Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200

Bookshelf speakers are the best option to take your music experience to next level in a medium or small-sized room. They are designed to give you extra quality to your home theatre or stereo system.

Bookshelf speakers are built to maximize your sound experience by placing them at a normal ear height in a small or medium-size room.  As technology advances rapidly, now you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent speaker. 

Let’s take a look at the best bookshelf speakers under $200. 

When you are buying a bookshelf speaker under $200, you need to consider some features and factors. Different bookshelf speakers are tailored for different purposes. Some are for enhancing your movie experience again some are there to take your music experience to the next level.

Here, we have a buying guide for you. Here are some facts and features that you need to know before selecting the best bookshelf speaker for under $200.

Sound Quality

The most important feature to look at is sound quality. These days, almost all of them are offering quite a standard sound and the standard is pretty high. Among these, it’s rare to get a speaker that doesn’t sound well but every speaker has some limitations and you must know it before buying it. As the bookshelf speakers are small in size they have limited drivers.

They come with only two drivers, a tweeter and another one to control the mids and bass. But considering them you have to evaluate the sound quality they are offering. Which one offers the best sound quality.


Apart from the sound quality, size is also an important feature. A large size speaker will have large size drivers and they will produce high volume. Small size speakers aren’t that loud. Depends on you, how you want it. Again a big size speaker occupies a bigger space.

Sensitivity and Volume

How loud a bookshelf speaker could be, depends on the sensitivity of it and it depends on the decibel numbers of the speaker. Decibel under 86 is low and decibels like 87 to 96 are average.

You have to choose according to your preference. Different brands have different ways of measuring sensitivity.

Wired or Wireless

A wired speaker has to be connected to a stereo amp using wire. And the wireless or Bluetooth speakers have internal amps. The choice depends on your preference.

Best Bookshelf Speaker under $200 in 2021

There are many manufacturers who offer good quality products these days. Here’s a detailed review of some best of options available.





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Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T

Wooden design

4 inch woofer and half inch silk dome tweeter

Two aux input


Bookshelf Speakers

Klipsch R-14M

Black polymer finish

Tractrix horn technology

Copper-spun high output IMG woofers

AAA grade mahogany wood


Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio TSi100

53Hz to 25kHz frequency response

Rubber surround woofer

Gold plated connections


Bookshelf Speakers

JBL Arena B15

5.5 inch woofer of polycellulose

1 inch horn design soft dome tweeter

Wall mounting system in the back


Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio RTI A1

MDF Fiberboard construction

Rear side bass port

Wall mounting system


Bookshelf Speakers

Sony SSCS5 3-way

Wood construction

3-way system

Aluminum wiring coated with copper


Bookshelf Speakers

BIC America DV62si

Graphite woofer

Ferrofluid cooled tweeter

Magnetic shield


1. Edifier R1280T

The R1280T from Edifier comes with a premium wooden design and great sound quality. The MDF fiberboard construction also has cloth material finished removable grills in gray makes it simply amazing in style. 

These relatively small speakers have a four-inch woofer and silk dome tweeter of half-inch that allows nice sound reproduction and adjustable bass and treble. The front-facing port is there for efficient operation and easy placement close to the wall. The 40 watts RMS gives a good power rating. Two aux input, power switch, and a 3.5mm headphone on the rear. 

Each of them has its own amplifier, set of EQ knobs and a remote to operate that connects with the right speaker through an IR sensor. 

The dual RCA inputs allow you to connect multiple devices at once. 

These speakers are well balanced in the natural settings but there are options to add extra bass and high frequency as per your preference.


  • Premium wooden design
  • Clear sound reproduction
  • Two aux input
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • Affordable


  • The sensitive volume knob can make the sound a bit fussy

2. Klipsch R-14M

This R-14M is small in size but will surely give you some memorable experiences. If you are looking for a speaker with pleasant sound with crisp in it and under $200, then this could be a great deal. 

The classic black finish comes with a 10 inch height and the depth is 7.5 inch which takes a very little space at your home. The outer part is covered with stylish black polymer which looks great. The polymer plastic makes it light and the weight is just 14 pounds

The R-14M provides natural sound with its 90*90 Traxtrix horn with an aluminum made tweeter. The sync between image and audio sound is clear and pleasant to ear. 

With an 8-ohm impedance and 90db sensitivity it has a high frequency response range. The ability to handle 50watt RMS to 200watt at peak makes it more reliable.  

The 4 inches copper-spun IMG woofers round up the speaker for high output. The speaker needs to be placed a bit away from the wall otherwise the rear-firing bass port will be affected if it doesn’t have any clear sound exit.


  • Beautiful design
  • Well balanced performance in different ranges
  • Tractrix horn technology
  • Light weight copper-spun high output IMG woofers
  • Classic black polymer outer finish
  • Fits in small or medium size room


  • Not very powerful in large rooms or in some medium size rooms
  • The crisp high responsive present sound may feel harsh to some users

3. Polk Audio TSi100

Polk Audio TSi100 is an entry-level model on the Polk Audios TSi line. These are small in size but big in performance. The dimension of it is 10inch by 7inch by 11inch which gives a nice compact size and the weight is only 10 pounds.

