Best Harmonicas for Beginners

Although the harmonica is most often correlated with bluegrass and blue music, it can be used to improve any genre. Harmonica players can be seen in a variety of forms and styles around the world.

If you're looking for a beginner's or an advanced harmonica, the following list consisting of the seven best harmonicas for beginners on the market will be a good place to start. We have also added a buying guide after the list to assist you in selecting one of the ten brands.

Buying Guide

Now since you have an idea on the best harmonicas on the market according to our reviews, it is time to buy one for yourself. When searching for a good harmonica, take the following features into consideration.

They will assist you in narrowing down your options. You'll also be able to select a fantastic harmonica based on your playing style and skill level.


The first thing you'll need to figure out is which key you would want the harmonica to operate in. The C major key is the most adaptable. Most instruments are kept tuned to this key, making them simple to use.

Many brands, on the other hand, would produce the very same harmonica version following a range of keys. As such, think of what keys you usually play your songs in, and then buy a harmonica which will suit those keys. Many harmonica players carry a large range of instruments.

If the harmonica playing progresses, you might want to keep playing the same instrument by trying out different genres of music.  The bigger the collection of harmonicas you have, the more you would like to play.


The materials used to make your harmonica, as with other instruments, can decide its accuracy and tone. The comb or body of a harmonica was traditionally made of wood.

Classic harmonica combs, on the other hand, are frequently made of ABS plastic with a layer of brass or other metal. There are also several harmonica brands which use metal for its comb, such as silver or Lucite.

The kind of material that is used to produce the reeds should also be looked into. Reeds are usually made of a kind of brass mixture (made of zinc and copper). The higher the copper content the sturdier the reed. Reeds made of brass are also common and readily available. 

Types of Harmonicas

Tremolo, chromatic, and diatonic harmonicas are the three varieties of harmonicas you'll need to pick from. The diatonic harmonica seems to be the most popular kind of harmonica. Let us dive into a detail on each type of harmonicas. 

1. Diatonic Harmonicas

These types of harmonicas are used in pop, folk and blues music, and are programmed to operate in a particular key. Note-bending and overblowing techniques, as well as playing in alternative positions enable a diatonic harmonica to be played in ways apart from its primary key.

Blues harpists typically perform in a role known as second position or cross harp. This entails using a harmonica tuned to a fourth just below key in which the music is composed. The F harmonica would be used if the music is in the C key.

The notes under the pentatonic scale would be used in most blues, and playing in a G-tuned harp allows you to play the notes which balance the C key on the pentatonic scale. Because of its versatility, a diatonic harmonica is an excellent alternative for beginners. The majority of harmonica instructors advise beginning with a diatonic harmonica of 10 holes, tuned to C key.

2. Chromatic Harmonicas

A lever activated through a button on these chromatic harmonicas guides wind to two different reed plates which contain all of the notes on a western scale of 12 tones.

You can use the gear shift on the chromatic to play almost any mode or scale if you have enough skill. The chromatic reeds are a little more difficult to turn and blow than the diatonic versions. The chromatic, on the other hand, will produce some really rich-sounding notes and sounds due to its size.

Playing chromatic harmonicas is more complex than playing diatonic harmonicas. As a result, we suggest starting from a diatonic one and progressing to a more difficult instrument when you're prepared. Learning to play with all levels on diatonic harmonica can make transitioning to a chromatic easier.

3. Tremolo Harmonicas

Tremolo harmonicas, sometimes known as echo harmonicas have two reeds on each note. One reed is tuned moderately sharp and the other is kept slightly smooth, to create their distinctive breathy tone.

The pounding effect is caused by the disparity in waveforms produced by these paired reeds, and is similar to the shimmery tone made by a 12-string guitar with paired strings positioned on separate octaves.

