a wonderful selection of woods, Luna ukuleles are constructed in wide variety of styles with an ostensibly countless number of designs.

1. Quality within reasonable price:

Widely known as the ‘Budget ukulele’, Luna ukuleles offer good quality instruments within an affordable price range. Since the beginning of time, Luna Ukuleles have maintained the standard of their products, regardless of their price tags.

Unlike a lot of ukuleles that lean down towards the lower end of the price scale, the frets of a Luna ukulele are reportedly seamless. Most of the budget ukuleles tend to have their fret ends sticking out. Luna ukuleles win the game here with their wonderfully smooth, level and even frets. Apart from the flawless frets, the Luna ukuleles are reputed to be well-built, fine toned and light-weight. 

As a matter of fact, most of the ukuleles from the Luna line are under $300. In fact, the highest quality and the most expensive ukulele models from this brand cost within $349. 

2. Wide range of designs:

With the vast collection of ukuleles by this brand, you will no longer have to spend hours of days and sleepless nights in order to find yourself a ukulele. The Luna brand produces 34 different models of Concert ukuleles, 22 models of Soprano ukuleles, 15 models of Tenor ukuleles and 3 models of Baritone ukuleles. Along with the basic forms of the instrument, Luna offers 5 models of Bass, which includes a stainless model.  Banjo and 6 string ukuleles have been introduced in the line as well. Since this line has an extensive set of collection, Luna surely has something that serves your desires. 

If you are a fan of tattoos, the Tattoo Ukuleles from Luna cannot disappoint you. The large tattoo pattern on the front of this ukulele made it one of the most unique design features in the world of ukuleles. The laser-engraved pattern, which is based on traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoo styles, is very crisp and looks amusingly natural. This laser engraving neatly exposes the grains on the mahogany top, giving this an elegant look.

3. Exclusive packages:

While buying a ukulele, there are a few things you should consider. The style and design that you would want to carry around is as important as the type of wood, the type of body and size that you are comfortable with. If you are a beginner and are in search of an all-in-one package, you can go for the Tattoo Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele Bundle. Along with a mahogany ukulele featured in a Hawaiian body orientation that rocks a distinct tattoo pattern, this bundle comes with a Hercules instrument stand, Martin nylon strings and a durable hardshell case. In comparison of the price range to other brands, this collection is too good to be true. 

If you are in search of an exclusive guitar, you can go for the Great Wave Sprano ukulele from the Luna line without any second thought. The Great Wave printed on its oval body shape is an eye catcher which comes with a gig bag so you can carry your play around easily.

4. Well-built:

Considering the price, the Luna Company has been praised by many for producing well constructed ukuleles. It is strongly built along with having impressive tones. For a budget ukulele, The Luna ukuleles are fairly a good choice for beginners as it maintains a high quality. These ukuleles from the Luna line are certainly a fine pick for  anyone who wishes to sound good along with standing out in style. Apart from the acoustic instruments, Luna company offers ukuleles with electric features too, that is, acoustic-electric instruments with a cutaway.

According to reviews, the Luna ukuleles are delightfully crafted, with barely any flaws or defects. The joints and seams of this line of ukuleles are well and tight, which accompanies the clean and crisp craftsmanship. You can hardly find a stringed instrument with such qualities with this price bracket. 

The Luna ukuleles feel nice and light-weight, just as a good quality ukulele is expected to be. 

The light weight helps the string instrument to cause less resistance to vibration while plucking the strings. Thus the instrument becomes more resonant and lively with an improved tone quality. 

5. Carefully chosen Woods and Materials:

The Luna brand ensures to use good quality and suitable woods for constructing each of their models. The perfect placement of apposite woods in different parts of the ukulele makes it sought after by the players. For a Luna Concert ukulele, the top, back, and sides are laminated with mahogany wood. The durable hardwood, walnut is used to build its fingerboard and bridge which makes it sound like a high-end instrument.

Needless to mention, the nut and saddle of a Luna Tattoo Ukulele is made up of graphite. 

6. Fine toned:

The tones of the Luna ukuleles are incredibly open, airy and sweet, with great volume and a lot of sustain. Along with the rich and nice low end, these instruments come with strong trebles. Usually, the treble register of a ukulele of this price range are scarcely without faults because of laminated wood construction. But with Luna ukuleles, you can be worry free in that matter. 


For instruments in this price range, it is normal, but harmless, to have a little variance. The tuning action might get a bit gritty but the ukulele is good enough to get the job done. Hence, your dreams with your own ukulele can come true even if you are on a budget. 

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