Best Bass Guitars under $1000

Bass guitars are quite different from the regular guitar in terms of both construction and functions. Regular guitars are built with fewer materials and it is easier to understand the instrument. But bass guitars require plenty of materials and the complicated functions require more understanding.

The core of the bass strings is thick and requires a lot of wounding. The Bass guitar is not a must have instrument but it brings together all other instruments being played on the stage. One can always feel the absence of a good bass if they hear a song without it.

Best Bass Guitars under $1000 in 2021

And now, here’s a list of top-rated bass for you. Go through the details and find the right one for you.





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Yamaha BB435

Passive pickup

5 strings

Alder body

Tobacco sun burst color


Squier by Fender

C shaped neck profile

Short scale length

Satin finish


Ibanez TMB 100

Mint green color

Wide body

Combined configuration


Costzon full size guitar

4 string bass guitar

Rosewood fretboard

Solid wood guitar


Donner DPB-510B

Solid basswood body

2 volume knob

Chrome tuner keys


Fender Jazz electric bass guitar

Vintage styled bridge

 Jazz bass pickup

Contemporary C shaped profile


Sterling by Music man

Basswood body

4 strings

The neck is made of 6 bolts


1.  Yamaha

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

Yamaha BB435 is a 5 string bass guitar of their BB series. If it comes to sound and playability, the BB435 has maintained the legacy of this particular series. The solid alder body, five-piece neck along 6 bolt miter neck joint is the key features of this guitar.

This bass guitar has passive (V5) pickups, which gives both precision and a jazz finishing, thus adding more variations to the tone. A 34’’ scale bass with amazing bass helps one to deliver the performance with clarity.

The dazzling color of tobacco brown sunburst along with very easy playability will give you the confidence to rock the stage. This Yamaha bass also comes with accessories which are a wide padded comfortable shoulder strap, one stand, one fret wrap, one set of flat wound strings, one clip-on tuner, and a reverb pedal. This purchase can be the best value for money with exquisite craftsmanship.


  • Topnotch detailing 
  • Balanced sound
  • Excellent built quality
  • Bright, crisp sound
  • Reasonable price 


  • A bit difficult to get proper intonation
  • The bridge pickup gets noisy sometimes

2. Squier by Fender Bronco Bass

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

A Torino Red colored bass guitar with pine top material can be the most adorning piece in your collection. This is a four-stringed guitar including a slim C-shaped neck profile.

The length of the scale of the guitar is 30’’ and has a bass pickup which can give you a phenomenal action with a professional finishing in tone. One can easily carry it as the guitar has a very thin and lightweight body. It comes with a die-cast tuning machine ensuring smooth and accurate tuning.

It gets one more point for not needing extra set up. From beginners to professionals, everyone can lay the foundation at any stage with this ready right out of the box model of bass guitar.


  • Ready to play
  • Great bass quality
  • Tone has the desirable classic base essence
  • Lightweight 
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t come with gig bag or accessories

3. Ibanez Talman Electric Bass

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

Ibanez Talman TMB100 is a four-stringed guitar with a dynamic passive P&J pickup. The guitar is wide and has a chunky maple neck which gives the classic Ibanez outlook.

It has a custom band EQ which offers a variety of tonal options. The material of the fretboard is rosewood with a white dot inlay. It is a standard size bass with a scale length of 34’’. The perfect intonation gives the desired clarity in tone along with great playable action.

Though it doesn’t come with extra accessories, the quality of the nickel strings is good enough to go for a long time without making you go through the extra hassles of changing strings.  It can be your best buy which will give you the perfect delivery of both looks and sound.


  • Fixed bridge setup
  • Elegant satin finish
  • Well-crafted finishing
  • Variation in range of tones
  • Great value for money 


  • Pickups are little weak
  • Packaging is not well maintained
  • Not lightweight, on the heavy side

4. Costzon

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

The Costzon full-size bass guitar is a 4 string guitar that comes with a complete kit for beginners. A combination of Paulownia, rosewood, and maple forms the body of the beautiful sunburst color guitar.

This heavy, solid guitar will stand up to years in your collection without any mechanic’s touch. You can have a comfortable performance experience with the ergonomic cut surface of the bass guitar.

The build quality is undoubtedly a top-notch one and it doesn’t discount the tone and sound standard. It produces a rich, smooth and ideal tone for exploring different genres of music from rock and roll to the blues.

A perfect balance of the mixed pick-up configuration makes this guitar an easy-to-play bass. This is a highly recommendable one for beginners and it is suitable for gigs as well. The whole kit contains one guitar bag, one shoulder strap, one guitar pick, and one amplifier cord.