Best Harmonicas for Beginners





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Harmonicas for Beginners

Suzuki Promaster Hammond

Has reeds made of Phosphor bronze which are used on ha-20 a

Comes in a hard carrying case

Contain a range of 14 keys


Harmonicas for Beginners

HOHNER Harmonica

Contains up to seven regular sized ten hole harmonicas

Comes with a carrying case made of Zippered Neoprene

A,C,D,E,G keys are available

Comb made of molded plastic with a projecting mouthpiece provides improved support when playing

Covers are made of stainless steel and have closed ends, making them very airtight

Contains recessed reed plates made of brass, 0.9 mm thick, fitted with screws


Harmonicas for Beginners

Suzuki Humming Tremolo 21C

For a complete tone,  harp with double holes and double reeds is used

Contains a carrying case

The reeds are tuned with higher note for a better vibration


Harmonicas for Beginners

Lee Oskar Harmonica

Comb made of plastic with wide holes for convenient playing

The design is quite airtight that helps produce louder sound

Contains reed plates that can be replaced for half the price


Harmonicas for Beginners

SWAN Harmonica

Made of a high quality, precisely designed slide along with a plastic body and a reed section made of brass

Carries 40 tones with 10 holes that makes it suitable for a wide range of genre

The body and reed is made of metal making it sturdy and durable


Harmonicas for Beginners

Boseno Blues

The reed is made of phosphor bronze and 99 percent copper content

Has an accurate spring intonation guaranteed by the joint venture of CNC and DMG

The copper plate is of 1 mm in width making the pitch of the harmonica more melodious and audible


Harmonicas for Beginners

Feihuang Star

It a 24 holes C key harmonica

A fusion of Diatonic and Tremolo structured harmonicas

Has a satin cover in black

Used a resin ABS material for the comb which makes it waterproof and non-toxic


1. Suzuki Promaster Hammond

The Promaster harmonica was the first instrument sold by Suzuki, which was created in 1953. Since then, Suzuki Instruments has expanded into a variety of many beginner instruments.

If you're a beginner harmonicist or want to teach others, a Suzuki instrument will be a good choice. Suzuki's first instrument was the harmonica, so it's only natural that their harmonicas are of the finest caliber. The HA-20-C would not let you down. The HA-20 range of harmonicas from Suzuki is compact enough to fit into your pockets but emits a huge note.

This harmonica is available in fourteen minor combinations or keys.  As a result, you will get a bunch of HA-20s. Alternatively, simply find a key which fits your music.

The HA-20-C that is the Suzuki HA-20 version which follows and plays using the C key, is our pick for the finest harmonica. A carrying case made of hard shell is included within the package of a HA-20-C.


  • The reed made of phosphor bronze produces a delicate tone
  • Uses the universal C key
  • It's small enough to fit in a purse
  • The finish and reed are covered by a hard case


  • More suitable for advanced harmonicists
  • Might cross budget

2. HOHNER Harmonica

Hohner gained a reputation for itself as a manufacturer of accordions. They soon rose to prominence as the world's leading manufacturer of accordions, then later of harmonicas.

According to the German company, their instruments had a significant impact on the growth of jazz and blues in US. Hohner has evolved with time thanks to their love for making musical instruments. They continue to make the high-quality instruments which made them popular over a century ago.

The 5-pack the Special 20s Harmonicas by Hohner is a perfect buy. It's available in a five-pack, meaning you'll get five instruments at a much lower price. The harmonicas included are in the keys of A, C, D, E and G. A harmonica carrier made of zippered Neoprene is also included with the package.

In addition, the case can accommodate up to 7 regular sized harmonicas. As a result, both beginner level and skilled harmonica players will continue to pick Hohner harmonicas.


  • The five in one pack is a fantastic deal
  • Has a good design with great sound quality
  • Covers made of stainless steel are long-lasting
  • The harmonica holder contains plenty of room


  • Only Hohner harmonicas can fit in the harmonica holder
  • In certain cases, the incorrect keys are included in the package

3. Suzuki Humming Tremolo 21C

Suzuki is well-known for its high-quality harmonicas. Since its inception in 1953, the company has been producing harmonicas.

In reality, the small wind instrument has been the company's very first product. Suzuki Instruments now produces a wide range of good quality beginner also advanced level instruments.

It is a name that is familiar to people all over the world. Suzuki harmonicas aren't only famous because of their brand name. Suzuki harmonicas aren't only famous because of their brand name. The Humming Tremolo-21-C model is an example of the company's finest work. It carries a lovely natural tremolo to it.

