Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

There is no age for developing a hobby. But with persistency, a hobby becomes a passion. Most of us start playing guitar out of fancy and we buy our first guitar without having much knowledge. As a beginner, it is important to invest one’s money wisely before buying a guitar.

An acoustic guitar is a preferable choice as it serves many purposes. The versatility offered by an acoustic guitar helps to explore every genre of music such as classical, rock and jazz, etc.

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000 in 2021

We have tried to shortlist the top 7 acoustic guitars keeping into consideration the price, build quality, and many other important factors. Go through our list and find the perfect one for you.





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best‌ ‌acoustic‌ ‌guitar‌ ‌under‌ ‌$2000‌

Pyle 36’’ classical acoustic Guitar

Nylon string

 Hand orientation: Right



Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Yamaha FS830

Rosewood body

Diecast tuners


Fender Acoustic Guitar

Laminated mahogany back and sides

Solid top


Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar

Metal gear head

Steel strings

Acoustic configuration


Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Solid mahogany top

Rosewood bridge

Dreadnought body


Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Laminated back

Satin finish

Rosewood fretbaord


Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

WINZZ Acoustic Guitar

Linden plywood

Sturdy body

“X” bracing structure


1. Pyle 36’’ Classical Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Pyle USA is a famous brand and the Pyle 36’’ acoustic guitar is a top-selling product of them. This guitar is for kids and beginners who will take their primary guitar lessons

 The body material is made with a combination of Maplewood and blackwood. The top portion comes with a rosette laminating finish and gives you the intricate feeling of a handcrafted product. There are 18 frets on the fretboard and the strings are made of nylon.

The Hardtail Bridge will make the guitar durable. This is a beginner-ready acoustic guitar that comes with a digital tuner and accessory kit. The box comes with a gig bag, spare strings, a cleaning cloth, and a detachable shoulder strap.



  • Sunburst glossy and smooth finish
  • Good resonation and tuning
  • Sound pleasing to ear
  • Appropriate size to carry effortlessly
  • Fair price for the whole kit


  • The strings require a good stretch

2. Yamaha FS830

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Yamaha is a big name when it comes to guitar. The consistency in build quality and price has been maintained over the years. The FS series comes with 5 guitars different in size, wood, and finishing. This particular FS830 comes with a body made of rosewood.

Natural, tobacco sunburst, autumn burst, and dusk sun red are the options available for the finishing of the guitar. A dreadnought and concert model guitar with rich quality of sound is a perfect combination to have at this price.

The fixed bridge helps to improve the durability of the guitar. With a diecast tuner, perfectly aligned fretboard, the exact amount of bass, and well-balanced projection of strings this is a highly recommendable acoustic guitar.



  • Top-notch wood
  • Comes with a sturdy case
  • Appealing smooth finishing
  • Rich sound quality
  • Portable size makes it comfortable to play


  • Fret board goes to 14th fret
  • The frets are slightly rough on top

3. Fender Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

The Fender 6 string CC-60S concert acoustic guitar is currently one of the most selling guitars. The pickup configuration of the guitar is a combination type. One can easily carry this small concert sized guitar to trips, parties, and steal the show.

The solid spruce top is full of tune which comes with an easy to play neck and laminated mahogany backside. It has a fixed and stable hardtail bridge which makes it long-lasting.

Though the guitar is said to be for beginners, the professional guitar artists equally love it for its beautiful outlook and clean tune. The string is made of phosphor bronze and this is a six-stringed guitar that can be your best buy for your guitar classes.


  • Easy to carry size
  • Excellent tune and sound quality
  • Good build quality with stable bridge
  • Great for beginners
  • Recommended by experienced players


  • Doesn’t come with any kit
  • No gig bag or case included 

4. Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

If you are looking for a guitar at an affordable price then the Martin Smith W101 acoustic guitar kit is the one. Let’s see what you’ll get in the kit along with a dreadnought sized acoustic guitar.

You’ll have one stand, tuner, gig bag, strap picks, and spare strings. The guitar comes with an acoustic pickup configuration which will enable you to explore versatility.

High gloss finishing basswood body, six steel-strings, which stays in tune for a long time, metal gearheads and natural color are some key features of the guitar. The tuning pack is designed in a way to ensure you spend less time in tuning and more in playing. 

This is a complete package for beginners with a good quality of sound.


  • Affordable price
  • Good playability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Stays in tune for long time


  • Sound quality is average

5. Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Ibanez AW540PN artwood dreadnought acoustic guitar was first available in 2014 and over the years it has maintained its position as one of the top-selling guitars. The artwood series of acoustic guitars were made to give craftsman detailing with a modern outlook.

Let’s dig into its features and check out the reasons behind its popularity. It has a dreadnought body with solid mahogany wood construction. The bridge and fretboard have rosewood finishing with stable fittings. You’ll love this guitar for its tuning which stays fine for weeks.

