Best Shoulder Rests for Violins

Picking a shoulder rest is a completely individualistic preference and depends to your playing fashion, the height of neck, body posture, your chinrest, and the shape of your violin. Precisely why every violinist will have separate preferences in the models available.

In this article, we are reviewing some of the best violin shoulder rests in the market.

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MI&VI Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Collapsible
  • Adjustable
  • Natural Maple Hardwood


Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Easily Collapsible
  • Adjustable height
  • For 4/4 and 3/ 4 size


NANYI Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Imitation wood grain
  • rubber anti-skid pinch
  • Thick shoulder padding


KUN original Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Collapsible
  • Rubber made feet
  • Light weight


Everest ES Purple Violin

  • Specially Engineered Fixed Tilt
  • Improved Legs and Foam
  • Easy adjustments


Wolf Forte Shoulder Rest

  • Available in 4/4
  • & 3/ 4
  • Foam rubber strip
  • Metal bar


Leadrise Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Comfortable Foam Pad
  • Height Adjustable
  • Feet
  • Practice Mute


Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Padded Curved
  • Adjustable Base
  •  Fits 4/4 Violin


VIVA LA MUSICA A90G-D Shoulder Rest

  • Gold plated hardware
  • Lightweight
  •  Rubber cover


ChromaCast CC-VSREST Violin Shoulder Rest

  • Easily adjustable
  • Stain coating
  •  Lightweight


1. MI&VI Violin Shoulder Rest

The MI&VI classic Maple wooden Violin Shoulder Rests is made from authentic maple hardwood creation to offer an extra natural and comfortable experience. This piece is suitable for both beginners as well as professional players. You can use this shoulder rest on both violins and violas.

It comes with remarkable rubber feet that are made to be collapsible and adjustable to match violins and violas with distinctive width sizes. The thick rubber feet are made to save you from scratches and scuffs.

This shoulder rest is designed to be suited to each size 4/4 and 3/4 Violins. It has 3 constant settings with a comfortable suit hold to the tool. This design is made to be absolutely adjustable to the musician's perfect peak and perspective position.

The MI&VI has prolonged their 90 days no-hassle return warranty in this MI&VI tune product.


  • Excellent Grip Support
  • 3 Months warranty
  • Can be used in both violin and viola


  • The feet are frim to turn

2. Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

Fiddlerman collapsible wooden Violin shoulder rest is popular amongst the professionals for its adjustability and custom fitness. The body of this piece beautifully curved. 

The solid wooden frame of the shoulder relaxation is specifically crafted for a warm resonance and is constructed to remaining thru years of Violin playing.

This shoulder relaxation is designed to help meet the developing desires of school-based totally strings programs. With restricted funding to be had to these packages, college students clearly cannot afford the outrageous and high-priced expenses other shoulder relaxation producers are charging. This brand brings you this highly innovative model is a rather reasonable budget.


  • A yearlong warranty
  • Custom fit
  • Premium foam padding


  • Only available for two sizes

3. NANYI Violin Shoulder Rest

These shoulder rests from NANYI can resist a high-density sponge contact surface, so it is comfortable and convenient.

The shoulder pad of the Violin is lining between the violin and the shoulder so that the position and direction of the violin on the shoulder are relatively stable, the instrument is not easy to fall.  The neck does not need to kneel, reduce the neck, and the trend of hunchback.

Additionally, NANYI offers a hassle-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.


  • Environmentally-friendly rubber anti-skid pinch
  • Yearlong warranty
  • Easy to adjust


  • Not for small sized violins

4. KUN original Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun original shoulder rest has an uncomplicated design. It has simple adjusting mechanism that is preferable to beginnings as well as professional players.

It is relentless and easily collapsible so you can fold it down for easy storage. The greater width on the shoulder end allows more comfort and room for the player. The body of this model is patterned cut outs in sponge rubber enhance. So the grip on the player’s shoulder is not too firm. You will also feel the weight of the instrument is reduced to a significant extent with the support of this model. At the same time it frees up the instrument’s sound.

 It is a rather good looking, contoured design that looks absolutely sleek. It is dynamic and reasonable in price.


  • Quick finger adjust lever
  • Size adjustment
  • Warranty against any manufacturer defect


  • Comes in one size

5. Everest ES Purple Violin Shoulder Rest

Everest has designed this model for a 4/4 violin. The exceptional design of these amazing shoulder rests from Everest will ensure maximum comfort. However, you will not have to compromise with any feature regarding outlook.

This well-built shoulder rest is classy, and come with an attractive design. The traditional areas of high strain are strengthened for long-time durability is a specialization of this model.

The functioning of this design is incredibly easy, you just simply unscrew the grippers and pick out an alternate position for the exceptional suit of your instrument. This has been engineered according to American standards, this shoulder rest can be defined as built to last.

The particular computer-modeled design of the Everest Spring adjustable shoulder rest collection raises the instrument to an ergonomically correct and at ease according to the players' perspective. Instructors love the way it trains correct playing angles, while college students and experts love the comfort, durability, and fashion.

