Best Guitar Amps under $500

There are a variety of forms and ranges of guitar amplifiers in the market. Do not forget that a perfect amplifier is worthy of making a massive sound difference on your gadget, no matter how reasonable the amp may seem. To help you in searching for the absolute one, we have chosen the NINE best pick guitar amps listed down only for you.

Best Guitar Amps in 2021





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Best Guitar Amps under $500

Fender Mustang

A twenty-five watts combo amplifier

Eight inches Fender-designed guitar speaker

It comes in a wooden cabinet


Positive Grid

Its spark provides a guitar amp modeling and multi-effects engine

All-in-one powerhouse of forty-watt combo

It allows access to 10k+ amps, powered by Positive Grid’s BIAS realistic virtual tube amps


Best Guitar Amps under $500



A portable amp especially made for an acoustic guitar

Dual front-panel inputs are convenient to use

It comes with a “Whizzer” cone to add clarity



All necessities are included in this complete package

A convenient control tool, including Gain, Bass, Volume & Grind

Its integrated controls help to expand your musicality


Best Guitar Amps under $500


It offers a Celestion brand speaker

The local range of this amplifier is

 8 ~16 ohms

Classic style


Orange Crush

It comes in a compact and portable package

Rich in harmonic overtones

A guitar amp includes two same channels


Best Guitar Amps under $500


It features an 8” woofer and 2.5” tweeter

It is used for electric bass guitar practice, street performance

Easy to carry, and the metal used in the handle is reliable


Fender Frontman

It offers closed-back construction

It comes with a six-inch Fender special design speaker

It is well-constructed with classic Fender style


Best Guitar Amps under $500

Fender Mini

A one-watt punch is here in this tiny amp

Its aspect is- dual 2-inch speakers

It has a dedicated tone and controls



It features a switchable dual channel

Aux in Jack ensures noise-free music

Battery life is up to three hours of continuous use


1. Fender Mustang - Guitar Amps

Best Guitar Amps under $500

Fender is a twenty-five-watt comb, an ideal amplifier for beginners and novices. It has a super-simple user interface with a collection of thirty presets covering a wide range of music.

Moreover, it comes with a multi-faceted signal chain with a premium onboard amplifier. Like many amplifiers, it comes in a wooden cabinet that gives more resonance and vibration.


  • The amp can cover a diverse range of music
  • It has an interface with a 1.8 inches color display
  • Bronze string material type
  • It accompanies stereo headphone output for silent practice


  • You may need to buy separate pedals

2. Positive Grid - Guitar Amps

This guitar amplifier from the Positive Grid brand follows a “smart jam” that can generate authentic bass to go with you. Here, a spark is said to be a powerhouse of a 40 Watt combo.

You can easily adjust effects by controlling knobs on the amp. This amp is one of the dynamic and responsive gears that come at a fair price.


  • The hardware is well fully furnished
  • Sounds amazing
  • Positive Grid’s famous BIAS engine is available
  • Spark’s flexibility is noteworthy at this price


  • Miserable quality of the Bluetooth
  • Voice commands don’t give much control

3. Fender Acoustasonic - Guitar Amps

Best Guitar Amps under $500

Fender Acoustasonic, a portable amplifier commonly used in acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. For a variety of musical performances, you can undoubtedly rely on this amplifier.

With the combination of PA systems, this amplifier is all-set to use as an on-stage monitor. It comes only with a power cable, and an additional cord may be required for multi-purpose use.


  • It is used as a PA in a small venue with its 40-Watt capacity
  • This amplifier sounds extremely good
  • It weighs less than average


  • The amp cannot cover a large venue

4. LyxPro - Guitar Amps

Unlike other forty-watt amplifiers, the LyxPro guitar amplifier comes with a built-in speaker, headphone jack, and AUX input. There is another feature that makes the amplifier, that is, Secured hard rubber corner edges.

Such a rubber-edged amplifier stands safe and protects from damage. On the other hand, your music production can expand with the experiment of various controls.


  • The sound quality of this amplifier is appreciable enough
  • A perfect choice for learners
  • Affordable price
  • AUX hookup works well


  • The overall built-in quality is not satisfactory

5. Monoprice - Guitar Amps

Best Guitar Amps under $500

Monoprice branded this amplifier details a fifteen-watt tube power amplifier with a Celestion brand speaker. Interestingly, this guitar amp can easily handle frequencies between 80Hz and 10 Hz.

The cabinet of this amp has a leather handle, cloth speaker grill. Moreover, the cream color, textured, and synthetic leather exterior make the amplifier provide a vintage exterior look.


  • Reasonable price
  • Vacuum tubes work well
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Both the speaker and sound are excellent


  • Durability is low
  • The on/off switch of the spring reverb doesn’t work enough

6. Orange Crush - Guitar Amps

This amplifier is different from others based on its color, design. The twin-channel “orange crush” amplifier has two panels: Top panel and Rear Panel. On top of that, the amplifier is highly effective as a three bands EQ section allows for vast control.

Also, the headphone includes a new Cabsim feature loaded with flagship voice of the world speakers. The classic orange-styled amplifier has mighty fans because of its signature “picture frame” edges.


  • Clean and rich tones
  • The amp will work well in a small venue
  • It is one of the most decent practice-sized amps


  • Built-in effects are not available

7. Donner - Guitar Amps

Best Guitar Amps under $500

For any small or medium-sized performance, we always look for a better quality amplifier. The DBA-30 is here to solve your problem with the consideration based on bass orientation and a headphone interface.

