Best Speakers under $100

For those who are hunting for a set of portable speakers to raise the level of your audio within a budget that will not stretch any further, we've put together a list of the six best speakers under $100.

Thankfully, we are living in a technical era which is constantly emerging and shifting. Here speakers are a commodity in which companies compete fiercely, so selecting a variety within your budget shouldn't be difficult. Understanding what to check in a low budget speaker, on the other hand, can be difficult.

Best Speakers under $100

Take a look into the five best speakers that come with unique features and specifications.





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Speakers under $100

Amazon Echo

It uses a Dolby processing to deliver crisp audio with a vibrant bass response

Contains voice control feature to run audio from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and other services

Contains seven microphones which uses a beam forming technology to cancel any background noise


Bose Companion Series III

The auxiliary input allows to connect as many audio sources as required like your phone or tablet

Has a headphone jack and a volume control setting on the right speaker

Compatible with Windows XP and Mac


Speakers under $100

Anker Soundcore

Built with two highly sensitive operators along with a specialized bass port that provides audio with a deep bass

An IPX5-rated shell provides full protection from liquids

Bluetooth 4.2 guarantees fast pairing as well as a strong link up to 66 feet apart

A custom-tuned signal processor evaluates low frequencies in real time to boost the music's bass



Contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of power 3000 mAh that works up to 12 hours

It’s made with ipx7 waterproof technology

JBL connect+ makes it possible to connect up to 100 JBL connect+ powered speakers to increase the volume of your crowd

Has dual passive radiators on the outside show


Speakers under $100

OontZ Angle 3

Comes with a Volume Booster AMP pump of 10+ watts

Has a range of about 100 feet away

Built with IPX5 water proof technology


1. Amazon Echo

Speakers under $100

With a 360 degree omnidirectional pitch, the Echo by Amazon is much more than a nicely tuned speaker; this has a remarkable presence even with such a low - pass filter. This model is a 2nd generation one, but it is fine tuned.

In additions to Amazon's previous model's 0.6" tweeter including a 2.5" downward projecting woofer, it can manage to handle both lower and higher frequencies. It comes with a hands-free ability, which is where it truly shines.

Users of the Echo can play music straight from Spotify, Amazon Music, Tune-in, Pandora, and a variety of other services. Another cool feature is that it lets you combine two of them for voice control, and it easily syncs with many other Echo units of Amazon.

 The speaker can be programmed to scan by song lyrics, genre, and also time period. If your systems are connected, you can use its integrated voice control setting to play different songs in different rooms or play the same music in your entire home.


  • Plays sound from a 360 degree direction
  • There's a tweeter and a subwoofer
  • Compatible for Alexa


  • Battery life is poor

2. Bose Companion Series III

If you're in search of a good selection of PC display speakers, the Series iii by Bose Companion will be a great choice; they're a powerful set of wireless speakers which comes from Bose technology. They have an advanced signal processing technique that aids in the production of reliably clear audio.

They have a ported enclosure that allows for more clarity in the lower frequencies. They're incredibly simple to set up, and their volume levels are surprisingly pleasant for their limited scale. On its right speaker, there are controls with auxiliary inputs for connecting directly to cell phones, tablet devices, or MP3 players.

Both default operating systems are completely plug-and-play compliant. They happen to be well-made and long-lasting, and they provide a powerful sound that balances both highs and lows well.


  • Provides high-definition audio and crystal-clear sound
  • Compliant with Mac and Windows
  • Has a small footprint with incredible power
  • Provides a rich audio


  • Does not contain a microphone

3. Anker Soundcore

Speakers under $100

The next item on our list is a durable and versatile forward-facing device from Anker Soundcore, which also appears to be built of highest quality. It is designed with a unibody shape that looks somewhat like a squashed sound-bar type speaker, and its compact nature makes it a wonderful portable speaker.

This chunky frame features dual range operators as well as a fine-tuned signal processing, resulting in incredibly crisp, detailed audio.

The speaker also has a built-in mic which is very simple to use, with instant configuration just like the previous models. It also has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can last for about 24 hours with one time charge. It also works with Alexa and contains Bluetooth 4.0 capability, allowing it to communicate from up to 60 feet apart.


  • Designed to last long
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Compact and portable


  • Not compatible with Connect+


The small and lightweight Bluetooth Speaker has a cylindrical shape and is a great revamped edition from the JBL Harman's renowned next generation range. JBL Flip 4 is a contemporary speaker manufacturer that prides itself on staying on top of all the new technological advancements.

It has a remarkable amount of stereo power. Its built-in bass radiator reduces distortion to a bare minimum level, allowing it to easily accommodate low-frequency tones. You can link two computers wirelessly at the same time and switch between them with ease.

