Best Clip-on Guitar Tuners

There is no better service you can render to yourself and also your audience as a musician than holding your guitar in tune. Guitar tuners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the best clip-on guitar tuners found in this article are some of the most simple and cost-effective choices available.

The purpose of this guide is to assist you in selecting the right clip-on guitar tuner that suits your needs.

Buying Guide

Tuners are also available in a variety of styles and from a variety of manufacturers. The benefit of having so many options is that you can choose from cheaper and also expensive options.

Even so, it can be perplexing, particularly for those who are just getting started. Given how much you'll use the tuner, it'll be a smart idea to get a quick, high-quality product that works.

Now that we've covered the different styles of clip-on guitar tuners, let us look at the factors you should consider and remember before purchasing a guitar tuner. By following these features, you can never make a mistake while purchasing a clip-on guitar tuner.


Before even contemplating purchasing a clip-on guitar tuner, you should have a basic understanding of what a cent actually is. A semitone is made up of hundred cents on something like a logarithmic scale, much like a dollar.

If you're unfamiliar with the word, a semitone is a variation in pitch across each fret on a guitar. The precision of the tuner corresponds to the cents on the guitar.


At the very least, you should know how quickly a guitar tuner operates. Although you might not be in a hurry while you play a guitar at home, every second counts in live setups and on stage.

You'll want a quick tuner because the crowd won't be watching you tuning your guitar, as well as you wouldn't want the show to be spoiled because of a tuner delay, so bear that in mind.


If you reviewed the styles mentioned in each product on the list, you'll understand which type will be accurate for the type of guitar you play. But to be truthful, all kinds, except microphone tuners, will be accurate enough to give you exact measurement on stage.

When it comes to recording in the studio, though, you would want as much consistency as possible; the more the better.

Silent Tuning

One feature to remember when purchasing a clip-on guitar tuner is whether it fits for low and also non-existent levels, since you cannot hold the level of volume up when tuning your guitar on stage.

Many clip-on guitars monitor the frequencies and vibrations rather than pitch by directly recording the tune from its headstock, allowing you to tune the guitar while turning down the volume.

Turning Modes

This isn't necessary if you just use the regular tuning EADGBE, but if you'd like to try tuning styles like Jimmy Page or DADGAD or some other non-standard tuning, you'll need to have a tuner that supports several tuning modes.

Most high-end clip-on tuners come with a variety of integrated tuning modes, but some also allow you to build your own custom modes.


Although you may believe that this is not a major aspect, we believe that it is critical to the tuner's functionality, as all clip-on guitar tuners run on batteries. As a result, it's critical to verify the battery life; additionally, rechargeable batteries would be ideal for convenience.


Test the monitor of the clip-on tuner you were looking for before you purchase it. Many tuners come with brightness controls, which are useful on stage if you need to soften or brighten the screen.

We can point out that although the monitor style has been consistent for a long period of time, the brightness or scale has not always been consistent. To make it smoother, get a larger viewer if you do have trouble watching. The tuner is definitely not worth it if you can't decipher the screen quickly enough.

The Instrument

Before purchasing a guitar tuner be it clip-on or otherwise, make sure it's the best one for your instrument. As you'll see, different instruments require different pickups for tuning.

Acoustic Guitars

Owing to the lack of a pickup, you can't use any other tuner but a clip-on one or chromatic tuners on acoustic guitars. This implies you won't be able to tune them silently.

Electric Guitars

With electric guitars, you can use any type of tuner you want to without any issue. Most guitarists nowadays prefer to use either pedal tuners or clip-on tuners because they are more compact.

Other Instruments

There are many types of guitar tuners which are very flexible and can be used for a variety of guitars. Clip-on guitar tuners, in particular, are very flexible, since these can be used on both fretted and non-fretted string instrument guitars, as well as some brass instruments.

Best Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Take a look into the six best clip-on guitar tuners along with some details on each of their features.





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Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Snark ST-2

The display can rotate up to 360 degrees for easier watching with the stay put clip-on

Has a wider frequency spectrum for all sorts of guitars

Comes with a Tempo Metronome button

Has an internal microphone and vibration tracker of high sensitivity


Clip-on Guitar Tuners

KLIQ UberTuner

It contains a Piezo Sensor which is highly sensitive, making sure your guitar get accurately tuned

Comes with a large bright display, so you can track how flat or sharp you’re playing. You also get to adjust the position of the display in 3 angles

The tuner can measure the pitch of your guitar


Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Snark SN1

The screen rotates 360 degrees which makes following your pitches easier

Includes a frequency spectrum designed specifically for bass and guitar

Calibration of Pitch is around 415 to 466 Hz

Has a Tempo Metronome button

Vibration tracker with a high sensitivity


Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Mugig Clip-On

For easier viewing, the LCD display can be rotated 360 degrees

Has a tuning spectrum of A0 (27.5Hz) -C8 (4186.00Hz)

Has a padded clamp that picks up vibrations


Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Snark SN-8

Has a bright EZ Display

Display rotates 360 degrees

Comes with transpose and pitch calibration features


1. Snark ST-2

Since it is modern, accurate, and easy, the Snark ST-2 tuner is ideal for almost all, even electronic guitars. This clip-on tuner is securely attached to the guitar, including the stand. It's not just a regular tuner; it also has a tapping tempo metronome, a sound calibration and a transpose as well.

