Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Amplifiers are an essential part of the routine of a guitarist. Although most people equate amplifiers with electric guitars, they can also be beneficial to acoustic guitars. They help to enhance the sound of your acoustic guitar. 

In case you are in search of a high quality amplifier to make the best of it, we have prepared a list of the " Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021" . If you couldn’t get your head around how to start looking for one, we have prepared a buying guide to assist you make the best purchase.

Buying Guide - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021 

There are hundreds of different guitar amplifiers available in the market. To find the best acoustic guitar amps, there are a few things that you need to consider wile buying an amplifier. When it comes to whether or not you need an amplifier for your acoustic guitar, it really depends on your playing style.

Many acoustic guitars need a volume boost, which is where an acoustic guitar amplifier comes in handy. The amp's wattage, the number of channels, the number of input and output choices, the built-in effects, size, portability and weight are all factors to consider for buying the best acoustic guitar amp.


Different types of amps produce different kinds of results. Historically, these amps are of two kinds; however, a third kind is coming to the trend. A solid state amplifier uses transistors for power sections and preamps.

However, tube amplifier is the best choice for you if you are looking for a warm sound with a retro vibe. These are tubes that intensify the sound signal and must be replaced on a regular basis. But they are a bit expensive.

On the other hand, the newest type, modeling amps are digital amplifiers. Processors are used to enhance guitar tones in these. Besides, it features a lot of effects. Consider your requirements and taste while choosing the best type of amp for your acoustic guitar.

Feedback Control - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

It is one of the features of a n acoustic guitar amp so while buying, check if the feedback control is good enough. There is space for feedback, which must be limited using some kind of feedback control.

Dual Channel - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

The feature of an amp you should be concerned about is its dual channel. A XLR input and phantom power option may be included in the line or microphone input feature. An XLR input can be extremely useful; it functions as a stand-alone PA system, eliminating the need for a separate PA system when performing on stage. Look for this feature if you believe it would be beneficial to you.

Pre-installed Effects

Many effects are now included with acoustic guitar amps, but you must first determine which effects you want. Rather than buying separate pedals, it would be easier to get these effects built right into the amp.


When purchasing an amplifier, quality should be a priority. It has the potential to have a major impact on the amp's output. Be sure to check the quality of the amplifier before buying.


Prices differ from brand to brand, as well as the features of the amplifiers. Solid state amplifiers are usually the cheapest, but their prices can also differ widely. If you are on a budget, check out budget friendly amplifiers and choose the best one from your preferred price range

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps of 2021





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Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Fender Champion 20

20-100 Watt

1/8th headphone and speaker output jacks

Open back cabinet

5 years warranty

8 ohms impedance

Digital reverbs


Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Bugera Trirec Infinium

3 independent channels



100 Watt volume

Silicon diodes

Reverb control

High definition and integrated reverb


Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Fender Acoustasonic 15

15 watts volume

Standard ¼ inch jack



6 inches Fender speaker

XLR input


Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Fender Frontman 10G

10 Watts power

1 to 6 inches speaker

¼  inches instrument input

1/8 inches headphone output jack


Fever GA-20

20 Watts power

Volume, tone and grain controls

Scratch protection cover


1. Fender Champion 20 - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Fender is without a doubt one of the finest guitar manufacturers in the world. Fender's guitar amp is flexible, lightweight, and simple to use. You can connect your guitar to it and play different types of music with a much better sound. it does not matter if you are a first timer, or an advanced guitar player performing on the stage, this brilliant model from Fender has got you covered.


  • This amp's EQ portion allows you to customize the sound to your preferences. Digital reverbs, chorus, vibratone, and delay are among the many effects available.
  • Comes with an auxiliary port that can plug your MP3 player in, so you can listen to your favorite music while you work.
  • Features a great output jack that’s 1/8 inches.
  • It has knobs that go from clean to highly distorted sounds, making it able to support almost any type of music.


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Inconvenient power switch

2. Bugera Trirec Infinium - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

This amazing amplifier has a varipower dial that lets you adjust the power from 1 to 100 watts. This guarantees you could use the amp everywhere, whether it is a performance at a tiny apartment at three in the morning or a packed auditorium. Silicon diode, tube, and tube and silicon diode are the 3 rectifier modes available.

This amplifier is the right pick for you if you have been looking for a significant power boost.


  • Hand wired and handmade to produce authentic sound
  • Features 3 completely independent channels which are classic, modern and vintage
  • Its 3 rectifier modes assist premium performance whenever you play it
  • Well equipped which include integrated reverb as well as reverb control


  • Can get a little hot while using
  • A slick click can occur during shifting between channels

3. Fender Acoustasonic 15 - Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

With an XLR microphone input, this lightweight and highly portable guitar amp enhances not only the sound of your guitar, but it also amplifies your vocals. This model from Fender has 2 selectable channels as well as a chorus effect, making it suitable for both musical performances as well as public addresses. On top of that, the Fender Acoustasonic comes with a specially crafted 6 inches Fender speaker in order to provide improved high frequency response. 


  • Incredible 15 Watt power of volume
  • Comes with a specially designed speaker to enhance high frequency response
  • XLR microphone input
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Features a high quality headphone jack


  • Does not run on batteries
  • No reverb effect

4. Fender Frontman 10G

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021

If you are on a budget, but looking for a high quality acoustic guitar amp, there is no reason you cannot get one. With the wide range of quality amplifiers from Fender, you can have a great amp with both audio pros and audiophiles for you guitar within a very reasonable price. The Frontman 10G amp from the Fender line is a mentionable item in this regard. 

Despite of being the smallest amplifier from the line, the Frontman 10G produces incredible sound quality and maintains good accuracy. You can even practice silently with the headphone output jack of 1/8 inches. With its closed back construction, its bass response is impressive and heavy.


  • For a decent practice amp, Fender's 10-watt amplifier provides enough power
  • Loud and clear sound with a specially designed speaker
  • Closed-back design assists heavy bass response
  • Great treble and volume
  • Tube emulated overdrive


  • Unable to output into a recording device
  • Single coil pickups can be a little noisy

5. Fever GA-20

With 20 watt power, the Fever GA-20 is another great acoustic guitar amplifier within an affordable price range. If you think you need more power than the Fender Frontaman, this one is the right fit for you. This model comes with a number of options including clean and overdrive channels. Grain, volume and tone controls assist the amplifier to produce great volume and sound quality.


  • Powerful amp at a reasonable price
  • Scratch protection cover to make it durable
  • Several options and controls
  • Easy operation


  • The size could be a bit larger

Final Words 

Amplifiers provide great support to enhance the sound and volume of an acoustic guitar. Although they are a more popular accessory to electric guitars, acoustic guitar can use them just fine. If you are looking for the best acoustic guitar amp for heightened sound and performance, you can check the buying guide and the options in our list for convenient experience.

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