Best 5 6-String Ukulele

Since the two C strings are tuned an octave apart, and the two A’s are tuned exactly alike, 6-string ukulele configurations can always differ, so the music has a fuller tone. This could be reversed as well. Both the C and A strings are tuned an octave apart occasionally, and both are tuned in unison sometimes. While you are playing a 6-string ukulele the same way you are playing a 4-string ukulele and you are using the same chord forms that you are already familiar with, to pin down the extra strings, you would have to use a little more of your fingertips.

6-string ukuleles are mostly suited for users that already have some experience in the field. A novice player may have difficulty finding their way around a 6-string ukulele since they require a certain level of expertise. If you are confident enough in your capabilities, go right ahead and check out our selected list of 6-string ukuleles.

Top 5 6-String Ukulele 2020 (Overview)





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Kala 6-String Ukulele

Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele

White bindings

Solid mahogany build

Smooth satin finish


Oscar Schmidt Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele

High-quality chrome tuners

Rosewood fretboard

Overall mahogany body


Best Uke Under $100

Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele

Fingerboard made of rosewood

Easy playability



Cheapest ukulele under $100

Alvarez AU70S Artist Series Ukulele

Solid spruce on the top

Seamless joints

Real bone on the saddles


Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6-String Ukulele

Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6-String Ukulele

Tuning keys are open-geared

Bone nut and saddles

Smooth nickel frets


Top 5 6-String Ukulele 2020 (Review)

1. Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele (B001LU1SH2) – Best Overall

Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele

A plain, classical style and moderately priced ukulele, the Kala 6-String Ukulele provide an excellent appeal for players who want to get a combination of quality and performance. A mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge can be seen in the ukulele. On the top and bottom, it has a conventional white binding, accentuating the enriched mahogany satin finish that gives it a beautiful appearance. It has 19 Silver Nickel Frets as well and comes with strings of Aquila Nylgut.

With lots of sweet highs and mellow lows that come together for a perfect, enriched tone, the Kala Mahogany Series ukulele delivers a rich melody. It contains chrome die-cast tuners that help the instrument keep in tune accurately.


  • Amazing playability
  • Exquisite design


  • No gig bag to carry it around

2. Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele (B004PAXKY4) – Runner-up

Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele is an outstanding option in a decent price range. A lovely balanced sound with bright peaks and warm lows is produced by the mahogany body. The rust-proof chrome tuners are very durable, and alongside the mahogany wood shell, they add a good artistic touch to the ukulele's appearance. The Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele ultimately offers superior consistency at a reasonable price, suitable for all levels of players.

This 6 string ukulele comes pre-installed with Aquila Nylgut strings. If they are not up to your taste, you can replace the strings anytime you want.


  • Crisp sound quality
  • Beautiful satin finish
  • Robust build


  • Neck may feel thin

3. Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele (B00B7MVV44)

Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele

The Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele has very robust hardware. It is also easy to clean. The unique henna design can easily attract the eyes of many players. The size is easy to bear and you can store this ukulele wherever you want. The ukulele comes with a Luna bag that you can also use as a means of storage when you need to travel with your precious instrument.

As this instrument's top is made of spruce, make sure that you store this ukulele away from any moisture. In order to achieve the best possible results, make sure to tune it before you play it.


  • Unique laser-etched design
  • Gig bag included


  • Intonation can seem a bit off

4. Alvarez AU70S Artist Series Ukulele (B01CI6LXAE)

Alvarez AU70S Artist Series Ukulele

The Alvarez AU70S Artist Series Ukulele comes with a mahogany neck and a rosewood body.  You get a no-frills idea for architecture. It is a classically crafted low-profile instrument with pearl inlays and a wood gloss.

There will be much to enjoy for customers who want a strong classic ukulele style. There's no abysmal tone, it's just not as nuanced as you might prefer. The vibrating quality of the ukulele may be disturbing for accomplished musicians. But if you're a new player who would like an enticing first ukulele, the Alvarez can be a great option.


  • Elegant semi-glossy finish
  • A good blend of quality materials in the construction


  • Sound quality could be better

5. Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6-String Ukulele (B013WW89VE)

Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6-String Ukulele

With premium-quality in mind, the Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6-String Ukulele comes with a basswood body. It provides a distinct feel from the normal construction of mahogany, giving it a distinctive appearance. With a better wood quality, you also get improved tone and resonance at the same time. The unusual shape of the soundhole contributes to its unique look.

For more reliability and longevity, the frets on the neck use nickel-silver construction. It comes with pretty good pre-installed Aquila strings. The original configuration is more optimized for left-handed players, so if you're right-handed, you might need to make some adjustments.


  • Vintage finish
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight


  • Initially suitable for left-handed users


Our favorite of the lot is the Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele. The size is perfect for both newbies and seasoned players. The design is simple but beautiful with its white bindings. The build quality of the KA-6 is also topnotch, with loud and crisp sounds.

With the right choice, you would realize the difference between a 4-string and a 6-string ukulele. In this case, more strings mean better and crispier sound. We hope you can find the perfect 6-string ukulele from the list above to embark on your long musical road ahead.

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