Top 10 Best Guitar Amps Under $100 in 2021

If you are a guitarist who practices primarily at home, you know that a good-sounding amp should be an essential part of playing electric guitars. But most of the time, we guitar players are constrained with the budget. And often, a good amp can be pricey. Especially bigger amps with higher wattage or tube amps. In today’s list of cheap guitar amps, you may find numerous features. So, let’s see the list of Best Guitar Amps Under $100.

Buying Guide

Going down to the basics, there are two types of amps: Tube Amps and Solid State Amps. 

The tube amp consists of vacuum tubes or valves for the preamp or power amp, which technically produces the sounds you want to hear from an electric guitar. This is an older technology, but tube amps have that girth in the sound, making it pleasing to many people with its realistic sounds. However, tube amps can be costly, and you need to use separate cabinet speakers to sound proper.

On the other hand, Solid State Amps take a different approach to producing sounds, as they use digital transistors for the preamps and power amps instead of tubes. That allows the amps to be compact in size and more future-ready.

But this transformation took somewhat of a sacrifice in the tonal quality of amps. So, most artists use tube amps for studio recording or live concerts due to their superior sound quality.

That’s the history lesson for you. Now we come back to the topic of affordable guitar amps. 

Some Points to Consider When Buying a Guitar Amp

If you’re new to buying a guitar amp or just want to have some background knowledge before spending your money, check out some pointers below!

Power Rating

The power rating of an amp, also known as its wattage, is a good indicator of the amount of volume an amp will have. However, it’s essential to understand how wattage and volume are related. 

The Wattage acts logarithmically with the volume level rather than arithmetically. For example, A 10-watt amp is roughly twice as loud as a 1-watt amp and half as loud as a 100-watt amplifier. Most amps in the $100 price range will be 10-watts or lower, which is ideal for bedroom guitarists.

Speaker Size

Speakers come in many sizes, but 12” speakers are known to be most tonally balanced. More oversized speakers tend to produce warmer and more bass-focused tones, while smaller speakers generally have a thinner and brighter tone.

Tone Shaping (EQ)

Almost every amp has tone-shaping controls or Equalizer (generally labeled as bass, mid, and treble). These controls change the instrument’s tone. 

Onboard Effects

Many amps have effects built-in. The most common effects found are reverb and distortion. Distortion is that signature tone of rock, blues, and metal. Reverb makes guitar sound kind of echo-y.


Most amps have extra outputs, with the most common being a headphone out and a line-out jack. You can plug in your headphones for silent practicing through the headphone jack, while line-out lets you play through other speakers. Modern amps now have a USB port for direct computer recording.

10 Best Guitar Amps Under $100





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Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Orange CRUSH 12


6” Speaker

Single Channel

Overdrive Effect

3-Band EQ

Volume, Overdrive, Gain Knobs


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Blackstar FLY3 Mini Amplifier

3 watts portable guitar am

3” speaker

Two channels: Clean and an overdrive

Controls: Volume, Gain, and EQ called the ISF

Delay effect that can also sound like reverb

MP3 line-in plus headphone out


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Vox Pathfinder Combo

10 watts

6.5” Vox Special Bulldog speaker

Open back Classic Cabinet

Brown diamond grille cloth

Controls: Power switch, Gain, Clean/overdrive button, bass, treble, and Volume knob

Output jack that also works as a line out for recording by muting the speaker


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

NUX Mighty Lite BT


3” Speaker

Effects: Overdrive, Delay

Controls: Gain, Volume, Tone, Delay/Reverb | OD/DIST,

Built-in Bluetooth for connecting your devices.

Drums Tracks, Play/Pause, Tap

Inputs/Outputs: ¼”, AUX-In, Headphone

USB to power it up


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Fender Frontman 10G

10 watts 

6” Fender-designed speaker

Tolex covered cabinet

2 Channels: from clean to overdrive

Controls: 2-band EQ bass-treble, gain, volume

Aux in, Headphones out


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Ibanez IBZ10G, 10-Watts

10 watts

6” speaker

2 Channels: Clean and Distortion

Controls: 2-band EQ bass-treble, gain, volume

Aux in and Headphones out


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Peavey Backstage Guitar Combo Amp

10 watts

6” custom-designed speaker

Black Tolex covered cabinet

Peavey’s TransTube circuitry with two switchable channels

Controls: overdrive, lead On/Off button switch, volume knob, and 2-band EQ high-low

Headphones out and aux-in


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Marshall MS2

Battery Operated

1 Watt

Volume & tone control

Headphone jack

0.34 lbs


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Orange Crush Mini 3W

3.5mm Aux-In

Shape knob to tweak your sound

Gain Knob

Onboard Chromatic tuner display

headphone output for silent practice


Best‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌Amp‌s

Blackstar ID: Core 10 V3

10W (2 x 5W)

2x3" Speakers

Six different Voices

1/8" Cab-emulated Line/Headphone Output

Onboard Effects

TRRS Aux Input


1. Orange CRUSH 12

The Orange Crush 12, a solid-state combo amp, reproducing Orange's known overdriven tone at a beginner-friendly price point. 

Many players out there love the sound of bigger Orange amps, and if you do, you will love the Crush 12 too. The amp is one of the best amps on this end of the budget, and the price is at the peak of our range.


