Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

No matter how you judge electric guitars, they are the most popular type of guitars in the market. To cope up with the demand, hundreds of companies manufacture different kinds of electric guitars. Which one should you choose if you want to buy one? Here is a list of the best electric guitar under $300 to help you.

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Electrical guitars may seem simpler than the traditional nonelectric guitars, but there is a lot to consider when buying one. The electric guitar indeed makes things a lot easier by eliminating the need for a sound box.

This elimination of the soundbox has relieved us from worrying about the bracing of the box, the wood used to make it, and the shape of the box too. You may recall that guitars with non-cutout bodies resonate better than the ones with a cutout body.

Maybe it is true, but there is no need to worry about that. Rather you will have to worry about some different considerations.


Although body types do not matter much in the case of an electric guitar, there are some minor differences in the tone for different types of electric guitars. We have a solid body, hollow body, and semi-hollow body electric guitars.

Solid-body guitars are made with solid wood pieces. They appear to be much stronger and durable than others. Because of the solid body, the sound does not resonate at all. It's just the vibrations of the strings that are producing the sounds.

A hollow-body electric guitar is like traditional classical guitars. But there is no soundbox. There is no hole for the vibrations of the strings to go in. But still, it manages to resonate with the sound. Hollow body electric guitars produce rich tones with deep bass. It is ideal for jazz guitarists.

Semi-hollow body guitars have a solid woodblock on the center of the body for stability. So it doesn't have much resonated property. But it does affect the tone and produce a much warmer tone. Regardless, semi-hollow electric guitars are perfect for any genre of music.


By electronics, we meant the pickups and preamps. The most famous type of pickups is the single-coil pickups and the humbucker pickups.

The single-coil pickups are the most basic electric guitar pickups. It features one piece of solid magnets with wiring, creating a magnetic field to pick up vibrations. The sounds produced with these types of pickups are crisp and bright. No weakness is found on these types of pickups except for hum and magnetic interference.

This problem of humming was solved with the humbucker pickups. They are a set of two single-coil pickups placed in series. But the weakness of magnetic interference is still present.


The scale of an electric guitar is the measurement of length from the nut to the bridge. Longer scales have less warm tones. There is high tension in the strings in a longer-scale guitar. A shorter scale has a much warmer tone. The tension is also low in the strings.

If you have small hands, we would recommend you pick the shorter-scale electric guitars.


The neck is that long part that extends from the body and has a headstock. The design/ profile of the neck significantly affect the playability and comfort of the guitar. Try to look for guitars with neck profiles of C, U, and D shapes. They have a firm grip and are comfortable for the hand.

The neck construction also affects the guitar in a significant way. We have three types of neck construction. Bolt-on, Set necks, and Neck-through.

Bolt-on necks are cost-effective designs. It is durable and easy to repair and customize. But it affects the sound resonance.

Set necks are glued to the body. It is more stable and does not affect sound resonance. But repairing the neck of this kind is extremely hard and risky. The same goes for the neck-through.

Besides these factors, you should consider the design of the guitar. As it is electronic, it has a lot of options for customization and designing of the body. Pick one you like. And be sure to play the guitar for once before buying. There you'll be able to understand if the guitar has any problem or not.





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Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar

Mahogany wood body

Well-balanced tone

Sturdy build quality


Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar

Available for left-handed guitarists

Aged-grenadilla top

Great build


Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Gretsch G5425 Electric Guitar

Maple top

Simple yet stylish design

Basswood body


Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Jackson JS32 DKA Electric Guitar

X bracing

Long design

Cutout body


Schecter 430 C-6 Deluxe Electric Guitar

Slick design

Ideal for metal music

Ebony top


Squier Stratocaster

Simple design

Single coil pickups

Amazing sound quality


Epiphone SG Special

High-quality build

Gibson style body design

Durable and long-lasting


Squier HSS Electric Guitar

Simple design

Strong build

Classy sound quality


Sterling by Music Man

Made with poplar and maple wood

Dual cutaway body

Solid Poplar body


Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar

Attractive design

Maple top

Glossy finish


1. Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar

Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Ibanez is one of those famous brands that produce high-quality instruments in a very low price range. This Ibanez RG421 electric guitar is one of those. It has a Mahogany solid body.

The neck is a Wizard III-type neck. It has a very comfortable grip and the deep cutouts give you easy access. The fretboard goes to 24 frets. It is for those who go the extra step of performing big chords.


  • Convenient body size
  • Mahogany wood body
  • Long playability
  • Versatility in the tones


  • No warmth in the tone
  • No tremolo bridge

2. Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar

Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Yamaha’s musician instruments are well known throughout the world. Their equipment is all about reliability and quality. This PAC112J electric guitar has a solid body made of alder wood. The neck is maple.

The guitar has a firm grip on it. It is a 22 fret guitar and the fretboard is made with rosewood. The electronics used in it are also versatile. We have one humbucker pickup on the bridge and two single-coil pickups in different places. It is a good electric guitar for under $300.


