Best Integrated Amplifiers under $1000

You may be thinking, why should I buy two different types of amplifiers just to listen to music? And you are right! 

Wonders of technology have allowed us to incorporate all the components needed to listen to Hi-Fi quality audio and came up with integrated amplifiers. The “integrated amplifier” term means integrating the pre-amplifier and power amplifier, plus tone controls and phono EQ and, in one single component.

In this article, we will list the Best Integrated Amplifiers under $1000, so be sure to stay with us!

Best integrated amplifiers under $1000





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Integrated Amplifiers

Marantz PM6006

  • 45-Watts per channel
  • 3x Digital Inputs, 1x coaxial & 2x optical inputs, 5x line audio inputs, including phono in.
  • Expansive connection possibilities
  • Wider dynamic range 
  • Lower audio distortion


Integrated Amplifiers

Cambridge Audio CXA61

  • Superb Build Quality
  • 60-Watts per channel
  • Bluetooth connectivity for digital experience
  • Oversized toroidal transformer for less distortion
  • Can handle both 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers


Integrated Amplifiers

Yamaha A-S801BL

  • 100-Watts per channel for massive sound
  • High-Quality USB DAC
  • Gold Plated Analog inputs
  • Digital inputs for audio of TV and Blu-ray Disc player
  • Pure Direct mode enhances sound purity


Integrated Amplifiers

Rega - Brio

  • 50-Watts on each channel
  • MM Phono Preamp, Headphone Amp, and Remote
  • Compact Size


Integrated Amplifiers

NAD C338

  • 50 watts x 2
  • 4x digital and 3x analog audio inputs, including one phono input
  • built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


1. Marantz PM6006

Integrated Amplifiers

The PM6006 carries the trademark of Marantz styling and is a solid, nicely-finished integrated amp with a traditional hi-fi charm. Its high-quality 24bit/192kHz CS4398 DAC creates a remarkable level of audio enjoyment with newer media.

It now has improvements like a new DAC, which is switchable, and new components in the phono stage and power amp. This Amp has a load of input options for you to connect to whatever source you want to. It includes 3 Digital Inputs - 1 coaxial & 2 optical inputs, 5-line audio inputs, including phono.


  • Clear and punchy performer
  • Broad connectivity
  • Solid casework


  • No Wireless connectivity
  • No USB

2. Cambridge Audio CXA61

CXA61 is designed to be unique in its sonic ability, onboard features, and build quality. It delivers a realistic audio experience across thumping basses, syncopated jazz beats, or amazing vocals. 

It outputs at 60W per channel instead of 80W, which is not going to be a problem for the average listening loudness.

An oversized toroidal transformer delivers an even, low-noise current without distortion. It can handle both 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers, which delivers the musical harmonies and nuances you want to hear.


  • Detailed, dynamic audio
  • Stacked feature set
  • Great build quality


  • The previous model is cheaper

3. Yamaha A-S801BL

Yamaha has been around audio technology and engineering for quite some time. They offer some best-in-class amplifications out there, like this integrated amplifier with the advantage of digital inputs. It delivers an impressive high-quality sound with a plethora of features and an elegant appearance. 

The hardware used in this are high-quality components, like a custom power transformer with custom block capacitors, aluminum heat sinks, 2 direct speaker relays, a single-point grounding system, and other high-quality parts to handle the audio conditions effortlessly. 


  • Tons of input option
  • Superior audio quality
  • Whopping 100W of output on each channel


  • A bit pricey

4. Rega - Brio

Rega is a traditional company with years of experience fine-tuning their technology. The new Rega Brio is the culmination and perfection of the original Brio, which was first launched in 1991.

It's the sixth generation, and it took six years for this specific model to be launched. And it follows its legacy on its sleeve, with a redesign that takes back to those prior models.


  • Detail and dynamics to die for
  • Agile and rhythmic presentation
  • Good headphone output


  • Lacks digital inputs

5. NAD C338

The NAD C338 amplifier lets you connect analog, digital, and even wireless input sources for music. It has Built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the home network. Support for Spotify-Connect and Chromecast gives you almost limitless audio options. You can also stream music from any Bluetooth device, like a smartphone or tablet. It has a free remote app that can give you control over your audio system from any iOS and Android devices. 

It gives a consistent performance with its amplifier design. It outputs noise-free audio with an efficient power supply, generating a massive amount of sonic power without noticeable distortion. 


  • A total of 100W of power output
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for wireless playback
  • Rich sound quality
  • Lots of digital and analog inputs


  • Build quality could be better

Buying Guide

Before investing in an integrated amplifier for your Hi-Fi audio arsenal, you might want to check a few pointers that can help you in your buying decisions and improve your future experience.


You should check the input options the amplifier offers and which input options do you even need. Can you connect every device you want to? 

The inputs can be phono input for turntables, 3.5mm input, USB input for Laptops, Balanced inputs for Mics, RCA input for CD. Also, newer amplifiers have Bluetooth connections available or network steaming onboard. Check whether your device or audio source can be plugged into the amplifier by the inputs.


The wattage of your amplifier may vary according to your need, but make sure you don’t need an amplifier with massive wattage for the average listening session. 


Remember, bigger is not necessarily better. If you have a small room, then you don’t need to have tons of speakers and high wattage of output on your amp. This will simply ruin your experience. Again, you don’t want a small amp if you need bigger space to cover.

What are integrated Amplifiers?

If you don't know much about amplifiers and how they work, or you’ve forgotten the mechanism, let’s just enlighten you a bit about the science of amplification.

There are some different types of amplifiers you need to know about first, and we’re going to outline what they do in fundamental terms:


Also known as a preamp, it works to boost the weak audio signal to the line level. This happens before the sound goes to the amplifier. If your audio source generates a weak signal, it will not sound nice in the actual amplifier. This is why Pre-Amplifiers are needed to give the sound a little boost without increasing the noise level. After it has been boosted, comes the power amplifier section.

Power Amplifier

Power does what the preamp does but on a much larger scale. Poweramp takes the already normalized sound to a much more boosted level to output through a speaker or other systems.

Power amps are different from preamps because power amps use much more electricity and generate much more heat than preamps. This is the reason they used to be separate units. 

Bottom line

If you are shopping for a sonically superior amplifier for your home, hopefully, our list will be helpful to your shopping. You don’t have to spend above a thousand dollars to get the most realistic and authentic sound quality. There are a lot of options under a thousand dollars that can give you the ultimate hearing experience with added features to ease up the experience. And that’s all without taking much of a hit on your bank!

In this list, we’ve reviewed the Best integrated amplifiers under $1000. If you go through all of them, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect amplifier.

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