Best Acoustic Guitars under $200

Learning guitars in this digital age of the 21st century is not pains-taking if you have an accurate one in your hand. It is not mandatory to start with an uncomplicated type of guitar. However, to explore a new music genre on guitar, you can always begin with an “acoustic” guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitars under $200 in 2021

There is no need to add insult to injury by choosing an overpriced ordinary acoustic guitar. Because the best pick is waiting, you need to figure it out. Do not panic! As we have brought you the finest collection of acoustic guitar under $200 in the following list:





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Acoustic Guitars


The top material is Spruce

Right hand-oriented acoustic guitar

Six steel strings are there to make a louder sound

A fixed guitar bridge system


Best Choice Products

It comes in a compact guitar kit

The material is an engineered wood-bodied

Elegant design

Convenient to use


Acoustic Guitars

Fender Squier

Dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitar

Fretboard material is of the Mahogany

Stable guitar bridge system



For the top and back, respectively, Spruce and Mahogany are used

Fretboard material is Rosewood

Sustained nato neck

The Best instrument for the young musician


Acoustic Guitars


41-inch length dreadnought body

The neck material is Birchwood

Affordable range

Very supportive to learn with


Oscar Schmidt

It comes in Flame Yellow Burst color

Spruced body material

The back and neck part is Catalpa

The Best guitar for kid


Acoustic Guitars


Satisfactory for beginners

Provides round corner binding for flat angles

It has a Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery

Adjustable guitar bridge system



Three/Four sized guitar model

Good choice for the young musician

Laminated body material

Convenient as a travel guitar


Acoustic Guitars


Strings made of Phosphor Bronze and High Carbon Steel

It comes with a guitar kit, including add-ons

Eccentric design

The Battery is Lithium Metal



It comes in a compact acoustic guitar set

Easy to play for children and beginners

Aspects a captivating multi-ply inlay and handcrafted construction

User-oriented clip-on  design


Acoustic Guitars


Square shoulder dreadnought body construction

Range of options to choose from

Produces soft sounds with jumbo frets

Hardware of exceptional quality



Top made of sturdy mahogany

Fretboard and bridge both made of rosewood

Bronze string


Acoustic Guitars


Jasmine Advanced "X" Bracing on Spruce

Neckline with a slim profile

Nut and saddle made from synthetic bone

Organic Satin Polish



Constructed pick-up

Body thickness of 3”

Sealed Die-cast tuners

High-gloss polish


Acoustic Guitars


2 gold strap pins are included

Warranty of 10 years

Active Piezo Pick-up device with three bands


Glen Burton

Neck and bridge constructed with catalpa wood

Consists of steel strings

The fingerboard is made of rosewood

Sturdy build quality


1. Fender

Acoustic Guitars

Fender FA-100 has been famed as the best choice in the market for its astounding sound quality and stable body construction. Its “C” shaped neck is Maple-built, and there are twenty frets available in this guitar.

The dreadnought body-shaped acoustic guitar has a shiny neck finishing, and the body is a laminated spruced at the top with Basswood in both back and sides.


  • It comes with an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD.
  • User-friendly to any acoustic playing style.
  • Not designed for left-handed players.


  • Not designed for left-handed players.

2. Best Choice Products

This ultra-compact acoustic guitar set is the perfect one for beginners to start. It comes in a dreadnought shape with a foam-padded design. However, for the capo and extra picks, there is front storage.

Moreover, the guitar offers a standard size, and you can easily reach higher notes with the help of the cutaway shape.


  • A lead-in guitar for all.
  • Affordable price
  • Unique designed.


  • Taking anger and frustration may lead to damage to the guitar.

3. Fender Squier

Acoustic Guitars

A full-bodied dreadnought tone is available in Fender Squier acoustic guitar with scalloped the X bracing, mahogany neck, and a sustained maple fingerboard. The guitar comes in only black color with a playable neck. However, it is resistant to day-to-day use, and its laminated construction makes it more solid.


  • Great-sounding tone-woods.
  • A large body with underweight.
  • Easy to play guitar.


  • The Better quality instrument stand is not available.

4. Rogue

The dreadnought-designed and white wooded body is the significant feature of this Rogue branded acoustic guitar. Unlike other acoustic guitars, it has six strings. The length is not large enough, but 25 inches scale.


  • A budget-friendly guitar.
  • The nato neck offers sustainability.
  • Light in weight.
  • A good pick for beginners.


  • Constant tuning can partially destroy the guitar.


Acoustic Guitars

Here is the guitar of forty-one-inch length cutaway dreadnought-shaped body from the brand SAFE PLUS. High-quality basswood plywood makes the body of the guitar where the fingerboard is Birchwood. However, this guitar is very comfortable to use because of its polished finishing, wooden construction, and comfy strings.


  • A classic present for every event.
  • It comes in a well-equipped set.
  • It also arrives with an extra set of strings for replacement.
  • A low-priced guitar of starters.


  • Not a decent guitar for tiny hands.