  • Aged-grenadilla top
  • H-S-S pickup formation
  • Tremolo bridge


  • Pickup quality is not up to the standards

3. Gretsch G5425 Electric Guitar

Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

The Gretsch G5425 Electric Guitar is all about the vintage approach. Rather than going on the modern edgy designs, it has a curvy vintage design with a single-cutaway.

While the design is vintage, the functions are not. It is equipped with two humbucker pickups. Although it could get better with a little upgrade, it does its job and delivers a nice tone for an electric guitar under $300.

We would recommend it to those who would love to play rock, country rock on an electric guitar.


  • Vintage design
  • Two humbucker pickup
  • Well balanced tone


  • Not much of a versatile equipment

4. Jackson JS32 DKA Electric Guitar

Best‌ Electric ‌Guitar‌ Under‌ ‌$300‌

Jackson is a well-known guitar brand. Their JS series meets our budget criteria. The Jackson JS32 DKA electric guitar is one of that stands out to us most. It features a simple-looking body made with maple and poplar wood.

The neck is bolted on. It not only reduces the durability but also puts a small effect on the sound quality. But it's Jackson. The pickups used in it are a pair of humbuckers. This makes up for the sound quality. Other than that, it is a very simple-looking electric guitar with a dual cutout body.


  • Humbucker pickups
  • 24 frets
  • Convenient cutout


  • Needs to be toned very often

5. Schecter 430 C-6 Deluxe Electric Guitar

This is a perfect budget choice for those who are heavy-tone lovers. It has a pair of Diamond humbucker pickups, some of the highest quality pickups, and the best feature of this guitar. With these pickups, you will be able to play some insane guitar riffs. The pickups make it a great choice for solos.

The body design of it is a bit interesting but it still falls under the simple spectrum. The body is basswood, the fretboard is rosewood and it goes to 24 frets.


  • Diamond humbucker pickups
  • Brasswood body
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge


  • Not versatile

6. Squier Stratocaster

The Squier Stratocaster is a simple-looking electric guitar. It has a classical body made of agathis. The neck had a C shape, which is ideal for gripping. The guitar has 22 frets. Everything fits well with themselves.

Even the pickups are single-coil pickups. This makes the guitar prone to humming. That is one trade-off for the low price. But the tone is pretty genuine and worth the value.


  • Reliable design
  • 22 fret
  • Reliable electric equipment


  • Not very versatile
  • Prone to humming

7. Epiphone SG Special

The Epiphone SG is a special guitar. It takes on after the iconic shape of Gibson. Gibsons are so expensive that it feels ridiculous to buy them. Rather we would buy this Epiphone guitar with that shape.

But unlike the Gibson, this guitar has a bolt-on neck construction. This not only takes away the durability but also it is sound quality. But it is expected in this price range.

One thing great about it is that it comes with a pair of humbucker pickups. This makes it not prone to humming.


  • Classic Gibson design
  • Well toned
  • Humbucker pickups


  • Not available in no cutout  design

8. Squier HSS Electric Guitar

Another great budget electric guitar from Squier. This one is less versatile with a simpler design. The guitar is a standard 6 string electric guitar with three pickups. One Humbucker pickup and a pair of single-coil pickups.

It's all set in an H-S-S format. It also features a vintage-style tremolo bridge. The guitar is ideal for rock music but you can play metal as well.


  • Well balanced tone
  • Vintage tremolo bridge
  • Durable body


  • Not versatile

9. Sterling by Earnie Ball Music Man

Earnie Ball is one of the most prestigious names in the guitar industry. Not only do they make affordable guitars of high quality, but they also make some great guitar strings. 

This Sterling guitar by Earnie Ball (model CT30) is one of the best budget electric guitars under $300. The body is solid poplar and the pickups are one hum9and two single-coil pickups. Together, they produce a well-balanced tone, well suited for all genres of music.


  • Rich tone
  • Tone stabilizer
  • Well balanced performance


  • The design may be a little problematic

10. Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar

This Dean guitar can be an ideal choice for rock and metal. The body design is super attractive and matches well with the metal attitude. However, the neck is bolted on. Which reduces the stability.

It may not be a well reliable guitar but for the price is less than $300, it is a good choice. The guitar bridge is a Tune-O-Matic bridge and it has dual humbucker pickups. The pickups are from Dean. All the tools and electronics used in this guitar are from Dean.


  • Slick solid body
  • D shape neck
  • 24 fret
  • Vintage tremolo bridge


  • Not much of a reliable guitar
  • Needs to be set up

Electric guitars are perfect for any genre. The only downside to them is the necessity of electrical equipment. They are highly customizable and fun to play with. You just need to pick the right one for yourself. Carefully inspect every aspect of the electric guitar and you will get yourself the perfect buy.

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