Best Multi Effect Pedals for Live Performance

The year is 2021 and there is no way for us to be behind with all these technologically advanced gadgets releasing every day. No matter what you do and where you do. Music has advanced a lot in terms of creativity and in general better sound quality all thanks to advanced specifications on the musical devices. to leave out on effect pedal would be demining its value, therefore we will have a look at the best multi effect pedals for live performance.

There is no way you will still opt for the pedalboards over a multi effect pedal. It is specifically designed so that you can give live performances with the help of this all-in-all unit which can give off multiple effects and amp simulation.

It has definitely changed the game for all guitar players and it helps to achieve an edge over the traditional pedalboards. You can control the sound button and with one touch it will help you to build a unique guitar tone.

Buying Guide for Pedals

Before you make any decision, we recommend you to learn more about multi effects pedals. It will definitely help you to gain a better understanding and you can make an informed decision.

Multi Effect Pedal Vs Pedalboard

Although you are here to look for a multi effect pedal, we still want you to know the difference between the two pedals. A traditional pedalboard requires you to customize all the pedals and choose what kind of effects you want. However, it gets difficult to control all these functions when you are trying to give a live performance. Hence a multi effect pedal is much more functional.  It is a one stop solution so that you can easily control and still a good range of effects.

Multi Effect Pedal with Amping Effects

Some multi effect pedals have built in amp modeling functions. It will enhance the tone but you can also add an extra amplifier to the multi effect pedal. Multi effect pedals with amp modeling are entirely capable to be used independently as they have multiple effects and tones options that you can play with. It also takes away the stress of looking for a new amplifier every time you go in a new location.

Audio Connectivity

If you want extensive range of sound options for your next live performance, you need more audio connectivity. You can easily use this without the amplifier and work with PA or headphones. So look for a multi effect pedal that has a XLR output to connect with any high quality audio.


The multi effect pedal should be compatible with different audio software and operating system. It should have a USB cable so that you can connect easily. With the help of different software you can record first and then edit to change the tones of your music.


Multi effect pedals come in various price ranges and that can vary the quality. So you should set a budget and pick put what features you are looking. Make a purchase when you have the perfect multi effect pedal for you.

Now that we have laid out all the decision making factors, we will list out the best multi effect pedals for live performance for you.





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Best Multi Effect Pedals


Compact design

USB Audio

Manual and memory mode


Best Multi Effect Pedals


200 presets of sound

9 effect blocks


Behringer FX600

16 RGB velocity sensitive pads

USB bus powered


BOSS GT-1000 

32-bit AD/DA

Ultra fast patch switching


NUX MG-300 

Drum and phase loop

Amp modeling technology



9 effects to choose

LED light design


1. BOSS ME-80

Best Multi Effect Pedals

The first position goes to BOSS ME-80 for the list of best multi effect pedal for live performance. You connect this to a guitar and enjoy 8 categories of effects simultaneously to spice up your music. Each of the categories consists of various effects. This multi effect pedal is in a compact design and easy to carry. There are 8 different expression pedals and footswitches functioned in it. 

It also has a USB audio and interface built in. This will allow you to enhance your guitar performance to another level by connecting to audio software. Check them out now!


  • USB and MIDI interface built in
  • Affordable price
  • Easily fits in a gig bag


  • Beginners may find it difficult


Best Multi Effect Pedals

The FLAMMA FX100 gets the 2nd place for the best multi effect pedal for live performance. It has 9 effect blocks which consists of more than 150 effects in total.  They can used simultaneously and you can play around with your music even more. It is powered with a non linear digital amp modeling technology that will amplify the music directly. You can use from its 200 presets sound collection. 

You can even connect this to a Window PC or Mac with the help of its USB and edit with audio software. This multi effect pedal has a 80 second looper , 40 drum machine options and 10 metronome. Check them out to know more!


  • 1 year guarantee
  • Affordable price
  • Presets for beginners


  • No directions about the pedals

3. Behringer FX600

Behringer FX600 bags the 3rd place for the best multi effect pedals for live performance. It is equipped with 24 bit high resolution stereo effects ranging from flanger to pitch shifter and more. You can customize the delay time and flanger rate. The multi effect pedal has a LED to show the power status and condition. 

You can select between the 6 effects and change the parameter dials to change around a bit. It runs on a 9V battery and its high quality build ensure a long life. It is pretty easy to use and has an affordable price.


  • User Manual Included
  • Affordable price
  • 2 separate parameters to adjust


  • 1 effect at a time
  • Requires adjustment for the pedal

4. BOSS GT-1000

The BOSS GT-1000 gets the 4th position with a 4.5 star rating. It comes equipped with a flagship amp processor which gives high quality sound pay off. The 32-bit AD/DA processor is built into its body. It will deliver amazing sound quality and musical expression with the new AIRD technology. 

You can also externally control the pedal with the footswitches and expression pedals. It also has a built in USB, MIDI and Bluetooth so that you can edit wirelessly with the BOSS Tone Studio app from anywhere effortlessly. Check them out now!


  • External controls
  • Powerful processor
  • Wireless editing


  • Very expensive

5. NUX MG-300

The NUX MG-300 gets the 5th position for the best multi effect pedal for live performance. It has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. It comes with the TSAC HD which lets you set some pre-effects. Its amp modeling technology helps to deliver the right tone with clear music. You can play around with more effects with the Core Image Post Effect technology that lets you add different studio quality sounds.

NUX MG-300 multi effect pedal lets you add in 56 drum beats and 60 seconds of auto tempo phrase loop. This device is compatible with both Mac and PC and also works with Quick Tone Edit Software.


  • Affordable price range
  • Package includes extension cables
  • Pre effects and post effects


  • No guideline book

6. JOYO R-14

The last spot goes to the JOYO R-14 for the best multi effect pedal for live performance. It has 4.5 stars on Amazon. The JOYO brand has an enriched brand history with a strong team and many patents in their bag. You can expect a good quality musical product from them. They have already won many musicians love from around the world.

This model R-14 has 9 effects covering spring reverb, church reverb and so much more. You can easily adjust the tones with the control knob. It has a built in LED light design which makes it more stylish than the others in our list.


  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • No power included
  • Average sound quality

That was the list for the best multi effect pedal for live performance. Each of the pedals is great in terms of sound quality and portability. We have covered a wide range of prices and you can select anyone of them according to your budget. However, we would like to recommend the FLAMMA FX 100 for the multiple presets it has and the drum machine options. At the end of the day, it is your decision to make. So choose wisely. You could also take a look at our guide for midi controllers.

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