  • 12-Watts 6” Speaker for enough sound
  • Overdrive Effect
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Volume, Overdrive, Gain Knobs


  • There isn’t anything to complain about unless you don’t like the tone of the Orange amps

2. Blackstar FLY3 Mini Amplifier

FLY3 is a compact, battery-powered 3-watt amplifier. Aside from its portability, a huge feature is that it has an awe-inspiring sound considering the size of its speaker. Recommended to the guitarists needing an amp on the go or to use backstage as a warm-up amp in gigs.


  • 3 watts with a 3” speaker, making it super portable
  • Two channels: Clean and an overdrive
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, and EQ
  • With ISF, you can choose between British or American amp tones
  • Delay effect also acts like reverb
  • line-in plus headphones out


  • A 3-Band EQ would be nice

3. Vox Pathfinder Combo

Vox offers the vintage-looking V9106 Pathfinder for its budget crowd. It is a 10-watt guitar amp with one 6.5” speaker on the classic vinyl open-back cabinet, with the recognizable grill cloth Vox uses.

You can quickly transfer from the clean channel to the overdrive channel by pushing a button. There’s an output jack for the headphone for a quiet practice session that also works as a line out for recording by muting the amp when a jack is plugged.


  • Looks and sounds great
  • Headphone out jack for quiet practices
  • 6.5” Vox Bulldog speaker
  • 2-Band EQ


  • Not so great for distortions
  • Volume might be lacking for 10W

4. NUX Mighty Lite BT

The NUX Mighty Lite BT is a feature-packed guitar amp that is both affordable and portable. It lets you switch among three channels - Clean, Overdrive, and distortion. It also has two of the most common effects - delay and reverb.

Furthermore, it has built-in drum patterns, including a metronome - making it an authentic beginner-friendly piece of equipment. The amp has a tap tempo control for absolute control over the timing of delay and drums.


  • Feature and spec-wise impressive, considering the price
  • It gets a lot of compliments on its overdriven tone
  • Ability to be powered via USB or batteries
  • practice friendly features


  • Some people have had complaints about the dirty channel of this amp

5. Fender Frontman 10G

The Frontman 10G has an output of 10-watts with a 6”-speaker for practice and jamming on low volumes. This small portable guitar amp is perfect for you if you are a beginner and have a tight budget.

Controls on the face panel are the 2-band EQ, gain control, volume, and channel select to go from clean to the overdrive channel. Also included are headphones out and aux-in jacks to practice with a media player


  • Classic fender sound
  • Very portable yet loud
  • Clean and overdrive channels


  • No delay or reverb effects

6. Ibanez IBZ10G, 10-Watts

The IBZ10G is a 10 watts entry-level guitar amp focused on new guitar players to help them take their first steps in guitar amplification.

There’s an input jack on the front panel, a distortion switch to play overdrive channel, gain knob, 2-band EQ, and the master volume. It also features a headphone out to practice silently and an aux-in to plug in a media player.


  • Clean and distortions channel
  • Various knobs for tone-shaping
  • Great for beginners


  • 3-band EQ would’ve been excellent

7. Peavey Backstage 10W Guitar Combo Amp

A good beginner amp with dual channels and 2-band EQ for beginners improve their skills in playing the guitar. This amplifier can output 10 watts of power to start rocking. 

There is an output jack for the headphone for quiet practices, along with an aux-in to plug in a media player.


  • Great for the price
  • Superior tones


  • Slightly older design

8. Marshall MS2

The MS2 has a genuine, rich Marshall sound. This little box of sound can be switched to two different modes and has a tonal control with massive bandwidth.

Besides, there’s a headphones jack through which an external power amp can be controlled.


  • Very much portable
  • Classic Marshall sound in a small package
  • Can run on battery


  • Not a deep sounding amp

9. Orange Crush Mini 3W

Another Orange product, and this one is even tinier. It's pretty impressive how much powerful sound this little amp brings, and the overdrive sounds so good.

This can be a great practice amp for the rock guitarists, as Orange amps have pretty high gain even on the clean channel. 

Additionally, it has a chromatic tuner built-in for tuning your gear instantly. It also features a speaker out jack for cabinets up to 8-ohms.


  • Very small and portable
  • Very juicy overdrive
  • Has an aux-in and speaker-out jack


  • The clean channel of Orange amps is not that clean
  • Not many options for tone-shaping

10. Blackstar ID: Core 10 V3

Although this amp is slightly more than the $100 range, we listed it here because it has all the bells and whistles to be a great amp, and if you manage to get the extra money, we would highly recommend you to get this.

This amp has six types of voice you can choose from using the knob. There are three effects options, tuner. For EQ, you get the ISF control, which lets you select your sound to be either like American amps or like British amps or a blend of two types.


  • Superior sound
  • Six distinct voicings
  • 1/8" Cab-emulated Line/Headphone Output
  • Onboard Effects
  • TRRS Aux Input
  • USB Output


  • Slightly overpriced

Guitar amps, good guitar amps have always been on the expensive side. But in recent years, manufacturers came up with budget solutions for home practices. So, now we can find amps around $100 at ease. 

This article lists the best guitar amps under $100, which can bring you the best output and satisfaction. Hope you will find your perfect amp for practice after reading this article.

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