The frets are correctly spaced and the whole outlook of the guitar makes it look like an expensive one. The sound quality is spectacular and very ear pleasing. A highly recommendable guitar for beginners as well as advanced guitar enthusiasts.


  • Great playability
  • Stays in tune
  • Rich sound quality
  • Light neck makes it comfortable to play
  • Easier on the chord
  • Affordable price
  • Fixed bridge  and lightweight


  • Case sold separately 

6. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

Jasmine is a well-known brand for providing incredible guitars for value. You can have the Jasmine S35 acoustic basic guitar in the collection which comes with the good build quality.

A satin finish on the mahogany top and back gives the guitar a contemporary styling. The construction of the guitar is time tested and can support you for years. It has an amazing sound quality that is powerful and clean on all strings, from treble to bass.

People bought it for its low price and it became irreplaceable for the quality. It is a beginner guitar, however, for regular practice, jamming sessions, and for your adventurous trip, it can be your best companion. This guitar can give you an overall experience of an expensive guitar.


  • Comes with Chromacast guitar picks
  • A luxurious spruce top  
  • Satin finish 
  • Good playability
  • Rich sound quality


  • Needs a good setup before using

7. WINZZ Acoustic Guitar  

Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000

WINZZ dreadnought acoustic guitar bundle will give you the deluxe handcrafted experience. The body of the guitar is made in combination of Linden plywood at the top, technical wood at the neck, and fretboard along with a basswood finishing.

There are six guitars in this series with six different lustrous colors and finishing. There are online lessons, gig bag, metronome tuner, hanger, straps, picks, and cleaning cloth in the bundle which is a good deal.

The guitar produces a warm rich sound that has the desired acoustic properties in it along with very smooth playability. This is one of the most selling acoustic guitars and highly recommendable for both beginners and experienced players.  


  • Exquisite look
  • A complete package 
  • Smooth play  
  • Warm and rich sound quality
  • Affordable price  


  • Build quality could be better

Buying Guide

Before purchasing an acoustic guitar, it is imperative to know the variation of acoustic guitar and its use in different genres of music.

Know the Types

We came across one widely available type of acoustic guitar and that is steel-string flattop guitars. This particular type comes in three main body styles with a difference in tonewood. All the steel-string guitars have one basic similarity and that is they are well suited for strumming and acoustic fingerpicking. 

The second type is nylon-stringed acoustic guitar and they are well suited for playing classical music. Guitar strung with nylon strings sounds less harsh on high notes and the flexible tension among the strings helps to produce a warmer sound. 

Archtop guitars are the third type and they do not sound like flattop guitars. They are not suited well for strumming. However, if you are a jazz enthusiast an archtop guitar in your collection will be your best companion for life.   

The experienced players more or less know what they are looking for in an acoustic guitar. But sometimes it gets difficult to choose one which will match your desired criteria as well as your budget. Let’s check out the buying guide of acoustic guitar before going through our top picks.

Build Quality

The build quality of the acoustic guitar may vary with the price. But, some basic criteria are must-haves in an acoustic guitar. The first condition is there shouldn’t be any crack in the body of the guitar. Guitars that have crack lines sound different and weird. To check this, knock the surfaces of the guitar and listen if it makes any hollow sound.

Secondly, the center lines should match. The bridge, strings, and tuner everything should be aligned. Thirdly, the neck of the guitar should not have any twist and excessive hump. It is a very important portion of the body of the guitar and without proper neck support, a guitar will not be durable.

Check Guitar’s Action

Action is the distance of the string from the fretboard and it is an important thing to consider. Take a narrow scale and insert it on the 12th fret vertically. The distance should be in the range of 3-4mm and not more than that. One can consider it up to 5mm.

The vendor may try to convince you by telling they will adjust the tightness of the string but do not fall for it, because that may make the strings too tight, and this will require more strength to play.

Tuning Pack

Check the tuning pack individually by turning it in the proper direction. The tuning pack should not be too loose or too stiff. 

Bridge of the Guitar

The Bridge in the guitar connects the strings to the tuning pack and it is very important to have a stable bridge. A guitar that comes with a hanging bridge will not be durable. If you have learned the basics of playing guitar then it’s time for you to invest in a good guitar with a fixed bridge which will go for years.


A good guitar comes with a longer duration of an echo. Listen to the echo of the sound after one struck on the strings. The longer the duration of the echo, the better the quality of the sound produced will be. Guitar in which the echo doesn’t stay long, there will be many dead notes and will not sound pleasing to ears.


Playing guitar is not just a hobby, it helps a person to escape from the dreadful life and get lost with the tune. One can achieve good mental health and overall well-being by playing guitar. A guitar with dead notes, high maintenance, and poor tuning will not give a person a pleasant experience.

If you are not enjoying playing it and you are caught most of the times in tuning then you need to invest in a good guitar. Online or offline purchase, you’ll not go wrong with our buying guide and short listed acoustic guitars. Play effortlessly, enjoy continuously!

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