Suzuki harmonicas aren't only famous because of their brand name. The Humming Tremolo-21-C model is an example of the company's finest work. It carries a lovely natural tremolo to it. This tremolo effect would be an essential feature of the harmonica's collection. As a result, having a Tremolo-21-C within your collection is important.


  • Produces a complete and rich tone
  • Uses the versatile C key
  • The tremolo produces a natural sound
  • It's particularly effective when combined to folk music


  • For just a single harmonica, it's very pricey
  • Not suitable for beginner level

4. Lee Oskar Harmonica

Lee Oskar is regarded as one of the world's greatest harmonica musicians.   Since 1960s, he has always been a top harmonica musician.  In1980s, Oskar co-founded the Lee Oskar Harmonicas alongside Tombo Manufacturing in Japan.

Despite the fact that Lee Oskar Harmonicas became recognized for their exceptional quality, these are still a fine harmonica for newcomers. Big holes with plastic comb characterize the Harmonica throughout the C key range.

As a result, this harmonica is much simpler to handle than most harmonicas. The reeds in this harmonica are also highly sensitive and the construction is airtight. As such it produces a very clear and powerful sound.  If you like playing rock songs on your harmonica, this is just the instrument for you.


  • Produces a complete and rich tone
  • Uses the versatile C key
  • The tremolo produces a natural sound
  • It's particularly effective when combined to folk music


  • For just a single harmonica, it's very pricey
  • Not suitable for beginner level

5. SWAN Harmonica

Swan is a musical instrument company based in China. Harmonicas, recorders, and melodicas are all made by this company. Their harmonicas are particularly well-known.

Swan harmonicas are an excellent choice because they're so much less expensive than any of the other brands on this list. As a result, they're an excellent harmonica for newcomers.

You don't have to pay a bunch of money ahead of time to see if the harmonica is right for you. The C SW1040 version of Swan Harmonica is a high-quality, long-lasting instrument. The harmonica's shell is made of plastic, the reeds made of brass, and then the whole instrument is chrome plated.

Their instrument may be used to play song of multiple genres. Since it's written in the C key, it's incredibly adaptable. Plus, the price is unbeatable for such durable and pleasant sounding harmonica.


  • Very affordable
  • Sound quality is good, particularly for its price
  • Can play a total of forty pitches
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable quality


  • Does not have a case to carry the harmonica in

6. Boseno Blues

Boseno is not a very widely known brand on the internet. In reality, we were only able to locate one product out from this brand. The Boseno Blues Tremolo Harmonica of 10 holes, on the other hand, demonstrates that a high-quality product does not require a large number of productions.

In reality, the Boseno Blues 10 Holes Harmonica is difficult to beat due to the convenience of playing, price, and tuning style. This harmonica is available in the C key and just as its name implies, it contains 10 holes. It also comes in the color blue. As a result, you are aware that playing this harmonica will draw attention to you. Its phosphor bronze material contains a copper content of 99.99 percent, making it anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion.

Finally, all you need for starting your practice is included in this package, including a wipe cloth, harmonic box and a guide.


  • For beginners, this is a fantastic harmonica
  • Tremolo produces a nice sound
  • The sound quality is excellent for the price
  • Stays in rhythm for a long time


  • Might be tricky to master

7. Feihuang Star

Feihuang Star is yet another brand that has a limited online presence.  Whatever they lack in scale, though, they compensate for in tone. Feihuang's Armonica Professional, in particular, has a lovely and graceful sound. The Armonica Professional has a total of twenty-four holes.

The audio spring is Chilean-made phosphor bronze compound that makes the sound steady and keep it in tune. The Armonica Professional, like other items on this list, is available in the C key.

It has a traditional appearance, form, and scale of a harmonica. You'll even get a harmonica box and wipe cloth with your package.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Suitable for children
  • The sound spring is made anti-corrosion metals


  • Some might have notes out of key

The best harmonicas are indeed a must-have for every musician's instrument range. Although these compact wind devices are simple to learn and play, they require a high level of expertise.

Be sure to look at the best picks, as they're all incredibly reliable options that will provide you with the outcomes you want, as well as great value for your money.

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