The speaker can also be connected to a number of JBL devices for increased sound and presence. It's made of approved waterproof materials, making it an excellent option for playing music outdoors and out and about. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it for about 12 hours of non-stop usage.


  • Omnidirectional
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with built in bass radiators
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry


  • Alexa's knowledge is minimal

5. OontZ Angle 3

Speakers under $100

The Angle 3 variant is much more desired model than OontZ's mono version. It has two impressive accuracy drivers and is much superior in comparison. It has impressive disturbance free bass and handles low frequencies surprisingly well given its low price. Its triangle shape has no corners, making it more resistant to knocks and destruction.

It also offers some flexibility since it can be placed horizontally or vertically. There's also a hands free mode for using phones and an additional input for playing music from other sources. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and is compatible with Alexa.


  • Has a longer battery life
  • Comes within your budget
  • Has a dynamic dual drivers sound quality


  • Not compatible with Connect+

Info Section

Although it's never a good idea to demand too much from a low-cost electrical item, you might be impressed by the specifications of certain low-cost speakers. Thanks to modern advancements with reduced costs from mass manufacturing fabrication, you can find some pretty amazing items on the market.

It's not easy to choose a good Bluetooth speaker for under $100: there are a lot of them to pick from, and it's difficult to know which one will be right for you.

Gaining knowledge on the characteristics of every speaker is particularly critical within the given price range, since certain features must be sacrificed in order to provide others. We’ll walk you through most of the considerations you can check before purchasing a new Bluetooth speaker under $100 in this buying guide.

Sound Performance

While the first aspect on this list will seem self-evident to others, it is not necessarily taken into account by consumers. You can tell if a speaker is right for you just by looking at the sound level specifications.

Speakers having a dynamic bass radiator, along with those which cover a broad frequency range, should be considered if you appreciate bass performance. If you want to take the speaker outdoors or hold a party in a big room, select a speaker that has high volume output.

Also, even within this price range, many speakers provide 360-degree sound clarity, which is a handy option if you choose to move the speaker around.

Battery Life

It's pointless to cart a portable speaker along if it doesn't have a battery. Although most speakers under $100 come with adequate battery life to last for a whole day, if you'd like to take your speaker on trips and listen to music with full volume, then you can look for speakers that have around 10 hours of standby time.

There are some speakers which also have rapid charging, and allow the battery to be recharged in a short amount of time.

Waterproof Certification

Many low-cost speakers now have a water-resistant system that allows you to transport them in any weather without fear of damaging them. Some also encourage you to immerse them in three feet of water so that if you want to take the party to an outdoor pool or in the beach, look for a speaker that is IPX7 certified.

Splash-proof models like the ones with an IPX5 licensure cannot be immersed in water, but they can withstand light rain or unintended splashes.

Build Quality

Another aspect that most prospective customers overlook is the speaker's solid construction quality, which ensures the speaker's long-term reliability and results in higher performance by the device. This is crucial if you want to take your speaker with you everywhere you go and rough use it.

Aside from the waterproof certification we mentioned earlier, many of the speakers also have drop proof or even dust proof features. Furthermore, if you tend to be sloppy or if young kids will use it, a device with excellent build quality is needed.

Compact Size

Wireless speakers having a lightweight and compact build are ideal for people who want portability. The small size helps you to easily pack the speaker in a bag for trips or outdoor adventures, and the lightweight build allows you to carry it without feeling tired. Even so, a compact size can also mean a smaller speaker operator size, resulting in lower volume output with better low ranged sound.

Dedicated App

A few Bluetooth speakers under $100 contain some dedicated app which allows you to monitor the speaker directly from your phone, laptop, or desktop. These dedicated apps allow you to monitor the volume and adjust songs, as well as perform more sophisticated functions like equalizing and controlling the LED light display.

When it comes to this function, you can check if your dedicated app is compatible with iOS devices or Android. Some speakers tend to operate with both these operating systems.


Some speakers in this under $100 range allow you to connect several Bluetooth speakers from the same company. The option to pair your speaker with other Bluetooth devices allows you to massively expand the sound level and play the very same song in several rooms.

This may seem like a pointless feature if you're not using any other Bluetooth devices, but it's something to think about if you use several Bluetooth speakers from the same company or whether you want to improve your audio system later.

To Conclude

With so many low-cost options on the market, you'll have no trouble finding a speaker that fits your needs. You're almost halfway there if you can figure out what you use your speakers for. We hope that our helpful buyer's guide has been of assistance in making your decision. You can find a suitable speaker for you under $100 if you shop equipped with all relevant information.

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