Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

It is natural to get confused while choosing from varieties of guitar strings available in the market. Since an acoustic guitar has no additional amplifier, strings play a key role in the quality of music it produces.

Not just that, the playability, tuning, and comfort of the guitar player, etc. aspects are interlinked with the strings.  

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar in 2021

We have shortlisted the 7 best acoustic guitar strings taking notice of all kinds of requirements. We hope this will help you to choose the one you are looking for.




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D’Addario Nylon Classical guitar strings

Laser selected trebles

Nylon core basses

Ernesto ball end Nylon strings

Medium tension

Ball ends

Martin & Co. magnifico acoustic guitar strings

String sounds  

Hard tension

Proprietary synthetic material

Augustine classical guitar strings

Crystal nylon

Light tension bass

Savarez Strings  

High tension

Color: Blue

LA Bella (830) string set

Special design

Ball end

Yamaha strings

Nylon strings

Classical guitars

D’Addario Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

D’Addario is a century-old brand in manufacturing guitar strings. The EJ44 Pro- Arte Nylon classical guitar offers a balance of volume and comfortable resistance with a warm, full-bodied tone. You’ll experience a smooth finishing tone with every strike.

The thickness in this classical string set is arranged as: Trebles .0290, .0333, .0416 and Basses .030, .036, .045. The packaging of the strings is environment-free and infused with anti-corrosion ingredients which keep it fresh.

Silver plated copper winding with a NYLON CORE BASSES makes it the best string for producing raw and warm sound in an acoustic guitar. This is a set designed to create higher tension yet feel gentle while playing. These highly responsive and inexpensive strings come with tie ends.


  • This set lasts for a time
  • Stay in tune during temperature variations
  • Feels gentle to fingers
  • High tension and responsive
  • Corrosion resistance packaging
  • Balanced sound 


  • More color options would be preferred
  • Not suitable for genre with bright tone, such as flamenco

Ernesto Ball End Nylon Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

There are very few nylon strings in the market which come with ball end and this set by Ernesto is one of them. This set comes in two colors black and golden. The gauges are arranged in the following order:  

First = .028, Second = .032, Third = .040, Fourth = .030, Fifth = .036, Sixth = .042  

It is designed to create medium tension with a balanced projection of sound. The fourth, fifth, and sixth strings are wrapped with silver-plated copper which produces a combination of classical tone with a steel sound.

The nylon in the core maintains the tension while the outer coating produces a versatile, smooth, and rich tone. You’ll have the desired elasticity, comfort, and sound from this set at an affordable price. This can be the compatible set of strings for your acoustic guitar.


  • Easy on fingertips
  • Great for beginners
  • Ball ends
  • Optimum performance 
  • Smooth rich tone
  • Affordable price range
  • Combination of classical and contemporary tone


  • Not recommended for strummers
  • Will not produce a raw tone

Martin & Co. Magnifico Acoustic Guitar Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

The Magnifico M165 acoustic guitar strings are made of proprietary synthetic material of Martin & Co. These are different from nylon strings and are designed to offer precise intonation along with exceptional tuning.

This can be the best set for people who are into classical tune. Because the warm, mellow tune resembles the sound produced by strings made from the gut intestine of animals which have been around for centuries. 

The arrangement of the gauge is as follows:  

Low E 0.043, A 0.036, D 0.030, G 0.037, B 0.032, high E 0.026.   

This set of strings takes less time to stabilize which gets another point. These strings come with both ball end and tie end which gives you the option to choose as per your convenience.


  • Great material 
  • Warm, mellow tune
  • Not harsh on fingertips 
  • Good performance
  • Desired playability
  • Fair price
  • Highly recommended for classical


  • Not good packaging 

Augustine Classical Guitar Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

Augustine classical strings are designed in a way to ensure superior sound with concert quality. If you are looking for a low tension string that can produce both sweet and loud sounds without sacrificing the tone, then this can be your best purchase.

The classic black strings are made of rigid Nylon formula referred to as Cristal. Regular tension trebles and light tension basses are the special features of this classic set of strings.

The arrangement of gauges is as follows:    

E1 - .028 inch. - 0.71mm · B2 - .032 inch. - 0.81mm · G3 - .040 inch. - 1.01mm · D4 - .0285 inch. - 0.72mm · A5 - .0325 inch. - 0.83mm · E6 - .0435 inch. - 1.11mm. 

It only takes a reasonable amount of time for stressing. This is highly recommendable as it stays tune for a longer time, so one can have more time in playing, less time in tuning.


  • Premium quality
  • Crafted for classical guitar
  • Creative combination of thickness
  • Long lasting
  • Effortless playtime


  • Color doesn’t match product description

Savarez Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

The Savarez 540J strings are made of nylon and they create high tension. With a range of 0.24 gauges, they are thinner strings available in the market. The thinner strings complement the high tension and produce a bright and loud sound.