Because of the high-quality built in microphone and vibration sensor, its output is extremely accurate. The full-color monitor contributes to its ease of use and makes tuning your electric guitar, or any other instrument, a breeze.

Since it was designed to work with a variety of musical instruments, the frequency spectrum is very wide. Tuning shouldn't be difficult, and that's precisely what Snark accomplished with its ST-2 tuner. Snark used the best technologies to create a tuner that is easy to use and compatible with almost every brand, like Boss, Korg and others.


  • The clip-on is strong that grips firmly to your guitar
  • It’s easy to use
  • Suitable for both electric and acoustic guitars
  • Can be rotated to 360 degrees


  • It’s a bit pricey

2. KLIQ UberTuner

UberTuner is ranked second in our list, and it's another great tuner to be used with your Boss, Korg, or other instruments like an electric ukulele or a violin. It makes use of a Piezo sensor module, which provides the most precise audio results for the best possible tuning. The tuner is also easy to grasp because the colorful show helps you to view how you're playing from various angles.

It has three adjustment points, giving you plenty of options for changing the screen. This tuner is particularly high-quality, since it performs perfectly even around a noisy setting. It just senses the sound of your instrument and ignores any other noises.

That makes it much more dependable, particularly for professional artists who perform on a regular basis. The frequency range of the audio calibration is 430 to 450 Hz and this range is appropriate for most guitars.

You can conveniently mount it onto the top or bottom of the headstock of your guitar. The battery performance is excellent as well, as you just have to buy it only once and it can be used indefinitely without thinking about running out of power.


  • Can be attached to the guitar easily
  • Has a minimalistic design
  • The tuning is precise


  • Not suitable for recording

3. Snark SN1

The SN1 model by Snark has been developed to fit with every type of guitar, electronic or acoustic. It clips onto an electronic guitar with ease, much like the ST2. When not being used, it is simple to transport and pack in its pack.

The frequency spectrum is designed specifically for bass guitars and electronic guitars. It contains a tempo metronome as well as the ability to transpose. This enables you to fine-tune your guitar with or without capo. This clip-on is quite durable, and it's ideal for on-stage shows where you'll be on the move.

It uses vivid colors to differentiate between low and high pitches. It can also be turned in a full 360-degree circle, which makes tuning the instrument a breeze.


  • Simple to operate
  • Pretty sturdy clip-on
  • Comes with advanced features


  • Expensive

4. Mugig Clip-On

This Mugig tuner is a universal tuner with five modes: bass, guitar, violin, chromatic as well as ukulele.  It's ideal for all of these musical instruments, and switching between modes is easy. It carries vibration sensor which is extremely sensitive and avoids any unwanted noises from the vicinity, with a sound calibration of 430 to 450 Hz.

This little object is very light and can rotate 360 degrees. It's a brand that will accompany you wherever you go, providing you with the precise tuning you will need for your guitar.

The best part about it is that it saves energy thanks to the Auto power-off feature. It turns off automatically after five minutes of inactivity.


  • Compatible with multiple musical instruments
  • Cancels background noise
  • Can rotate 360 degrees


  • Does not have multiple modes

5. Snark SN-8

The SN 8 is another model by Snark that can be used on any instrument, both acoustic and bass guitars. If that's what you're looking for, it has additional fine tuning. The large, bright screen is easy to read and understand.

The display even rotates 360 degrees, which makes it much more user-friendly. Like the other SN models from Snark, this has a tempo metronome button. It secures to the guitar headstock or other stringed instruments. Since the grip is very solid, you can walk about easily without fear of losing it.

As compared to more expensive chromatic tuners, it's a fantastic tool to have. This is not expensive, and if you have a lot of guitars or equipment, you can purchase a lot of them.


  • Allows for fast and precise tuning
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Grips tightly on the headstock


  • Has only one mode

That concludes the buyer's guide to the best clip-on guitar tuners on the market. Although it might not be the most difficult task, it is preferable to be well-informed than to purchase the same item twice or to choose a commodity which does not meet your needs.

In any case, you can now confidently go out and purchase the right clip-on guitar tuner as your needs.  Again, make sure to look at the top choices, as they are all extremely safe options that will offer your results, value for money, and much more.

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