Best Combo Amps For Metal

Combo amp means precisely what the name suggests. It is a combination of the head and the cabinet that makes a full-sized amp. Typical stacks of Amp Cabinets and Heads can be seen in concerts and big shows, but those things are expensive. Are you looking for a good-sounding amp that chugs? Then follow this article to know about the best‌ ‌combo‌ ‌amps For‌ ‌metal‌.

As a bedroom guitarist, you shouldn’t need all those behemoths of amps. So, we will check some of the Best Combo Amps for Metal on the market that is well under a thousand bucks. We’ll look at the biggest of them and some of the most miniature metal beasts in one article.

With those pointers in mind, let’s check out the list of the Best‌ ‌Combo‌ ‌Amp‌s ‌For‌ ‌Metal‌ ‌without any further ado.





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Best Combo Amps For Metal


  • 100 Watt
  • 12-inch speaker
  • Five different presets
  • 3 Band Equalizer
  • USB for stereo recording
  • Five unique effects


Best Combo Amps For Metal

Fender Mustang

  • 25 Watts 
  • 8″ Fender Designed speaker
  • delay and modulation controls
  • 20 amp models
  • Lightweight


Best Combo Amps For Metal


  • 20 Watts
  • Single 12” Celestion Speaker
  • Two Channels 
  • Effects Loop
  • USB Audio
  • Footswitch Included



  • 30 Watt (RMS)
  • Quad-channel
  • Custom 10-inch speaker
  • Digital effects
  • Headphone output
  • Manual and preset channel modes


Vox Cambridge

  • 50 Watts 
  • 12" Speaker
  • USB Connection 
  • 11 Preset 
  • Nutube Preamp
  • Onboard Tuner


1. Boss Katana

Best‌ ‌Combo‌ ‌Amps ‌For‌ ‌Metal‌ ‌

After the first Katana’s award-winning success, Boss released the Mark2 with all the features and greatness of the first Katana with some various tweaks to fine-tune the experience. It has the same Boss Quality sound, and now it has five different types of effects.

There are five types of amp sounds, meaning the Katana has five channels, with Clean, Crunch, Acoustic, Lead, and Brown channel. Multiply them with all the effects from Boss, and you can see that this thing be a Swiss knife of tones.


  • Feature-stacked
  • 12” speaker
  • Amazing controls
  • 5 amp types
  • 60 Boss FX using Tone Studio
  • Exceptional value


  • Nothing to complain really

2. Fender Mustang

Best‌ ‌Combo‌ ‌Amps ‌For‌ ‌Metal‌ ‌

If you are looking for a classic brand that can handle all the metal you want without breaking the bank, then the Fender Mustang LT25 is the one to consider. It is in the arena of affordable combo amps that will work like a charm for rock and metal guitarists. Also, it is lightweight, at just 14.9 lbs., making it very easy to store and carry.

It features a collection of 20 amp models, 25 watts of sufficient power, and 25 effects to help you reach the high gain metal tones you desire. This makes it one of the best amps available for guitar practice in the bedroom or even gigging at a small venue.


  • Easy to use.
  • 20 amp models
  • A variety of excellent tones.
  • 25 effects
  • Compact and portable.


  • Other options within this price range have more features

3. Blackstar

best combo amps for metal

If you have some money to spend and invest in a good amp that is feature-packed, maybe this Blackstar HT20R mark II can do you justice.

This combo amp carries numerous features from its predecessor – then adds a few more in the shape of foot-switchable voicing for each channel, USB out, headphone, and XLR outputs, plus a switchable power output to drive the twin-EL84 tubes at 2 Watts for a small room practice.


  • High-quality reverb
  • 20-watt and two-watt power modes make it stage and bedroom friendly with a single button 
  • Change the voicing with a footswitch.
  • Balanced XLR outputs for recording and clarity.
  • USB output


  • A bit pricey, for starters.

4. Marshall

Marshall amps have been an important name in the guitar world of rock and metal music for many decades now. Marshall used to have an expensive line of amps in the past, but the company now has many great amps in the smaller and cheaper categories. 

So, if you’re looking for a reputed brand’s guitar amp for metal at home and practice use, MG30GFX is worth considering. This amp has 30 watts of power output. It is capable of delivering tight and screaming tones for metal music.

It’s pretty simple to use because it got Marshall’s familiar front panel with the controls.

Other than the basic functions of volume, Equalizer, and gain, the amp also has an onboard reverb and a separate effects section with delay, chorus, flanger, and phaser.


  • Easy to operate
  • Four distinct channels
  • Parameters for volume, 3-band EQ, and gain
  • Onboard effects such as Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Flanger


  • Within this price, there are other alternatives with more features

5. Vox Cambridge

This little monster has an impressive volume level for its size. It has all the effects you need from an amp like delay, reverb, and modulations. Vox’s included the Tone Room editor app for your computer and mobile devices. There is also an optional VFS-5 footswitch controller that you can buy to change your presets while playing it.


  • Naturalistic valve tones
  • Built-in tuner
  • Tone Room app lets you tweak your tones
  • Can be super-loud


  • Not that we have seen

What You Need to Know

There are two types of amps: Tube Amps and Solid-State Amps. Tube amps are generally bigger and used for bigger stages and sessions. However, they are pretty expensive too. For home practice, you are better off with a solid-state amp. Combo amps are much practical for home use.

These are not only compact but are cheaper than the individual amp head and cabinet. And for metal distortion at a lower volume. Solid-state amps tend to be more effective. 

When buying a combo amp for metal, you should check the three factors or features it provides. Those are Tone, Distortions, and presets available in that amp. You should have the option for tone shaping if you are going to use high-gain sounds.

It is crucial for metal music guitar tones to have a gain boost and mid-range control a lot. It is also vital to have a thickness in the low-end of the sound spectrum. Otherwise, your guitar may sound too thin, which is not an option for a metal tone.

Other essential features can be USB output to record your playing at home by making the amp as an interface. Many newer combo amps have that feature.

Some amps offer a footswitch option that can help you change the preset easily.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of options for combo amp in the market. For metal music guitarists, many combo amps can deliver the sound you want without breaking the bank. But all these amps on the market can make your heads go spinning because each has different characteristics and features.

And without proper knowledge, you might end up with the wrong amp that won’t fulfill your expectations. 

Throughout this article, we’ve listed the best combo amps for metal that you can get for your music arsenal. Hopefully, this helps you.

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