The DBA-30 comes up with an 8” woofer, ensures mid frequencies and a 2.5” tweeter provides a detailed version of the sound. However, the DBA-30 is not only a powerful amplifier but also portable.


  • Daily use for street or band performance
  • Basics and the hardware are top-graded
  • Sound quality loud as per expectations
  • A low-cost practice amp


  • Not specifically designed for the large venue

8. Fender Frontman - Guitar Amps

If you are a beginner-level guitar artist, you should have this amp, Fender Frontman amplifier that adds value to your guitar sound. It is compact and convenient for regular use, and its 6” speaker delivers full sound.

This tiny closed case amplifier can be used with electro-acoustic guitars as well as a bass guitar. The cabinet of this amp is MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard).


  • An ideal guitar for a practice amp
  • Powerful & lightweight
  • Headphones work well with this amp
  • Sound quality is above average for this price range


  • It warms up sometimes

9. Fender Mini - Guitar Amps

Best Guitar Amps under $500

Who doesn’t want a transferable mini amplifier for traveling? Inevitably, you might want to have one. For your convenience, the feature of this amplifier is- a small-sized amp with a one-watt punch.

It might look small, yet you can explore many tones through using it. Its “dogbone” handle and “chicken head” knobs give it a classic look for the traveling player.


  • It is plastic yet well-built
  • All the knobs are long-lasting
  • Feasible for practicing bass amp
  • Functional for electric guitars


  • Not reliable for use in the studio

10. JOYO - Guitar Amps

JOYO is a well-known brand in providing a dual-channel to their MA series. This handy guitar amp has extremely high-frequency speakers, although they are smaller in size.

Moreover, there are a variety of power supply modes available in this amp. Impressively, this guitar amp comes with two hidden shoulder belts to make you feel comfortable while using it. However, this guitar applies to those who are fond of the electric bass.


  • Convenient to use and lightweight
  • Ideal gear for home practice
  • Moderately-priced


  • The setting option could be more advanced

Guitar Amps Buying Guide

If you own a guitar and lack producing a better sound quality, you may need an amp (amplifier) that helps to enhance the signal on your device. A guitar amp is no less notable than finding a well-equipped musical instrument.

From changing your music style to creating your preferred tone, a guitar amp serves as a gear on your guitar. Getting the finest guitar amp is not easy for any guitar artist because there are tons of things to consider while buying. Before experimenting with your first gear amp, you may require a detailed guideline to follow.

Guitar amps vary from the type of music you want to play to a set of different sounds an amp provides. A guitar amp is hard to buy because it must match your priority. You do not need to choose randomly from a plethora of choices, but all you need is to learn the different features that an amp has in its device.

Here, we have noted down significant features that you need to consider before wasting your savings in the wrong gear:

Category of Guitar Amps

One needs to understand the differences between amplifiers as many types exist.

Solid-State Amplifier

A solid-state amp, a durable analog amp, uses transistors in its power supply. For its “clean” sound feature, it used to work as a powerful practice amp.

Hybrid Amplifier

This amp is “hybrid” as it is a combination of both solid-state technology and vacuum tubes.

Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier tends to be louder, massive, and weighty among all amps. One can shift from one channel to another channel of this tube amp.

Modeling Amplifier

This light amp includes built-in effects, and so, it relies on computer parts largely.

Speaker Size and Power of Guitar Amps

The power rating and speaker size you pick for your amplifier will be influenced by the application and pricing. Although there are some small tube amps available, most practice amps are solid state or modeling combo units with modest power and small speakers.

Expect wattage to be in the 100 watts and more range for larger settings or for performing loudly. You can utilize "twins," or combination amps with two pairs of 12" speakers, but a separate head and speaker cabinets (a "stack") are more successful in this situation.

Wattage of Guitar Amps

To measure the sound volume of an amp, we need to know the form of watts and sizes of the speaker. A smaller amp of ten to thirty watts (10-30) can provide sound covers for the studio. For a smaller amp, speakers may range from 8 inches to 10 inches.

On the other hand, a medium-sized amp starts at a fifty-watt, and a twelve-inch speaker covering a compact venue or practical session with a band. A large amp usually starts from 100 watts with 12” speakers covering a large auditorium.

Single Devices or A Combined Amp: Which One Should You Follow?

It depends on your preferences as there are both options available. For your better understanding, Combos are a well-constructed unit containing both the amps and speaker in one cabinet. That means you need a 12” cabinet speaker with the 100-watt model to act as a combo app by covering a big venue. Single devices (head and cabinet) would be heavier as they do not attach in one place.

Construction of the Cabinet

½ inches thickness can distinguish the quality of sound. A thinner wood lets the speaker vibrate more to provide a good quality sound resonance.

Tube Amp

Because of the responsiveness and natural distortion, a tube amp is preferable to all guitarists.

Final Words

Most of the amplifiers are well-made and low-cost that anyone can buy without any second thought. Still, there may emerge hesitations to choose the wise choice one. In recent years, we have seen a shift in musical instruments. Since everything is upgrading faster than before, why not an amplifier?

Nevertheless, the guitar amps aforementioned in this article ensure durability and fantastic quality as per standards. However, we have chosen a POSITIVE GRID amp for its multi-faced BIAS engine and outstanding sound quality.

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