Best Guitar Tuning Pegs

Almost every guitar player stays concerned about their tuning pegs. The tuning pegs need to stay in tune as the players put them into a certain tune. The professional guitarists want to be consistent in terms of their chosen tune. The ability to stay in tune is one of the traits of any professional guitar player. To help with maintaining consistency and focus you must have the best guitar tuning pegs by your side.

The tuning machines aren’t the only thing that causes tuning instability. Each and every part that has touched the strings could be the source including the nuts, frets, bridges, and tuning machines. Before changing the tuners you need to make sure that is the actual source of the problem.

Then you need to keep in mind the type of your guitar and the configuration of the tuners. If the configuration is in-line, all the six tuners are on the same side you need to find proper machines.

For in-line configuration, if you buy three per side then it will cause issues in installation and may not work properly. You also need to find out whether the tuners fit well in the holes or not. Because different tuners have different dimensions. 

You also need to consider your playing style, whether you are a right-handed player or left-handed. If you are a right-handed player, then you need to find right-sided tuning machines. You might not properly mount the left-sided tuners without additional holes.

Some guitars like Music Man come with a 4+2 configuration which needs a different set of tuners. Here you need 2 left-sided tuners and 4 regular ones. Also, you can buy each of them separately.

Then comes the locking and unlocking features. Actually, it depends on the players, some of them enjoy the locking tuners and some of them go with the unlocking.

As the tuners don't affect the tone so it’s your decision which one you prefer. Locking tuners are amazing, look nice, and holds your stability. You need to find the suitable one with your guitar. This could be according to your design, style, or color. There are many proven brands offering some good quality tuners that you may want to have a look at.

Some of them are more suitable for some specific brands and some of them go easily with all types of guitars. If you don’t have much knowledge about the tuners, then stay with your brand. 

Many guitar players replace their tuning machines to get more stability with their gears like tremolo. You can’t stay on a certain perfect tune while using a locking tuner, but it will help. Some tuners work better than others. You have to choose your perfect one.

Best Guitar Tuning Pegs in 2021

When you are looking for the best guitar tuning peg for your guitar, there are a lot of options. You need to choose the best fitting one for your guitar. Here we have come up with a list and review of some of the best guitar tuning pegs available in the market. Hope this will help you to find your best one.





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Guitar Tuning Pegs

Fenders Locking Tuners Chrome

Easy installation process

Different color variations available

Bushing, washers and mounting screws are also comes with the package


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Hipshot Grip-Lock 6 inline

18:1 ratio

3+3 headstock configuration

Strong grip


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Grover 406C6 Rotomatic Locking Tuners

Locked with mini button

3 per side system

Enclosed mechanism


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Sperzel 6 In-line Locking Tuners

18:1 ratio

Black finish

Strong grip


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Gotoh Locking Tuners SD90

Vintage design

Pearloid buttons

3 per side configuration


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Hipshot 6GLO Grip-Lock

Grip-lock system

Universal mounting plates

18:1 ratio


Guitar Tuning Pegs

Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines

Auto-trim tuning machine

Precise tuning



1. Fenders Locking Tuners Chrome

Fender guitars are one of the most popular guitars in the market that have been copied by many small brands. There’s a lot of choice with fenders locking tuners. They are for LH or RH guitars and could be found in standard or vintage style. There are also variations in colors like polished chrome color, brushed chrome, gold, or black.

These are suitable for Fender American Deluxe and American Elite Series guitars. Fenders Locking Tuners comes with an 18:1 ratio and also the necessary mounting hardware plus the washers and bushings are also included in the package. This set of tuners also provides huge tuning stability than the stock tuners. 

You need to check out the size and the screw holes before buying so that it matches well. They are easy to install and stay in tune for a long time. But installation could be difficult if the size and the screw hole don’t match.

They come with an amazing feature, the locking feature. This will help you to lock up the tuners into the right place after tuning them.


  • Common compatible setup
  • Easy installation
  • Keeps in tune for long time
  • Bushing, washers and mounting screws are included
  • Offers color variations


  • Non-fender guitar users may not prefer this

2. Hipshot Grip-Lock 6 inline

Though the Hipshot Grip-Lock comes with a set of pegs which look the same, but are not equally made. The pegs come in an 18:1 ratio and 3+3 headstock configuration.

This set of tuners is so efficient in terms of changing the strings. Changing the strings is a lot faster than the other regular tuners. The system of Hipshot tuners is easy to understand and takes less effort.

The grip is strong, less string slippage during heavy use and stays strong while tuning. These pegs come in black and gold colors alongside the chrome.

The pegs are well made, feel solid and the mounting plates are amazing which makes it so easier to install on your guitar. They stayed as long as it was tuned. It's also easy to change the strings with these pegs.


