Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Being an audiophile, you can find plenty of tube amps following your needs. But, all you need is to look for the top choice tube amp that can easily cope up with your musical instruments. To help you figure out your ideal 15W tube amp, we have brought you a selected catalog of the finest 9 tube amps listed below:

Best Fifteen-Watt Tube Amps in 2021





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Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Fender Blues

Well-equipped with Celestion 12” A-Type Speaker

It contains modified spring reverb to improve smoothness

It also includes a One-button “Fat” footswitch


Orange Dark Terror

It comes with an impressive sound

It also combines the shape control of the Thunder series with the weight and size of the monster Terror family

Portable and Heavy-duty-constructed


Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Orange Rocker

A Dual-channel exists

It features a Valve buffered effects loop

It is usable in the home, the studio, and even on the stage



It has movable head features

Delivers sparkling clean tone

Sturdy build quality


Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Supro  Delta King

It has a 6L6 loaded, classic A power section

Its custom 12-inch Supro speaker provides desired tones

It is considerable for home-usage


Fender Princeton Reverb

It offers a stellar tone for small usages

A long-spring Fender reverb exists within it

It also includes Amp Cover two-button Footswitch and Vibrato on/off


Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Supro Blues King

It comes in a vintage-inspired popular wood cabinet

It also offers a custom-made genuine analog spring reverb

It tends to capture the vintage Supro amp tone of early electric Rock



It comes in a portable Cabinet with a leather handle

Features a fifteen-watt tube power amplifier with a Celestion brand speaker

A pair of EL84 tubes is available


Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Orange Amplifiers

Comfortable use for smaller venues

The main power is Fifteen-Watt with other attenuations

A twin-channel designed tube


1. Fender Blues

Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Guitarists from all over the world are fond of Fender-toned, hot rod series amplifiers. Fender Blues is one of those leading signature creations of Fender having pedal-friendly effects, a twelve-inch Celestion speaker, and a modified spring reverb.

Moreover, this tube amp has features of the sparkling silver grille cloth in the outer part. Besides, the steel-reinforced handle offers a great look and portable support. Musicians can craft their unique tone using the Effects Pedals of this amp.

Also, there is a modified preamp circuit that provides greater clarity while converting into overdrive.


  • An ideal choice for the stage performer
  • It comes with versatile features
  • It gives a vintage vibe from the outside
  • A good value of money


  • Except for reverb, there are no effects

2. Orange Dark Terror

Any rock guitar player will find the desired tone using this amplifier of Orange. This small fifteen-watt tube guitar amp sounds amazing while combining heavy-duty construction and mini-sized features.

However, the dark terror is famed for its distinctive orange amp sound and low-watt valve amp. In addition, this amp response has a mysterious amount of gain that makes it the highest gain Terror amp ever. A gig bag comes with this amp offering safety while traveling.


  • A well-worth of money
  • Impressive design
  • Single channeled amp
  • Better control for gain, tone, and volume


  • Too loud for personal use

3. Orange Rocker

Best 15-watt Tube Amps

We can use a low-volume practicing gig for every occasion. That is why the head version of the famous Rocker 15 combo comes up with outstanding features, including easy to use, dual-channel, personal room-friendly all-valve amp, and whatnot.

Its valve-driven effects loop moves from input to output. As we have talked about dual-channel, let us clarify for you. Here, the natural channel deals with volume, and the dirty channel defines the gain, bass, middle, treble, and volume.

Unfortunately, the tube amp comes in only white color. Notably, the price is much higher than other Orange-produced amps because it comes with multiple add-ons.


  • It has versatile features
  • A responsive gear
  • Well-constructed compartments
  • Easy portability
  • It gives us a classic orange look


  • Footswitch product does not come with the amp

4. EVH

EVH brings for you a Fifteen-watt amp that will blow your mind in the first impression with its exciting features. To inspire artistic expression, green and blue channels deliver a sparkling clean tone and punchy gain.

You will not need any overdrive or distortion pedals, and for this reason, LBXII turns out to be a well-suited performing amp. Live musicians can create a compressed tone by reducing the head to 3.5 watts by utilizing the ¼-power switch.

The integrated metal grill cage with EVH striped motif helps to create an exceptional sound in this EVH-manufactured tube amp.


  • It delivers a sparkling clean tone
  • It contains dual EL84 power tubes
  • It provides volume controls for each channel
  • It comes in handy for studio practice


  • No dedicated volume for each channel

5. Supro Delta King

Best 15-watt Tube Amps

The Delta King 12 gear seems to be a vintage black stripe colored; a one to twelve inches tube combo amp comes with a FET-driven boost. Also, this flagship model packs some strong characteristics, a compact control panel, a Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, three bands EQ with analog spring reverb.

These additions all offer a mid-range value which makes the tube amp an exception to others. The Class A tube power provides both raw tone and touch sensitivity. Here, the 1x12 speaker delivers a 6L6 power through which any music fanatic will love to gain a considered rich resonance.


  • It provides a sensitive tonal feature
  • Its counterparts have touch sensitivity
  • It offers a balanced, rich tone DK-12 speaker
  • A budget-friendly gear


  • Less durable to practice in a large auditorium

6. Fender Princeton Reverb

Who does not want a mini heavenly quality tone from a tube amp for the studio? If you positively annotate with the above statement, then this 65 inches Princeton Reverb of Fender is all you need.

