One chord Songs on Ukulele: 8 Best songs to play

Most of the people probably even you who are reading this picked up a music instrument to learn during this pandemic. And it is probably helping you get through these tough times to a certain extent, Ukulele is one of them. The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments you can learn in a very short time, it is not as complex as a piano or even a violin.

Most of the people assume ukulele is basically a compact-sized guitar, they are very wrong! They might be shaped like one another but they both make very different sounds and both help you to relieve your stress. So if you are starting out new with your ukulele, here are some of the most amazing one chord songs you can learn on your instrument.

1. Coconut by Harry Nilsson

This song might be based on a coconut, but the music video on YouTube is bananas. It shows actors dressed as apes playing the instruments and singing.

This song was made more famous when it appeared in the muppet show where they sang it. It can be played simple just by strumming out the c7 chord. This song is an epitome of Caribbean and tropical sound. If you can get the strumming Rhythm right, you are good to go. 

2. Get you stand up by Bob Marley

Now who doesn’t know this song? Even if you don’t know the name, search it up anywhere, we bet you heard it. This iconic single was written by bob Marley and peter tosh, it appeared on the album ‘burning’ in 1973.

You might even mind the record laying around your parents’ house, it was that famous back in the days. This song is as simple as it gets, just get a hand over the strumming pattern and all you have to do is play the A minor chord!

3. Tomorrow never knows by the Beatles

The Beatles is a household name throughout the world. Their charming looks and their musical talent spread worldwide. And it is also said they made the first heavy rock song ‘Helter Skelter’.

These boys from England Liverpool opened so many musical ways for us to jam and listen to. They were historical. The song, “Tomorrow Never Knows” can be easily played just with the C chord. Pick your ukulele up right now! 

4. Run through the jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater revival or the CCR are an American band who weren’t shy to play around with their music.

They are hall of fame inductees and played from 1968 to 1972. They were among one of the greatest rock bands like led zeppelin and pink floyd. The classic rock blues hit ‘run through the jungle’ can be played on an ukulele with just the D chord. Get your strumming hand warmed up because there are more amazing songs next!

5. The beat goes on by Sonny and Cher

Sonny and Cher were the powerhouse American couples of the early 1960s. They were one of the most famous married couples in the music industry. They started their career by doing backing singers for producer named Phil Sector.

The song ‘beat goes on’ was on the billboard top 100 songs and is even on the top 10 on the charts. It was composed by sonny bono. This classic hit can be played on a ukulele with only the F chord. 

6. Chain of fools by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin was a multi-talented woman who could sing, act and play piano. It is assumed Aretha Franklin was one of the best singers of all time to step on the planet Earth.

Her biggest hits included ‘I never loved a man the way I loved you’. Her alternative songs like Spanish Harlem and specially chain of fools didn’t fail to disappoint. If you want to try out one of her songs, chain of fools can be played with the c7 ukulele chord. 

7. The farmer in the dell by Mother Goose Club

The song ‘The farmer in the dell’ is one of the most famous nursery rhymes for children. This famous nursery rhyme is a children’s game. This originated somewhere in Germany, but the publisher or the writer of his nursery rhyme is unknown.

This can be your kids’ first song if he/she picked the ukulele for the first time, they would most certainly be familiar with this song. Or you can cheer up your little one by playing this sound on the ukulele in front of them. This nursery rhyme can be played in a G major on an ukulele.

8. Are you sleeping (nursery rhyme)

This is probably the most popular nursery rhyme out there. The title might not look familiar but if you play it on YouTube, we bet you will become nostalgic and remember the good times you used to have in your toddler days. This originates back to France.

This is usually sung in a circle. Even this nursery rhymes publisher or writer is unknown. This song refers to a person who has overslept and his day is yet to start. This can be played in a c major chord on an ukulele. 

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If you’re a beginner with a little to no patience but still want to exhibit your ukulele playing skills these could be your life saver since all you need to learn one single chord and you’re good to go! These one chord ukulele songs are nothing but a nifty way to impress your friends, crush, next door neighbor, it’s up to you! So, if you ever did end up bragging about your ukulele skills even though you just got it from the store yesterday this should come to your rescue. These chords definitely won’t test your patience trying to perfect it for hours and days, just a few minutes of practice and kudos!

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