Best Acoustic Guitars under $500

With so many different choices of acoustic guitars in the market, finding the best one can be difficult. We assume that acoustic guitars, like any other instrument, are as personal as the person who plays it.

We understand that many people might be on a budget, so they would not want to spend a ton of money like an artist would. Our goal was to look for the best acoustic guitars under $500, so we did all we could to make sure you get the best product.

Best Acoustic Guitars under $500

Let’s hope, the list provided below will help in clearing things up for you and steer you in buying the right guitar within your budget.





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Acoustic Guitars under $500

Seagull S6 Original

Open tunings benefit from the tapered headstock it comes with, which allows for accurate and precise tuning

Contains a compensated saddle and tusq nuts for a better intonation

Has a truss rod for double action


Taylor GS

Made of solid Mahogany and layered with Sapele patterns

Has a broad base that is not too big

The fingerboard is made of African Ebony wood, and has 20 frets along with a Matte Electronics finish


Acoustic Guitars under $500

Yamaha FS850

The top is made of solid mahogany

Contains scalloped bracing that has recently been created

Has a style that is both woody and warm

The sides and back are made of Mahogany

Has a small body


Taylor BT2

It comes with a natural 6 string Mahogany top

The back is designed with layered Sapele patterns

Has a neck width of 11/16 inches


Acoustic Guitars under $500


The top is made of solid Sitka Spruce

The fingerboard made of rosewood

Contains die cast tuners on a rosewood bridge

Comes with a truss rod that can be adjusted


Takamine 6

The top is made of solid cedar, with a mahogany side and back

Has a slim textured mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard of radius 12 inches

A bridge saddle and bone nut gives it a satin finish


Acoustic Guitars under $500

Taylor BBT

Back and the sides are made of solid Sitka wood

The depth of its body is four inches

The back of the guitar is kept arched for producing better tones


Martin X

Contains 14 frets

The LXM is made of patterned Spruce

The fret board and bridge is made of Micarta wood


Acoustic Guitars under $500

Fender CD-60S

The top is made of spruce

Body material is built of Mahogany

Fret board contains 6 strings


1. Seagull S6 Original

Acoustic Guitars under $500

The S6 Original by Seagull is in a class by itself when it comes to affordable acoustic guitars. This guitar produces an incredibly vivid sound that lasts long to establish the song's mood. It comes with a dreadnought body shape which is wide enough to be carried by most artists, eliminating the speculation of determining the appropriate scale.

The acoustic guitar's inclined headstock is notable for two purposes. First it helps to tighten the guitar strings a bit more, smoothing out chord changes and preventing fret buzz. Secondly it is much easier to tune an electric guitar with it. The Seagull guitar has a truss rod that allows double-action.

This can hold the pitch even more precisely than many other acoustics. Rather than having to wait to catch up with the pitch, it transforms the moment you expect it to. Finally you have a guitar which allows you to use it to its full potential.


  • Has a variety of color ranges and styles
  • The truss rod improves both higher and lower pitches
  • Headstock is tilted for faster tuning and smoother chord changes


  • Might be difficult to play barred chords

2. Taylor GS

Despite the fact that the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany is smaller than many of the other acoustic guitars, it gives a great performance. TNT is said to come in limited doses, and this GS Mini exemplifies this point perfectly. It's no wonder that the GS Mini is so iconic, given its strong volume and range of tone. It's only natural that we discuss the scale of the acoustic guitar.

Most guitars with a small body don't have a lot of volume, so they're just used for practice. The sound quality on the GS Mini, on the other hand, is sufficient to wow audiences, and it's lightweight enough to move with. When it comes to building an acoustic guitar, mahogany is among the most highly desired woods.

While several other manufacturers use a combination of mahogany and other kind of woods to save money, the GS Mini uses only mahogany, and its sound is exceptional.