This amp comes in a long-spring reverb, a forty-watt speaker with which you can use for mini living rooms. There are even two inputs available in a single-channel amplifier, including footswitch and control knobs facilities.

Apart from this, any musician who wants to create a standard, dynamic tone can have this Fender reverb with a tube vibrato. From the living room to the recording studio, the Fender Princeton Reverb amp can pass ideally for many years.


  • Better volume output
  • It highlights Fender sounder quality
  • It goes with all musical instruments


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • No sign of technological advancements

7. Supro Blues King

Best 15-watt Tube Amps

Supro blues king twelve-guitar amplifier brings you multi-faceted aspects, including both the front-end gain and the high gain with three-bands EQ and master volume controls. This amp also features an analog spring reverb and an effects loop for pedals.

Also, it can offer you enough loud output for live use. A BK12 speaker comes in vintage-inspired wood cabinetry along with this amp. Indeed, having a medium-sized cabinet, this mini amp flawlessly produces a quality low-end response.

Furthermore, the amp acts on briefly with drive pedals, including a Boss Blues driver. Though knobs are hard to work on, the amp works excellently to get to the preferred tube tone.


  • It offers a 6L6 tube power
  • Admirable vintage design
  • A low-cost gear
  • A well-built tube amp


  • No availability of higher headroom

8. Monoprice

You can recreate superior resonance with this vintage Monoprice fifteen-watt tube amplifier. EL84 tubes are there to boost your guitar sound. Additionally, the Monoprice guitar amp is preferable to many British invasion bands because of its tube and spring reverb.

Here is another 1x12 tube amp with a Celestion speaker that provides a superior tone. Along with the cabinet, there is a leather handle that keeps it portable anywhere.

Also, the fabric-made grill and texture leather give durability in all ways. To enrich your sounds, you can add effects between the preamp and power amp sections.


  • Convenient leather handle
  • Durable chrome corner guards
  • Sustainable compartments
  • It gives an instant classic look


  • The Footswitch is unavailable

9. Orange Amplifiers

Best 15-watt Tube Amps

You can have a tiny dual-channeled, decent practice tube amp from Orange amplifiers to cover smaller venues supporting your need. Two EL84 power amps exist in this amp. Mostly, Orange-made tube amps come with a single channel, but here, this amp comes with a twin-channel designed for playing.

However, the natural channel perfectly works on bringing out the basic sound of the instrument. On the other hand, another one is a kind-of customary affair with controls for Gain, Volume, and a three-band EQ section.


  • Minimalist design
  • The price is reasonable
  • It provides a “British” style distortion sound
  • Mechanisms are well-built
  • A manageable gear


  • Effects loop are not available

15-Watt Tube Amps Buying Guide

When you listen to your favorite music, you unknowingly speed up the volume. Isn't that so? The same happens with musicians because they consider their music volume while practicing with their instruments.

Tube amps work like essence on your musical gear to sound better and smoother. Fifteen-watt tube amps can seem low wattage, but their versatility for classic tones will surely overwhelm you.

Fifteen-Watt tube amps are highly popular for their features- Light wattage, suitable for practicing at homes or small venues. Even more, these amps sometimes come in a big cabinet, and you can always speed up their volume whenever you need.

Some factors need to be considered before investing your money in buying a tube amp. The factors have been discussed below in brief:

Types of Tube in Amps

Based on a particular sound profile, tube amps vary from one to another. EL84 and a 6V6 tube are famous for their smoothness and symphonic distortion, where the 6550 or the KT88 can produce a clear sound with low-end frequencies. For mid-range sparkling highs, EL34 is to the rescue.

The Wattage of Tube Amps

The true potentiality of any tube amp depends on its wattage. You can purchase a high wattage amplifier and volume it up unless you do not want to disturb your next door. On the other hand, you can witness the power of a tube amp if it is low wattage.

The Tone of Tube Amps

The tone is a matter of your priority. You may think of a sound as excellent, but other people may not. You need to apply different tube amplifiers personally to check.

Speaker Size and Power of Tube Amps

The power rating and speaker size you pick for your amplifier will be influenced by the application and pricing. Although there are some small tube amps available, most practice amps are solid state or modeling combo units with modest power and small speakers.

Expect wattage to be in the 100 watts and more range for larger settings or for performing loudly. You can utilize "twins," or combination amps with two pairs of 12" speakers, but a separate head and speaker cabinets (a "stack") are more successful in this situation.

Price Range of Tube Amps

There is a saying that most of the amplifiers are “expensive” because well-known musicians have them. But, it certainly does not matter while buying an amp. Unexpectedly, you will find cheap counterparts in high-priced amplifiers where well-furnished parts are accessible on the same type of amps.

Final Words

People admire small wattage tube amps because of the usability in small venues. Also, tube amps provide a tone that no digital amps can offer.

Finding the appropriate 15-watt tube amp can be a challenge. Yet, you can consider our mentioned pros and cons of the best selected low-wattage tube amps before going to buy. However, our buying list will have the fifteen-watt tube amp as Orange Dark Terror for its impressive design, well-built features, and of course, good sound quality for the studio.

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