Best Music Pickup Lines

We all struggle with approaching someone, especially if you really like them. Whether you are sending a text or saying hi in person. It can be super frightening, and you want to make an excellent first impression. However, it doesn’t have to be a total stranger all the time. You can send them to a colleague or a fellow musician you met in one of your classes.

But how would you start the conversation and express your interest in them? The way you do this will determine their response and even their interest in you. So you do not want to start off on the wrong foot.

 Today, we are going to help you through the entire process. It will consist of how to do it in person and over a text message. Don’t worry; we will also be handpicking some of the best music pickup lines out there. We ensure it will not be overly cheesy or send the wrong message. So, let’s go on this journey to kick start your love life!

Try a Music Pickup Line in Person

We are assuming you are a musician, and you most possibly go to a lot of gigs and perhaps attend classes. There is a good chance you will meet someone who will peak your interest. You should do something because you might never see them again. We are here to guide you through the entire process and provide you some music pickup lines to try them on.

1. See If They Are Interested

The first step before trying anything should be if they seem interested or not. You could glance at that person and see if they make eye contact from across the room. But do not seem creepy or continue it for more than 3 seconds. You do not want to scare them away right off the bat. However, if you see them smiling and peaking glances at you, then that is your green light.  

2. Approach Them with Confidence

If the first step was successful, it is time to move on to the next to make your way towards them. Stroll towards them across the room and stand beside them. Remember, you have to give off a relaxed and laid-back vibe right now. Give them a friendly smile and make it evident that you are interested in maintaining eye contact. If you are feeling nervous, take a few deep breaths before approaching them. 

3. Start a Conversation With Them

The next step is to start a conversation with them. So think carefully and initiate it. If you are both attending a music gig of another artist, make a remark. Try to come up with something that you can both bond on. Remember, no one likes to receive pickup lines from a total stranger. So, it is important that you lay off a friendly environment. Ask them about their favorite musicians, what kind of instruments they play, or anything you have in mind.

4. Try a Clever Music Pickup Line

This is the step that we have been all waiting for. Now that you have set up a friendly groundwork, it is time for you to shine. Humorous and clever pickup lines tend to work well most. Nothing is better than being able to laugh with someone you like.

Try these music pickup lines

  • You had me at cello
  • Let’s cut to the chase and duet already
  • You’re a musician, right? Can you teach me how we can make music, just you and me?
  • Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe (Call Me Maybe) by Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • Tell you what I got in mind. Oh, I don’t know your name. But I feel like that’s gonna change (Company) by Justin Bieber

These are meant to be funny and ironic. You can both laugh at how cheesy they sound.

Try a Music Pickup Line over Text

The dating world is mainly filled with online dating profiles, and it is normal if you use one. So if you come across someone that is a fellow musician and peaks your interest. You should swipe them right instantly! How to make a good impression? We are here to help with that.

1. Make a Funny Remark On Their Dating Profile

You should read the person’s profile thoroughly and try to come up with a funny remark. It will generate a friendly environment right away. You can check for their musical preferences in the profile and send a personalized message about it. For example: Do you like Harry Styles? Because I (Adore You)?

2. Send A Witty Music Pickup Line

If you have received a positive response from them after your first remark, talk about common interests. It can be anything and let the conversation flowing. You can send them some of these pickup lines after a while:

  • Your calves must be aching because you have been bach marching through my mind all day.
  • Can you play music? Because I’m pretty sure you can Do Mi.
  • Are you a guitar player? Because you just plucked my heart strings.
  • I C Major Potential in us getting together for the following weekend.
  • I hope it’s no treble but I’d like to B with you.

3. Avoid Proceeding If Feelings Are Unreciprocated

You must stop sending these pickup lines if they don’t seem just as interested. You can understand that from the way they are responding and how much they are trying to keep up the conversation flow. It is not worth your time to spend time with a person who does not reciprocate your feelings.


That’s a wrap from us today. We hope you have got enough music pickup lines on your sleeves today. Remember to set up the mood first and don’t come off as creepy. Also, respect the other person’s feelings and don’t pressure if they don’t feel the same. However, we would like to wish you all the very best!

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