As the front grill is removed, the speaker looks good with a five and quarter-inch woofer. The rubber surround woofer and one-inch silk and polymer tweeter will give you an output of 30watt RMS. 

The frequency response is 53Hz to 25kHz. To ensure secure connectivity, the speaker comes with gold-plated connections so that it doesn’t wear away. 

The speaker presents 89dB efficiency with 8ohm. The recommended amplification is about 20 to 100 watts. The built-in crossovers with Mylar capacitor will provide you an amazing sound experience.


  • Light weight (10 Pounds)
  • Attractive design
  • 5.25 dynamic woofer
  • 1inch silk and polymer tweeter
  • High frequency response of 53Hz to 25kHz
  • Gold-plated connections
  • 8 ohm impedance


  • Bass is not very strong. Could be a deal breaker for people who wants strong bass

4. JBL Arena B15

JBL Arena b15 comes with an amazing design with a simple-looking front grill. There's a five and a half-inch woofer of polycellulose that you might notice first and a one-inch horn design soft dome tweeter and both create a powerful 100watts of power. The woofers are connected with a 25mm tweeter that delivers a high-frequency response. The high frequency is quite crispy and clear. 

The cabinets are plastic made with a wood-grained effect on it. With the grills, it gives a very natural look. The dimension is 8.58 inches by 18.5 inches by 16.5 inches which is a bit larger than some and a bit heavy also with a weight of 18 pounds.

If you wish them to be on the wall, there’s a built-in wall-mounting system in the back of the cabinet. They can be both functioned as a bookshelf speaker or a home cinema environment. But for a home cinema setup, you may need a sub. The bass is not obscene but it will be good unless you want a heavy bass.


  • Exquisite black design
  • 1inch tweeter for crispy and sharp sound
  • For nice sound projection in the mids and bass there’s 5.5 inches woofers
  • HDI waveguide technology increases the tweeters efficiency
  • Wall mounting system in the back


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Low frequencies
  • For surround system, more speakers will be needed

5. Polk Audio RTI A1

Polk Audio RTI A1 is another quality product from Polk Audio. This speaker is designed with a slight curve in the back which makes it stylish and reduces vibration. RTI A1 is made of MDF fiberboard and there’s no real wood.

The design looks old though the curve helps a little. This will be a good choice for those who prefer this kind of design. 

A five-and-quarter inches woofers inside of the cabinet and a one-inch silk dome tweeter with a bass port on the rear side. RTI A1 comes with crisp and sharp high frequencies, clear mids and bass are excellent. Though it’s a bookshelf speaker it also can be mounted on the wall. But mounting on the wall could cause problems for the rear port and could also affect the sound.


  • MDF fiberboard construction
  • Simple and plain design
  • Amazing low frequency
  • Crisp and sharp sound, clear mids
  • Wall mounting system
  • Affordable


  • Old fashioned design
  • Wall mounting causes problems for the rear port and affects sound

6. Sony SSCS5 3-way

Sony SSCS5 3-way is one of the best bookshelf speakers in this price range. This SSCS5 3-way is made of solid wood rather than MDF fiberboard materials. The inner frame makes it solid and strong and the design materials help to absorb any unwanted vibrations.

They are comparatively small in size. The dimension is 13inches by 7inches by 9 inches which makes it so light weight and the weight is less than 10 pounds. 

The 3-way design is a combination of five and a quarter-inch foam reinforced woofer, a one-inch soft dome tweeter, and a quarter-inch super tweeter. They deliver a great sound with 100-watts of power. The sound can extend from 50Hz to 50kHz. 

The aluminum wiring coated with copper makes the super tweeter more powerful and it delivers high frequencies. To deliver an amazingly powerful sound, the bass reflex is on the rear side. The 3-way produces a great sound by using an amazing well-defined crossover system. They also have a removable fascia.


  • Wood construction
  • Light weight
  • High and wide frequency
  • 100-watts power
  • 3-way system
  • Super tweeter increase high frequency range


  • Lower speaker impedance of 6ohm

7. BIC America DV62si

The Bic America DV62si comes with a very simple design with a measure of 8.9 inches by 14.8 inches by 9.1 inches. The speaker is about 15 pounds with a black laminate finish and it's not suitable for wall mounting. There are removable grills with gold plated terminals. 

The speaker has 6.5 inches graphite woofer and a three-quarter inch soft dome tweeter is Ferrofluid cooled with a rear bass port. It has a decent frequency range of 43Hz to 20kHz. The low frequency response and wide frequency range suitable for stereo systems.

The DV62si has a magnetic shield to eliminate unwanted distortion if you place it near a TV or computer monitor.


  • Impedance of 8 ohm
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • Wide frequency range
  • Graphite woofer
  • Magnetic shielded
  • Affordable


  • A bit heavy weighted
  • The cabinet design may not be preferred by some

Bookshelf speakers are designed to save space at your home. Every brand is offering products that are different from each other. They are unique in design, sound, build quality, size, and some other features that make it hard to make a quick decision.

Considering those unique facts and differences we reviewed the best bookshelf speakers under $200 available in the market. It will make your decision-making process easier. Good luck!

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