Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Are you a big fan of the metal music genre? Then you probably know how it can be a mixture of aggressive music with hints of delicate and virtuoso pieces. It can self contradict and that is what makes it even more interesting. Check out this article to find the best bass strings for metal in 2021.

Bass guitarists, although do not get the spotlight but they make way for the lead vocalists and other players to shine. They sincerely make the music sound even better and much of their abilities come from the setup and engineering of instruments.

What we mean to say is that you need the perfect combo of bass strings with the right guitar. If you want to get that classis metal tone, you will need to go through a lot of options to find the one for you.

It can be a strenuous job but not so much because we are here to save you a lot of time. There are many types of bass strings and you obviously do not have to try all of them.

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Buying Guide

Before you go start looking for the perfect bass strings, you should look at some of the features that you should know. Look through them and find out more about bass strings!


Bass strings are of two types if we are talking about construction and they are:

  • Round wound Bass Strings

Round wound Bass Strings are covered with a round wire on the exterior which is used to cover the main inner wire at the core. They are comparatively a lot brighter than the flat wound bass strings in terms of sound. You can feel a texture when you fret on the round wound bass strings.

  • Flat wound Bass Strings

Flat wound bass strings have a flat wire on the exterior that covers the inner wire at the core. If we were to compare flat wound bass strings with the round wound, it gives off a dark and warmer tone. When you will slide your hands on these strings it will feel a lot smoother than the previous one.


The lighter gauge strings are great for fast leads or slap bass. If you want a heavier tone for heavy metal, RNB or even down tuning, you need the heavy gauge strings. There are 3 popular gauges that are 45-105, 50-110 and the 40-100. The long scale basses have 40-100 or 45-105 string and short scale ones have (.040 .065 .080 .100). So, choose keeping these in mind.


Most popular strings have nickel wound steel, pure stainless steel and cobalt as material. If you want a vintage and mellow tone, then you need the nickel wound steel strings. They are considered as the standards strings for metal anyway but if you need an aggressive tone then you should the stainless steel ones.


The price range of bass strings can be anywhere from $20 to even $50 or more. It basically depends on how many string sets you are getting and what brand you are going for and the material. We would recommend you to research more and then get your bass strings. Do not assume that a higher price rate means better quality.

Now we are done talking about all the details about bass strings, we will be listing down the best bass strings for metal in this article. Keep reading if you want one for yourself!

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021





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Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Ernie Ball

Nickel wound bass strings

Signature slinky feel

Round wound

$15- $17

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Ernie Ball Super Slinky

Nickel round wound strings

High Carbon Steel hex core

$15 - $17

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

D'Addario EXL160

Nickel Steel

Heavy gauge bass set

$18 - $20

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021


Super long scale

4 string set


DR Strings

Medium gauge

Hand-made with black polymer coat

$20 - $24

GHS Strings

Medium Light Gauge

Long scale 4 strings set

$18 - $20

1. Ernie Ball – Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Ernie Ball Regular Bass Set gets the first position for the list of best bass strings for metal. It has been rated 4.8 stars on Amazon. Ernie Bell is one of the most used strings for all the fellow bassists in metal, rock or RNB bands. They have constantly maintained to be the best budget strings in the market.

This strings are nickel wound with a .050 - .105 gauge which is an extra thick version. It has a tin plated high carbon steel at the core. These slinky strings will give a punchy sound for your metal performances.


  • Works for all metal genres
  • Balanced tone


  • Feels bit rough on the fingers

2. Ernie Ball Super Slinky – Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

The second place is yet again given to Ernie Ball for the list of best bass strings for metal but this time to Super Slinky strings. These Ernie Ball bass strings are also nickel wound and round wound in terms of construction. The gauge is 045 - .100 which falls in some of the popular string gauges.

Ernie Ball has a signature recipe which consists of specific gauges and core to wrap ratios. They are pretty good at balancing the rich harmonics and slinky feel. This bass string set will compliments all bass playing styles.


  • Rich balanced tone
  • Durable


  • Difficult installation for beginners

3. D'Addario EXL160 – Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

We have the D’Addario EXL160 as the third place for the best bass strings for metal in 2021. It has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon. These bass strings are for long scale bass guitars. It is D’Addario’s best selling heavy size gauge set with 50-105. They are made of nickel steel with round wound construction.

They will fit into any long scale guitar with string lengths up to 36 1/4 inches. There are 5 strings included in this package. D’Addario is known for their consistent quality and making the bass strings suitable for any playing style.


  • Bright tone
  • Easy to install


  • Needs to be more durable

4. Elixir – Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

Best Bass Strings for Metal in 2021

The fourth place goes to the Elixir Bass Strings set for the best bass strings for metal in 2021 list. These bass strings are coated with the brand’s patented NANOWEB coating. This type of coasting is thinner but gives off a good amount of treble response and smooth feel that enhances grip.

It is constructed with nickel plate steel wrap wire which we have established before as standard choice for most brands. These bass strings are for long scale with super light gauge .040, .060, .075 and .095 for the 4 strings. The coating technology helps against corrosion and extends tone life.


  • Great coating
  • Durable
  • Rich tone


  • Bit overpriced

5. DR Strings

Now we have arrived at the fifth spot for the best bass strings for metal list in 2021 and it goes to the DR Strings brand’s Bass Strings. It is a medium gauge string with .45, .65, .85, and .105. The specialty of this specific bass strings are that they are handmade with a black polymer coating which is why they are known as the “Black Beauties.”

These strings have a thin coating on the plain strings and on the wrap wire. They have the signature crisp tone of DR Strings and clarity. Check them out!


  • Clear rich tone
  • Handmade


  • Bit expensive

6. GHS Strings

We have arrived at the sixth and final spot for our list of the best bass strings for metal in 2021. It is taken by the GHS Strings Electric Bass Boomer Set. These bass strings are made of nickel plated steel with strengthened core. They are also round wound in terms of construction.

It is a medium light gauge size with 045-065-080-100. However, they are also available in medium and light separately. GHS Bass Boomers also made a interesting combination of stainless steel and nickel plate on the low E and B strings. We highly recommend you to check them out!


  • Good resistance
  • Crisp tone


  • Loses tone quite quickly

Final Words

That marks the end for the list of best bass strings for metal and we have provided you 6 amazing options. All of them sound really good for the metal music genre and some of them are great for all types of basses. We hope you have found the one for your bass guitar. 

We would recommend the Ernie Super Ball Slinky as they have a balanced tone and it is very durable. However, it is your decision and we won’t force you into buying anything. Hope this article was helpful to you!

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