  • Lightweight enough to take with you on the road, but large enough to manage easily
  • All musicians, particularly those with smaller arms and shorter fingers, will find this size ideal
  • Made entirely of mahogany, the perfect wood for making acoustic guitars


  • The headstock of the guitar might be a little weak

3. Yamaha FS850

Acoustic Guitars under $500

Yamaha is also another well-known label in the music world, and the FS850 is proof of that. This guitar's smaller body makes it ideal for any guitarist. It's also a perfect teaching tool because switching from one chord to another is simple without the large fret space that most dreadnought guitar contains.

While most guitar strings and picks are included in most sets, this one has a lot more. The FS850 comes with acoustic guitar chords, sticks, a tuner, a cloth for cleaning, a gig pack, and a DVD with instructions that teaches you the fundamentals of playing a guitar.

Over several other varieties of wood that are used in guitar construction, mahogany provides the finest resonating tone. Because of the frequent need to be used in acoustics, it is liked by most and thus produced in plenty. The FS850 model is an excellent example of why mahogany is so common with musicians.


  • It comes with all kits that you will require to start strumming your guitar right away
  • It is wrapped in solid mahogany for maximum sound quality
  • This guitar's compact body is ideal for hands of most musicians


  • The strings are a little tough that might cause calluses

4. Taylor BT2

This Taylor mini guitar is a good example of a great traveler's guitar. It is compact enough that you can walk around with it in your hand without stumbling over everything. On the other hand, it's also a dreadnought, which means it has the same tones.

Although the size and quality of sound are ideal for traveling, it still has one thing lacking. We realized it should have come with one more thing in the box to make it the perfect traveler's pack. So, what ties it together? A durable gig pack for a traveler. It's sturdy enough for rough use and small enough to be useful in a variety of conditions.

You might wonder what should be the ideal size of a traveler’s guitar. What is the ideal size for a traveler's guitar, you may wonder? The Taylor BT2 is only a third of size of the usual dreadnought guitars. While being just a third of the size of many practice guitars, it is still large enough to deliver excellent performance.


  • It's made of sturdy mahogany, which gives the smoothest and richest sound
  • A sturdy traveler's gig kit is included, which is ideal for traveling, unintended drops, and baggage transport
  • To have identical sounds without a bigger body style, the guitar is one third of a dreadnought guitar


  • The finger board could be made to be more stiffer


Acoustic Guitars under $500

The Yamaha FG800 exists in its own world. There's nothing quite like it, made from many different kinds of rare wood and accompanied with a huge pack. The FG800 will be a brilliant solution to your concerns if you're in search for something different in terms of style with an amazing package that contains everything.

The strong sound of this acoustic guitar comes from its spruce tip. The sides and back of the guitar are made up of Okume and Nato, giving it an alluringly warmer tone. These woods cannot be overlooked, despite their rarity. They make the music unique while being extremely reliable.

Acoustic guitars come in a variety of body shapes. Dreadnought is by far the most common body because it is big and produces a lot of volume.


  • With Okume, Nato and spruce, this is a one-of-a-kind wood variety
  • Dreadnought body for ease of play that provides loud volume
  • All the basics are included in this jam-packed box to let you strumming in no time


  • You have to stretch the strings by yourself

6. Takamine 6

The Takamine is not a very well-known brand like most brands on this list, but they're rapidly establishing a reputation for their stunningly retro acoustic guitar designs. The Takamine 6 is an excellent example of a vintage guitar carrying a few new enhancements that make it easier to play.

The width of the fret of a guitar isn't something most people consider before purchasing one. It is just one of the things which you don't know or later come to regret not noticing. The GD20-NS has an extra-large fret board, which allows for smoother switching by spacing the strings far apart.

Cedar is also another excellent acoustic guitar wood since it muffles unwelcome resonations. Despite having Mahogany sides and back, this guitar has superior sound quality. Some claim mahogany and cedar are a match made in heaven.