6. Oscar Schmidt

The core advantage of this acoustic guitar is that it is an absolute fit for people with smaller hands. This Oscar Schmidt acoustic has a fixed guitar bridge system with six steeled strings.

The ¾ size holds back the guitar underweight. Catalpa wood is the back material of the guitar, and the guitar comes in a wide variety of colors. The Flame Yellow Burst is a standard color for any guitar artist.


  • A better purchase for children.
  • It is well-grounded with technical wood Fretboard material.
  • The body of this guitar is quite big than what it sounds.


  • It does not come in a regular size.
  • Nylon strings are not available.


Acoustic Guitars

This regular-sized (Forty-one-inches) AKLOT acoustic guitar has coherent sound quality with sufficient dynamic settings. Moreover, with this guitar, it is accessible to reach the higher frets easily while playing. It has a feature, that is, round corner binding. AKLOT knows its artists and ensures smoother angles for the wrist and arms.


  • It has a fingerboard for all humidity.
  • Good playability.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Additional color options are not available.

 8. Yamaha

Here is another ¾ sized guitar exceptionally convenient for tiny-handed young players. As it has a small body with mini parts, it adjusts effortlessly in the space required for a travel guitar. One feature is new for us to review, that is, the string material used in this guitar is bronze.


  • It comes with a gig back, including safe storage and easy transport.
  • It has good playability.
  • It is underweight and good value for money.


  • The finishing could be better.

9. Donner

Acoustic Guitars

Here is the fine-looking Donner branded acoustic guitar with a guitar kit, including all dominant extras. There is Spruce at the top, Mahogany at the back, and the x bracing in the sides.

This guitar also comes with phosphor “bronze” strings and high carbon steel hex core. The laminated bodied guitar has purpleheart fretboard material. The Sunburst color of this guitar takes our attention away.


  • A good one for beginners, professionals, teens.
  • A long-lasting solid instrument.
  • It offers a vibrant and brighter sound.
  • Unique design.


  • The binding is imperfect.

10. Pyle

Pyle, the brand, provides us an all-in-all jumbo pack of instruments. However, it offers a standard size guitar suitable for novices. It has a stylish cutaway body style with a fascinating multi-ply inlay. The "linden" wood-bodied guitar is new to explore as most of the guitars have laminated bodies.


  • A clip-on design with a tuning range.
  • Hand-rubbed varnish makes the guitar good-looking.
  • Sensitive die-cast machine head-turner pegs.


  • No guitar pickup configuration.

11. Epiphone

Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone's guitar is designed specifically for beginners who want every feature on their first guitar. It is valued not only for its longevity but also for its potential to produce incredible tones. When it comes to the layout, it features a mahogany and spruce body frame, as well as rosewood on the slimTaper neck.

While it lacks semi-tones, it produces reasonably good higher and lower tones, justifying the price. However, you can still get more specifications by paying more for the product.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lucrative
  • SlimTaper neck makes it easy to hold


  • Lacks semi-tones

12. Ibanez

Ibanez brings you yet another budget-friendly guitar. Given that they're such a huge name, you'll never have to worry about their products. The head is made of Spruce, and the neck is made of mahogany. Rosewood is used on the bridge and spine, with Agathis on the backs and edges. It’s extremely compact due to its light weight.

Considering the low price, it produces remarkably good sound quality. Regardless of the lack of semi-tunes, it promises incredible high and low tunes. Mentioning again, this guitar is a true money-saver . It comprises a travel bag for your guitar as well as other essential accessories, allowing you to play it whenever and wherever you want.


  • Well-balanced tune
  • Extremely reliable
  • Top-notch hardware quality
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Compact size may not appeal some players

13. Jasmine

Acoustic Guitars

If you'd like a guitar with a vintage design, the Jasmine guitar is a viable solution. It's crafted with a Spruce top and Agathis backs and edges, brushing it off with satin finish. It also has a chrome polish around the tuning machines and rosewood fretboards as a whole.

The X-bracing of this acoustic guitar ensures stability. Furthermore, it offers the most reliable treble and bass. However, you must still rely on a skilled luthier to make guitar modifications.


  • Strong tuning
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Lacks long fretboard

14. Jameson

What makes this guitar stand out is the fact that this guitar comes in a variety of colors. They used Nato wood for this guitar to keep the budget in check. It also has a Spruce top, which assists with resonance. The rosewood fretboard and slender neck that runs parallel to the truss rod provide a good grip for the user.

While a rich tune would be too much for an inexpensive acoustic guitar such as this, the tune is adequate for such a slim instrument. When played fingerpicking style, it has the potential to resonate a good tune.


  • Range of colors
  • Improved tonal depth
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Major problems with quality control

15. Kona

Acoustic Guitars

The dreadnought scale of the guitar makes it very comfortable to play. It can also develop some resonance and bass, which is a bonus given its size.

The guitar's electronics consist of an under saddle pickup and a preamp. It also has band equalizers, which can produce fantastic sound when linked to an amplifier. If you want to get the most out of this acoustic guitar, get it adjusted by a skilled luthier.


