Best 5 Tenor Ukuleles Under 300

It's not a piece of cake to find the right tenor ukuleles below 300 with decent sound quality and standard materials. Loads of ukuleles are well designed in the $300 price range, but not all of them might have too many features, so it can be difficult to determine which one you pick.

The ukuleles listed below are among the most popular $300 ukuleles on the market. You can easily compare their specifications, specs, highlights, and drawbacks and find the right one. The ukuleles on the list below are suitable for both beginners and expert players. Take a look and pick out the one that sings to you the most.

Best 5 Tenor Ukuleles Under 300(Overview)





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Lohanu Tenor Ukuleles

Lohanu Tenor Ukulele

Beautiful white bindings on the neck and body of the ukulele

Scratch-free texture

High-quality Aquila Nylgut strings

Chrome tuning gears


Donner Tenor Ukuleles under 300

Donner Tenor Ukulele

Easy tuning

Adjustable strap on the bag

Chrome-plated tuners

Made from African mahogany


Kala MK-T Makala Tenor Ukulele

Kala MK-T Makala Tenor Ukulele

Full-body mahogany built

Protective satin finish

Rosewood fingerboard

Clip-on tuner

Polishing cloth  included


Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele

Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele

Solid mahogany build

Gloss finish

Great for solo players



Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele

Quality Nylon strings

Satin finish

Warm sound quality

Mahogany neck

Composite fingerboard


Best 5 Tenor Ukuleles Under 300(Review)

1. Lohanu Tenor Ukulele (B01CQ01YSS) - Best Overall

Lohanu Tenor Ukuleles under 300

Lohanu is designed to provide an outstanding combination of class and eminence. The Lohanu tenor ukulele is nicely built, which plays exemplary sounds. It’s a great choice for both beginners and seasoned players looking for a great instrument.

The ukulele has a satin finish and is great to the touch. It’s designed with a braceless arched back that offers structural support and enhances tone. The saddle and nut materials are very sturdy and made out of TUSQ. To give the instrument a polished appearance, the neck, back, and top have a decorative white stripe along the sides.


  •  Easy to carry around
  • Strong construction
  • The tuners are highly reliable
  •  Responsive strings


  • Some notes may seem a little out of balance

2. Donner Tenor Ukulele (B0723BQGZS) – Runner-up

Donner Tenor Ukulele

This tenor ukulele from Donner has a strong sound and the pricing is quite fair. It is a suitable pick for anyone who wants to start out playing the ukulele. The material is high-quality mahogany. It has a large volume level even in the small ukulele body. While the strings and the tuner are not the most costly ones you would see on the market, for this instrument they fit well.

The ukulele comes with a bag that has an adjustable strap, a wireless tuner, and an additional set of strings, making it a great option for lots of people. If you're a novice, this is a decent ukulele to start with because it has everything you need to learn to perform.


  •  High-quality chrome-plated tuners
  •  Extra Aquila nylon strings included
  •  Padded backpack provided for carrying the ukulele


  •  The tone could be better

3. Kala MK-T Makala Tenor Ukulele (B005EU4HJQ)

Kala MK-T Makala Tenor Ukulele

The Makala Tenor ukulele is one of the best offers on the market if you are trying to purchase your first ukulele. Yes, the pricing won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet. Perfect tonewoods, good build quality, and immaculate tone are produced by this great ukulele.

Kala is one of the best brands of ukuleles you can find and makes very high-quality ukuleles, and this model is definitely one of them. Its rustic wood body means that it is very robust. The tuners are properly geared so you can easily tune them


  •  Beautiful satin finish
  •  Highly responsive fingerboard
  •  The tuners are geared
  •  Affordable pricing


  • Sound quality could be better

4. Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele (B07CGBSG5L)

Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele

This EUT-M6 tenor ukulele features an enthralling fingerboard. An all-mahogany body with a gloss finish is seen in the ukulele. How Enya provides a cutaway through the soundboard to allow you more access to the higher frets is one of the best things about this EUT-M6. The high-quality D'Addario J87 strings are equipped with this ukulele.

It is easy to hold and packed with high-quality strings. For any beginners, talented musicians, and any individual in the entertainment field, it can be a great pick. You can see mahogany and a pearl rosette inlay that is used to manufacture its neck. Also, the bridge and fretboard are made of richlite and pearl wood


  •  Easy to carry around
  • Unique cut-out design
  •  2 different finishes
  •  High-quality mahogany construction
  • Very rich sound quality


  • The fingerboard can feel a little cheap

5. Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele (B01MV4ZMHA)

Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele

One of the finest looking and sounding ukuleles around is this Cordoba 25T-CE. This ukulele can be a great option for players who wish to invest a little more in new equipment since the kit is pretty inexpensive. Along with sophisticated construction, comes a natural tone.

In the body, top, back, and sides of this ukulele, Cordoba utilizes solid acacia wood. The gears are fine enough to allow slight changes for optimum sound quality and the model also has extremely reliable tuning. Bone nut, saddle, and Aquila strings for this tenor ukulele provide an attraction for musicians.


  •  Solid Acacia top
  • Natural satin finish
  • Ebony and maple rope pattern
  • Durable construction


  • No accessories included

Final Thoughts

The Lohanu Tenor Ukulele is our recommended pick for simple portability. The tenor ukulele is lightweight and available in different sizes that can be picked out for all ages. 

It is not hard to find a high-quality, moderately priced tenor ukulele. If you put more emphasis on price than on the features or even the opposite, when you explore the different options, it is easier to find the right uke.

What's most important is to make the best decision about your own personal interests, but you need to collect as much data as you can get about the products. There doesn't have to be a long or complicated quest for the right tenor ukulele, particularly if you have a clear idea about what you want. We hope these list of best Tenor Ukuleles Under 300 helped you find right one.