  • Compatible with the screw holes
  • Easier installation process
  • Stays long in tune
  • Easy to change the strings with the pegs
  • Well made


  • The look isn’t very distinctive

3. Grover 406C6 Rotomatic Locking Tuners

Grover tuners are one of the best gears available in the market. They have produced some amazing guitar gears and Grover 406C6 Rotomatic Locking Tuners is one of them so that many professionals have chosen them.

The tuners have a single row of tuning machines and 3 per side combination. The 406C6 comes with self-locking machine heads which are made of chrome, which accurately moves and has a strong grip.

The Rotomatic tuners have a ratio of 18:1 so that the user can measure the notes of their strings till they get their desired tone.

The self-locking machine heads of the 406C6 Rotomatic have an 8 o’clock mounting position. They are very suitable for Fenders and Ibanez guitars for their in-line design.

The locking tuners are enclosed without any external mechanics. 

These Grover 406C6 Rotomatic Locking Tuners are well designed and constructed and have an excellent grip to hold the strings at the right tune as they are fixed.


  • Tuners locked with mini button
  • Enclosed mechanism
  • 18:1 ratio
  • Offers one row or three per side system
  • Suitable for Fenders and Ibanez guitars


  • Requires additional drilling for some guitars

4. Sperzel 6 In-line Locking Tuners

Sperzel is specialized for locking tuners and they first created the locking machine heads. The Sperzel tuners are very easy to install. Sometimes it needs some extra drilling if the guitar peg hole doesn’t fit well. Once it gets fit, it works great.

The Sperzel comes with a black finish and a 18:1 gear ratio, which makes it a popular choice in the market. These remain in tune for a long time without any extra nuts.

These tuners come with stagger tuning post height which reduces the use of any retainers. They also develop tonal responses. One of the main concerns of this tuner is they don’t fit to certain guitars. But the price is quite reasonable.


  • Easy installation
  • 18:1 gear ratio
  • Staggered post height
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong grip
  • High quality surface finish


  • Doesn’t fit to certain guitars

5. Gotoh Locking Tuners SD90

Gotoh Locking Tuner SD90 comes with a vintage look that will add a good look to your guitar. These have 2 left and 3 right side tuning machines which is suitable for almost all the Gibson and Epiphone guitars. These Japan made solid quality tuners are made of traditional materials like the old guitars.

Because of the bass size, the tuners may not fit to the modern 10 mm holes. Users of Les Paul need to do some measurement work before buying these tuners.

The SD90 Tuners come with nickel-plated pearl buttons rather than the regular metal buttons. That means, the vintage look tuning machine will remain without reduction of the tuning stability.

These are easy to install and use but need to be careful before installing for any unwanted damage.


  • Vintage design
  • 3 per side configuration
  • Nickel-plated
  • 15:1 ratio
  • Japan made
  • Pearloid button


  • Not fit for all guitars
  • It may not fit to the 10mm holes

6. Hipshot 6GLO Grip-Lock

Here’s another amazing set of tuners from Hipshot that comes with a grip-lock gearing system.

The Hipshot 6GLO are designed for a headstock with three gears in the top and three gears in the bottom. It also has an 18:1 precision ratio that ensures accurate control over the strings.

These well-made Hipshot Grip-Lock tuners move very easily. The grip is also very strong that holds the strings very well and the gear locking keep them in place. These locking tuners are solidly constructed and require a 10 mm pin-shaft. Their universal mounting plates are an amazing addition to these tuners. The 6GLO is easy to install.


  • High quality
  • Strong grip
  • Grip -lock gearing system
  • Universal mounting plates
  • 18:1 ratio


  • Some users find a bit difficult to move the shaft

7. Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines

This set of tuners comes with a Steinberger design that doesn’t need an additional mechanism for string cutting because this design features an effective cut of excess strings.

The 18:1 ratio ensures the precision of the tuner and the string clamps hold the string accurately. With this design, no multiple wraps around the post are needed. These tuners go so well with the guitar and tremolo and the gearing ratio delivers smoothness and preciseness of the tuning and less slippage. These tuners come with a set of 3+3, where 3 left side and 3 right side tuners.

The Planet Waves auto-trim Tuning Machines are available in Chrome, gold, and black finish. The tuners are suitable for the Strat and Tele type guitars. You may have to expand the headstock holes according to different types and models of the guitars. In that case, you have to be careful of any unwanted damage.


  • Auto-trim tuning machine
  • 18:1 ratio
  • Well-constructed
  • Nice design
  • Goes well with guitar and tremolo


  • The headstock holes may need to expand for some types/models of guitars

Your guitar will not come perfectly all equipped with all the best gears available. Besides all other important parts of a guitar, tuning pegs is one of them. Tuning pegs give you more stability with your strings so that you can stay with your tune.

Different tuning machines are suitable for different guitars at different prices. So, if you are buying a new set of tuners, make sure that you got the perfect one that fits your guitar.

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