The exceptional bass sound can be felt with a super resonance that the string brings out. The sound is loud but ear-pleasing and stays under control.

In comparison with other brands, they may seem a bit pricey, but this set is worth the money, because you’ll feel a huge difference in your guitar playing experience. If you are more into contemporary music, this is highly recommendable for you.


  • Extra thin
  • Bright sound
  • Best for contemporary 
  • Great bass support
  • High tension


  • Costs more
  • Not for soft tune

LA Bella (830) String Set

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

LA Bella acoustic guitar string set comes with a combination of Nylon and golden alloy (80/20 Brass) which is designed to deliver the ideal balance of volume, projection, and comfortable playability. The orientation of the gauges is as follows:  

Black Nylon: .028, .032, .040;  

Golden Alloy: .031, .035, .044

The special feature of this string is the warm tone it produces which makes it perfect for folk music. This is packaged using the MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) technology which ensures the freshness of the product.

It has remained the personal favorite of many famous musicians like Willie Nelsen. The individual strings collectively make a beautiful melody that is soothing to the ears. It is a highly recommendable set if you are looking for a silky, smooth finishing.


  • Combination of nylon and gold alloy
  • Warm tune
  • Rich quality 
  • Good packaging
  • Perfect for classical


  • Takes time to set in 

Yamaha Strings

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha is a reliable name when it comes to guitar. The brand has a good impression on guitar accessories too. NS 110 are classical guitar strings made of nylon which comes in the following gauge orientation:  

 1st string 0.72mm, 2nd string 0.83mm, 3rd string 1.03mm,

 4th string 0.78mm, 5th string 0.92mm, 6th string 1.13mm 

 If you are using a guitar from Yamaha and you do not want to let go of the factory setup, then this is the best set for you. These strings will work better on your Yamaha guitar in comparison to strings from other brands.

For a classical guitar, it will give the desired balanced volume and sound projection. 


  • Keeps the factory set up
  • Good for classical guitar
  • Best compatible with Yamaha guitar 


  • Not so durable
  • Not compatible with other brands

Buying Guide

There is no hard and fast rule of buying strings for your guitar. It mostly depends on the type of player you are and what you are looking for in strings. In general, three things are kept in consideration while buying guitar strings and they are, the type of guitar you have, the thickness of the strings, and the material of the strings.  

With the wrong set of strings, you may think you are playing the guitar wrong. The sound will get too noisy, too harsh, or too soft none of which matches your desire. The overall experience of playing guitar can get distressing only because of the wrong strings. The strings in our list are not in order. 

The Thickness of Strings

The thickness or gauges of guitar strings is the determiner of tune and the quality of the sound the guitar produces. Strings are manufactured in different thicknesses and different shapes of surface area.

These are identified as extra light, light, medium, and heavy gauges. The string set comes in a different combination of thicknesses. You can also customize and arrange the strings as per your convenience from different sets of strings or singles. 

Guitar Type

If your instrument is a heavy one like a dreadnought and jumbo guitar, then strings with heavy or medium thickness will be compatible and produce the desired loud sound. If a lighter gauge is used in a heavy instrument then the huge sound chamber will not be properly used.

For small sized acoustic guitar lighter gauge will give the clean, exquisite sound which will have the signature acoustic properties as well.  

Playing Style

If your playing style involves more strumming then there is a probability that the lighter gauge will break down easily. And for fingerpicking style, the heavier gauges will take a lot of effort to play. If your playing style is a combination of both, a medium gauge will be the most compatible one for you.

So, before you make your purchase, understand your playing style and requirement. You have to take into consideration the age and condition of your instrument since wrong strings can cause damage to your instrument.  

Material of the Strings

You’ll notice that the strings come in packets that mention nylon strings, steel strings, phosphor bronze strings, etc. There are some coated strings too which keeps the strings protected from decay. The properties of the material used in the string will influence the fundamental quality of the sound.

For bright and lively sound 80/20 bronze and phosphor bronze are quite popular in the market. The kind of music you are into is also a factor to be considered here. For example, a classical raw tone of the acoustic guitar comes from a nylon string. Nylon strings are loved for their mellow tone by almost all kinds of guitarists.

Price Range

Not all the strings come in affordable price range. While most of the good strings cost a bit more than average ones, some could also be overpriced. You don’t need to spend on something that wouldn’t provide best value for money. Go for the ones within your price range and also provide the features you need.


We have tried to include key points which may be pros for one player and cons for the other. If you go through the details of each product, you’ll hopefully find the right one for you. 

With proper maintenance and care, the strings will stay for a prolonged time. Before playing guitar one should wash hands and after playing guitar one should clean the strings with a piece of flannel cloth. These are simple steps but important ones. After installing new strings, don’t throw away the packet, keep it for making a wiser purchase next time. 

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