The newly engineered lyre-formed maintaining legs are made from a tender, non-skid, wear-resistant fabric, with additional height necessities built right into the body of the shoulder rest. The foam is made from high first-class, more-thick, extra-smooth neoprene for long-lasting consolation and high-quality support.


  • High quality support
  • Adjustable
  • Budget efficient


  • Only available in 4/4 size

6. Wolf Forte Shoulder Rest

Wolf Forte Violin Shoulder rests come in affordable price range and attractive outlooks. The adjusting function of this model is very convenient. The height and pitch adjusted by using swiveling legs. The bar is made from metal with a foam rubber strip.

This flexible portion can be bent to comply with the character participant. Plus it is very light in weight so the grip on your shoulder does not feel too firm. You can use this model with 4/4 and 3/4 violins.


  • Very light in weight
  • Can be used with 4/4 and ¾
  •  Affordable price


  • Doesn’t have any quick livers

7. Leadrise Violin Shoulder Rest

Leadrise violin shoulder rest base is made of high-electricity plastic. The opposite surface is fabricated from tender and thick EVA foam which provides both the most comfort and first-rate assist.

The height, width, and angles can all be adjusted with the help of the screws available on each aspect. This model suits 4/4 and 3/4 violin sizes. It is perfect for the violinist's shoulder and saves the instrument from sliding off without requiring extra down strain from the chin and the neck.

The design has multifunctional adjustable gripping feet. The height, width, and angles may be adjusted on both sides by way of the screws on the violin, which could be very appropriate for the violinist's shoulder without hurting the body.

This is a very lightweight design with a net weight of 57 grams, you may not feel tired or painful shoulders at some stage in practice and overall performance.


  • Very light in weight
  • Easily adjustable
  • EVA foaming for comfort


  • High-strength plastic isn’t environment friendly

8. Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest

The Bonmusica Violin Shoulder rest has an adjustable height, width, and curve in order that the player to achieve a unique match and be as comfortable as possible. The curved padded base can be effortlessly settled to shape the exact contour of the participant's shoulder.

They have maintained the device in area whilst selling palms-loose stability for smooth moving and vibrato. The foam padding is fairly proof to put on and is extremely secure.

In contrast to many other shoulder rests, the Bonmusica may be utilized by left-passed players. This popular shoulder rest helps players who suffer from an injured shoulder as it permits the shoulder to stay settled whilstly preserving the instrument on the proper height and angles, in preference to drooping ahead. All Bonmusica shoulder rests are German-designed and German-made.


  • Good for lefties
  • Extra contour for comfort
  • Firm adjustment


  • Comes in only one size

9. VIVA LA MUSICA A90G-D Shoulder Rest

VIVA LA MUSICA A90G-D Shoulder Rest is made for 4/4 Violin. The width and height are easily reducible. This model is extremely light in weight. It comes with very flexible metal end members. The Feet are made from elegant rubber covers and they also have circular adjustment feature. It is very easy to clean and comes with an additional cleaning cloth.


  • Flexible metal
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely light in weight


  • Comes in only one size

10. ChromaCast CC-VSREST Violin Shoulder Rest

The ChromaCast Violin Shoulder rest has adjustable height, width, and curve permitting the best comfort for any player. It balances the shoulder rest on your violin with utmost delicacy.

The layout does not harm violin surface or stain coating. Each time you play with this dependable, comfy, and supportive rest it' is a pleasant experience. The durable layout of this design is constructed for the lively player.

 This model is highly satisfactory in cost and best for both beginners and professionals. This model is extremely light in weight and easy to carry around.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget efficient
  •  Unique non-slip design


  • No quick adjustment access

Info Section

It is advised that beginners use a violin shoulder rest while learning to play the violin to help them improve proper posture. Shoulder rests also alleviate pressure point discomfort caused by the instrument's contact with the body.

Shoulder rests aren't necessary for experienced violinists, but they can be helpful when playing for long periods of time. Some violinists like to perform without one because they enjoy feeling the instrument's feedback or because it makes them relax when performing.

So, how do you pick a shoulder rest that is right for you?

There are a variety of materials to remember, including foam, acrylic, and wood.

Which one is better for you is determined by what sounds more natural and has the least impact on the violin's sound.

The right shoulder rest for your violin will help alleviate discomfort in areas where the instrument makes contact with the neck, such as the collarbone. It will also save you from hunching or keeping an uncomfortable stance, all of which can lead to constant neck pain.

While some violinists choose not to use a shoulder rest because it restricts their mobility and voice while playing, it may be helpful for intensive practice sessions. In addition to your own playing style, you'll want to find a shoulder rest that suits your body, so consider factors like the width of your shoulders and the length of your spine.

While reviewing the best shoulder rests for violins, we have prioritized the comfort of the player and their skills. Now, let us take a look at what the features look are that you should consider in an ideal violin shoulder rest.

  • The shape of your neck
  • The size of your violin
  • The broadness of your shoulders
  • Comfortable material like foam or sponge

Final Thoughts

A good balance between stability and freedom in the movement is the key to your performance, always opt for a solution that provides adequate adjustability, and remember to be flexible to play with and without your rest for better development as a player. Happy Playing!

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