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Did you have “learn a new instrument” at your new year’s resolutions? Learning a new instrument takes patience, willpower and practice. It can get difficult if you hardly have any time on your schedule. Ukuleles are comparatively easy to learn. You can go to YouTube and find thousands of tutorials for free. This instrument is a mass favorite as it is less intimidating and can be carried around anywhere.

So if you want to learn a new instrument, Ukulele should be your no 1 choice. You obviously would want to buy a good quality ukulele and we are here to save you from that hassle. We prepared a list of 5 best quality ukuleles just for you! Keep reading to find the one for you.

Best Quality Ukulele(Overview) 





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Enya EUR-X1Round Ukeleles

Enya EUR-X1Round Ukelele

Mahogany build

Concert ukulele

21 inch


Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukuleles

Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukulele

Fun design

Aquila Super Nylgut Strings

4 string ukulele


Vangoa Electric Tenor Ukuleles

Vangoa Electric Tenor Ukulele

Mahogany body

26 inch

Accessories included


TMS Soprano Ukulele

TMS Soprano Ukulele

21 inch

Basswood ukulele

Carry bag included


Pyle Solid Wood Spruce Soprano Ukulele

Pyle Solid Wood Spruce Soprano Ukulele

High quality wood build

Universal standard tuning

Professional instrument


Best Quality Ukulele(Review) 

1. Enya EUR-X1Round Ukelele- Best Quality Ukulele

Enya EUR-X1Round Ukelele

We have the Enya EUR X1 as the first spot in our list for best quality ukulele. It has a high quality build as it is made with genuine mahogany. This uke has been rated 4.7 stars out 5 on Amazon! The 21 inch ukulele is round in shape and has Enya ukulele strings. The body has matte finish and feels premium when in hand. 

The price is quite expensive but the high quality finish and great sound makes up for it. Moreover, the package has everything included that you may need. It has a case, strap, extra string set, capo, sand shaker, picks and polish cloth in the package. Check them out if you want premium quality and other accessories in a set!


  • Mahogany body
  • Matte finish
  • Accessories included
  • Great sound quality


  • Expensive

2. Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukulele- Runner Up for Best Quality Ukulele

Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukulele

The Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukulele is the runner up for best quality ukulele for the right reasons. It has a fun design and comes in the color blue. The uke has Aquila strings which are one of the most popular brands of strings from Italy. The fretboard is made of walnut and the neck is mahogany. The 21 inch ukulele has 4 strings. It can also be connected to the Kala app which includes a tuner and some easy to follow song tunes.

This ukulele is an excellent gift choice for anyone. If you want to present someone with a best quality ukulele, Kala Makala Blue Shark should be your choice. Check them out!


  • Fun design
  • Good build quality
  • Aquila strings
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with accessories

3. Vangoa Electric Tenor Ukulele

Vangoa Electric Tenor Ukulele

The 3rd spot for the best quality ukulele goes to Vangoa Electric Tenor Ukulele for its high quality build and great tune. This electric ukulele has 4 strings. The body is made of premium quality mahogany and unique white ABS edging. The edgings are great for protecting the ukulele and giving the player comfort when playing. The tuning is relatively easy and stays for a long time.

The package has many accessories included which are value for money, as the price is on the higher range. Check out this ukulele if you want a great tune in an electric ukulele!


  • Premium mahogany
  • No buzzing sound
  • 7 accessories included


  • Bit expensive
  • Simple design

4. TMS Soprano Ukulele

TMS Soprano Ukulele

Do you want a ukulele that has sweet highs and mellow lows? Then this TMS Soprano Ukulele is the one for you. This uke has a full rich sound and will stay in tune for a long time. It has a maple body with brass wood fingerboard. This 21 inch soprano ukulele comes with a carry bag. The TMS Soprano ukulele has 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon! 

The uke comes in a dark brown color and it looks exquisite. The strings are sturdy and will last relatively for long time. The price is very affordable and will be a very good choice for a beginner. Check this ukulele out now!


  • Rich sound quality
  • Amazing color
  • Affordable
  • Carry bag included


  • No other accessories included

5. Pyle Solid Wood Spruce Soprano Ukulele

Pyle Solid Wood Spruce Soprano Ukulele

The Pyle Solid Wood Spruce Soprano Ukulele made to our list for its high quality build and universal standard tuning. The 21 inch ukulele has a spruce body with mahogany neck. It has a matte finish and feels comfortable to play. The strings are from Aquila that makes a full warm tone.

The universal standard tuning makes it accessible for anyone to tune from a ukulele chord chart. This ukulele is used by professionals and is beginner friendly. The price is expensive but if you don’t want to compromise on the sound quality, this one is for you. It has 4.1 stars on Amazon. Go check them out!


  • Full warm tone
  • Aquila strings
  • Universal tuning standard
  • Comfortable to use


  • Expensive
  • Boring design

Wrapping Up

That’s the list for the 5 best quality ukuleles and we hope you know which one is the perfect choice for you. Ukulele is a versatile instrument for anyone. If you don’t get a good ukulele, you’ll not be able to produce the sound you want. Make up your mind and cross off one other thing from your New Year’s resolutions. 

We would recommend you Kala Makala Blue Shark Soprano Ukulele because of its eye catching design and good sound quality. Go get your ukulele now!

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