  • Lucrative design
  • Incredible sound quality
  • A cutaway provides the hand with a few extra frets


  • Less-sensitive bass

16. Glen Burton

Another choice for a low-cost guitar is the Glen Burton guitar. This has a pleasant aesthetic to it. It has a maple top, basswood back and edge, and a rosewood fretboard and comes in both black and natural finishes.

It's made of catalpa wood, so it'll last a long time. It also has the ability to resist decay and shrinkage. It also comes with a plug-and-play active 4 band with 7545 EQ. This kit includes an amp, a pack, a harness, and much more, providing excellent value for the money.


  • Catalpa wood construction
  • Provides all necessary accessories
  • Aesthetic look


  • Sufferings for quality control

Acoustic Guitars Info Section

Your preference matters the most while buying a guitar. With an acoustic guitar, you will find both satisfaction and better accessibility to operate. We believe that you can follow your passion, even if you are with little savings in your reserves.

Selecting a guitar based on your priority of appearance will not work out unless you can not differentiate between parts and affordability. To satisfy your guitar choice, we come up with all the information in the following:

Body Shape and Neck Profile of Acoustic Guitars

You must have seen the “C”-shaped, “U”–shaped, and “V-shaped” neck while searching out for a guitar. Here, the C-shaped neck profile has a flat curve around the back of the neck, where the V-shaped neck has a pointed approach defining difficulty for newcomers. The U-shaped takes the most comfort because of the tiny space area between the palm of the fretting hand and the neck.

Sound varies on the variety of body shapes of acoustic guitar. If you go through our list of acoustic guitars, you will find them in dreadnought shape. These thinner bodies serve better reviews as the comfortable entry-level product. Also, there are thicker guitars with the same dreadnought shape but with low-end projection.

Fretboard Issues in Acoustic Guitars

Most manufacturing companies tend to be inexpensive while giving quality-made fretboards. Smooth frets ease your fingers where sharp fret edges need guitar tech polish if you find discomfort.

Acoustic Guitars Tops

Solid wood or laminate wood is the main component of an acoustic guitar. Firstly, a solid wood, made of two single-ply pieces of wood, produces high volume. Moving forward, Laminate wood, an admirable option for novices, is used as several layers but does not shake and produce a rich sound.

Tone-woods in Acoustic Guitars

You will find a diverse wood specification on different parts of acoustic guitars. We have figure out notable ones here:

  • Mahogany

Mahogany, as a top wood, produces a strong sound and emphasizes end tones. Mahogany appears to provide a more resonant tone that can be sustained for longer periods of time. Most players think that the tone is more balanced than that of most other guitar tonewoods. Mahogany guitar sounds are warmer and more controlled than those generated by other woods.

Mahogany is used in the neck of most acoustic guitars because it gives a sturdier feel. To achieve a richer tone, tonewood may be used in the body of certain guitars.

Mahogany has been utilized as a tonewood in guitars for a long time for a reason. It's a flexible tonewood that produces a well-balanced sound.

The bottom end of mahogany is thick, the top end is controlled, and the middle is superb. It's a tonewood that flawlessly balances all regions of sound, which is why bespoke acoustic guitars frequently employ it. It is appropriate for the majority of players and guitar body shapes, and it produces the greatest tone.

  • Maple

The Sides and Back of the guitar give a low response rate and produce sound emphasize on high-end tones.

Despite being a less prevalent tonewood, maple appears on some of the most popular acoustic guitars ever built. Maple is one of the hardest and densest tonewoods, producing a bright sounding tone with superb projection and note definition.

All maple acoustic guitars are rare, and maple tops are rarer. However, maple back and sides are more frequent, and maple back and sides sometimes lend additional power and mid-range to a more traditional top material. The dramatic figuring on a guitar may also give a great aesthetic accent.

  • Spruce

Spruce is the conventional wood for the top of the acoustic guitar. It not only provides good resonance but also features weightlessness.

The most common wood used for guitar tops is spruce, which is distinguished by its light color and (usually) modest carving. Its appeal stems from the fact that it has a tone that makes it an excellent "all-rounder."

Spruce sounds wonderful when coupled with just about any other tonewood. It's sweet and smooth, but not too bright, and it has enough warmth to avoid sounding thin. In addition, the projection and loudness are also rather impressive. Spruce is a common wood species, which adds to its suitability as a guitar material.

Type of Strings in Acoustic Guitars

Nylon strings are seemed to be easier on fingers producing a squashy tone, and steel strings, commonly used by rock musicians, create a louder tone with an acoustic guitar.

Final Thoughts

Once you have learned the basics of finding any acoustic guitar, you should try buying one, even if it is low-priced. Specifications may differ from one to another, yet you will never regret playing an acoustic guitar to have an audio adventure.

All the acoustic guitars featured in this article assure top-grade quality as per standards. We would not mind having the Donner branded acoustic guitar for its sunburst advent and well-equipped design. Hope this article was helpful to you!

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