  • Wide frets make chord transitions smoother and eliminate string ambiguity
  • It has the ideal wood mix of mahogany and cedar for longevity and exquisite tone
  • Has a satin finish in natural color


  • The frets might seem close together for smaller hands

7. Taylor BBT

Acoustic Guitars under $500

The BBT is a perfect option if you're in search for a much bigger alternative to the Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar. This model is 15/16 the size of a usual dreadnought, and is just the right size for traveling and producing quality sound. An acoustic shouldn't be too small or too heavy.

Although delivering the same tone and volume as a traditional dreadnought guitar, the BBT is deemed compact. For others, this is the ideal guitar size for every reason. If you want to play it at home, the recording is identical to that of a dreadnought.

You can carry it with you out and about and you'll be amazed by how big it is. The sides and back of this guitar are lined with spruce, which produces the same deep and warm tone as many other woods even without fragility.


  • It's only a quarter of the size of a regular dreadnought guitar, which makes it a little smaller but generates equal volume
  • The spruce provides stability while still producing outstanding tones
  • If you are always on the go, this larger model will be ideal for you


  • There is lack of a proper finish, making it prone to scratches

8. Martin X

The Martin X acoustic guitar is ideal for learning or preparing before a performance. It has a louder sound than any other guitars that is beneficial if you don't want to disturb others. It's also great for playing alone in a place with no one else there. This guitar is ideal for masking flaws because spruce is excellent at reducing minor errors.

It's made entirely of spruce that means it'll last a long time. The hole in the middle is just the right size to generate the necessary sound. Reduce fret vibration, keep the strings tightened, and enable smoother chord changes with a bent headstock. The Martin X has the ideal headstock for doing all of these without breaking the strings by over tightening.


  • Made entirely of spruce, making it both robust and colorful
  • The tilted headstock provides nicely tightened strings with minimized numbers of returned and weakened strings
  • It's the ideal size for practicing, traveling, and teaching


  • There isn't a lot of power over the sound when it's amplified
  • There isn't enough dreadnought boom

9. Fender CD-60

Acoustic Guitars under $500

If you're in search of a high-quality design from a respectable brand, the Fender CD-60S will be a great option. In addition to a finely made acoustic guitar, this guitar package includes everything you'll need to get going. The most common body style for acoustic guitars is the dreadnought. If you like performing before an audience, regardless of scale, the volume from a dreadnought is impressive.

A dreadnought produces a deep volume with a rich hum that is often unrivaled. Mahogany is used for the sides and back of the acoustic guitar, which is an excellent wood option for any guitar. It is a good option of wood because of its flawless classic look and feel, as well as its stunning unmatched tone.


  • The wide dreadnought body shape is ideal for performing in front of an audience or alone
  • Built of mahogany, which is widely considered to be the finest wood for acoustic guitars
  • This is the ideal package because it has everything that saves your money and time


  • The size isn't suitable for everybody

Info Section

You can't allow an instrument to have the same artistic "relation" as another player. When you actually get your hands on the right guitar, you'll realize that it is the one. Let’s see what factors you should consider before buying an acoustic guitar.

Guitar Size

The body size is the first and most important thing to remember when purchasing a new guitar. All about the guitar, from the sound it makes to how enjoyable it is to use, is influenced by its scale. Dreadnought, jumbo, classical, and auditorium, are the common sizes of acoustic guitars.


The laminate top, is made up of several planks of wood that are fused together to build the top, resulting in a less harmonically complicated sound than the solid alternative.

Pickup System

It can be useful to get the ability to connect in and perform, if you want to perform at an outdoor music night or a talent show, or maybe you would like to record a new music idea you have had. Since many budget guitars are sold without pickups, make sure to check before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best acoustic guitars under $500 for 2021. We showed guitars that could be used for a variety of purposes. Dreadnought models, mini guitars, studio models along with roadworthy beasts, all kinds have been included here for you to easily pick from. We wish you good luck on your quest for the ideal guitar.

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