  • Comfortable playing experience
  • Stable quality
  • Incredible display of sound
  • Convenient to carry
  • Complete kit in reasonable price


  • Replica of a Fender bass guitar, so do not get confused

5. Donner DPB-510B

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

The Donner P-bass is one of the cost-effective solid electric bass guitars featuring a solid basswood body with fine arches, chrome tuner keys, and good quality strings.

It has an AAA Canadian maple neck including an ebony fingerboard of superior finish enabling the player to have a comfortable hand feeling. It has two volume knobs and a set of tuning pegs that keep the string tuned in position for a long time. 

This guitar can provide you with a natural and vibrant sound along with a smooth tone. The pickup configuration is set up for passive base which facilitates all the techniques the player wants to try to get any sound texture.

You will quickly fall in love with the clean and warm low frequency and a wider range of overtones. The best part is it comes with necessary accessories such as a gig bag, a guitar strap, and a guitar cable to keep you ready for your everyday guitar classes.


  • The design is unique
  • Technology used is precise
  • Good action
  • Offers a good range of variation in tone
  • Comes with a complete set up


  • Less concentration on detailing
  • Back of the neck is a bit uneven 

6. Fender Jazz electric Bass Guitar

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

Fender manufactures high-end guitars not only in terms of price but also in terms of quality. This Jazz electric bass product is from their player series which continued the Fender’s legacy and maintained the innovative spirit as well. The 4 string guitar comes with an alder body of glossy finishing.

Its pickup configuration is specially designed for the Jazz bass for a clear, punchy, and powerful sound. There is four saddled bridge facilitating accurate intonation and easy action adjustment of the guitar.

Whatever your playing style is, you can personalize the action as per your convenience and choice. With this instrument, you will get the very essence of Fender featuring the purest and simple classical tone from the quietest chord to the loudest one.

The guitar comes with fender strings enunciating the authenticity of the brand. And the cherry on top in the shape of the neck which enables you to play this guitar effortlessly for hours. You can have the unbelievable experience of a well-crafted instrument after a fair set up out of the box.


  • Professional grade
  • Good quality strings
  • A well balanced tone
  • Versatile tone
  • Top notch build quality


  • A bit expensive
  • Not lightweight

7. Sterling by Music Man

Best Bass Guitars under $1000

Sterling by music man brings the iconic, timeless designs of Ernie Ball Music Man instruments ensuring both quality and the economy. This guitar is a licensed model inspired by the true icon of bass Music Man’s Sting Ray at an affordable price.

A basswood body with a maple neck and fretboard makes this exclusive black beauty one of the most desirable ones.  It is a four-string guitar providing the traditional generation of bass since the late ’70s. The pickup is designed to reduce noise along with smooth and fast playability.

The hardtail bridge can be adjusted according to your playing style. More or less every bass needs set up and this masterpiece is no different. A reasonable time to set this up and you are all ready to experience the bass as good as the real ‘stingray’ that costs over 1000$ or more.


  • Classic design
  • Smooth pickup with active electronics 
  • The truss rod is adjustable 
  • Exclusive Music Man sound
  • Great value for money


  • Initial setup is not good
  • Less details in finishing

Buying Guide

Before going to the list, let’s run by some important guides which are to be kept in mind before buying a bass guitar.   

Price Range

Bass guitars are expensive and they come in different prices and quality. Hence, one needs to fix a budget considering their playing skills. For beginners, there are many affordable bass guitars along with accessories. If you are not sure about your interest level to learn this instrument, it is wiser to go for an economic one.  

Build Quality

Before buying a bass, check the neck, headstock, fretboard, truss rod of the instrument. These are key features that build the quality of the instrument.  

There are three kinds of neck with different operating functions and they are bolt-on neck, set neck, and thru-body neck. All three types of the neck are designed to create different resonance and adjustments depending on the player. The neck of the guitar needs to have smooth finishing and join the headstock, fretboard to the body strongly.

The tuning pegs in the headstock are required to adjust the tension of each string. So it is important to check the tuning pigs properly before buying a guitar.   

Fretboards are an important part of the neck and a bass guitar without a fretboard requires profound skills which can be complicated to understand as a beginner.  

Bass strings are thicker hence they create an ample amount of tension on the neck. The truss rod inside helps the neck to stay in position. So, the quality of the truss rod is a determining factor of the build quality of the guitar.   

Pickup Configuration

Check the pickup configuration of the instrument because they capture the sound created by the vibrating strings and body of the bass. Single coil picks up are the traditional type.

To get the classic bass feeling one can go for the single-coil tones. The contemporary configuration is the Humbucking one which was designed to reduce the noise of the single coil.  

Passive or Active Electronics

Passive electronics can operate without any source of power on the other hand active basses depends on power, such as a battery. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. So go for the one you find beneficial.


We have tried to shortlist some of the best bass guitars available in the market. Choose any one of them, you’ll not have any regrets. A good band or a good artist will not overlook the importance of having a good bass and investing in it.

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