Best Turntables under $200

So, you're looking for turntables. Maybe this is your first time purchase, or you already have a huge collection of vinyl that you haven't been able to play in years. However, vinyl is making a comeback at all price points, from budget to expensive models.

We avoid using the term "cheap turntables" as it means that perhaps its build quality is low. Instead, let's say we're going to see whether we can bring you some of the best turntables under $200.

Best Turntables under $200

These turntable models have sparked a lot of interest, so in this guide, we'll look at some of best turntables under $200, why are they so popular, and what improvements have been made to them.





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Turntables under $200


Has a wireless Bluetooth technology with high fidelity speakers

Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled speakers, through the provided dual RCA cable

Has a signal to noise ratio of 50 decibels


Stanton T.62

It is a belt driven turntable that is simple to use

The tone arm is straight that gives superior tracking capabilities

It has two playback speeds of 33 RPM or 45 RPM and also two switches for battle setup


Turntables under $200

Fluance RT80

This high-fidelity turntable is belt-driven which produces pure digital sound quality

Audio Technica's high-performance cartridge provides exceptional clarity

Has a S-Type tone arm made of aluminum that keeps the stylus firmly planted in the groove of your album


Numark PT01

Its a portable DJ turntable with 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds that can be operated by an AC adapter

It has a user-adjustable built-in Numark's special Scratch Slides Button for all left and right handed turntablists


Turntables under $200

Pioneer PL-990

It is a fully automated system with a two speed setting

The tone arm is straight which is resistant to echo

Comes with a hanging motor that eliminates spindle wobble, resulting in a faster and more precise platter rotation


Sony PS-LX3

Has two speed settings of 33 and 45 RPM, along with an adaptor which is conveniently stowed underneath the deck

Contains three gain levels with a switchable audio equalizer that can play good quality audio files

PSLX310BT turntables come with RCA cables that can be plugged directly into the stereo setup


1. Audio-Technica

Turntables under $200

This $149 model is a completely automated turntable with speeds of 33 to 45 RPM. It's automated, which means it's Bluetooth-enabled and has a fully automated audio-conversion capability.

Many other audio formats are also compatible with this turntable, such as the aptX codec, which certain devices, such as phones, computers, and tablets, might not be able to play. This can also be connected to other sources such as AUX and RCA, and it can play in a Hi-Fi mode even while using external powered speakers.

An ATN3600L internal dual rotating magnet sound adapter with replaceable stylus is also included. This is a decent pick for turntables under $200, with its updated platter and tone arm specially designed to prevent resonance while recording.


  • Comes with AC converter handles which are infused to minimize noise during audio transfer
  • Contains a built in adjustable sound pre-amp which can be connected with external speakers
  • The BT CSR chip module enables it to be connected to a computer and access aptX codec multimedia
  • A cartridge is attached to the top shell, making setup much simpler and more comfortable


  • To achieve the required sound, you have to purchase external electrical speakers
  • The top shell isn't very durable

2. Stanton T.62

The Stanton T.62 is now one of the most affordable highly qualified DJ turntables on the market. It runs on an 8-pole DC motor that produces a high torque greater than 1.6 kgf. To stop excessive noises and shrieking noise, it also contains some manually controlled pitch sensors.

It has a normal static stable straight tone arm that makes tracking, tearing, and spinning much easier. On its cartridge, it also contains a pre-mounted top shell. This turntable is to two-speed that spins at 33 to 45 RPM and has two start or end buttons for sound mixing and setups.

Most interestingly, it includes the complete edition of Deckadance DVS tech, which enables a DJ to transform raw spins to Hd formats automatically. It also has a non-slip pad for DJs to spin more steadily.


  • It includes AUX and RCA cables, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for further mobile audio conversion
  • For further control over the audio being combined, the tone arm can be adjusted, and pitch controls can be controlled manually
  • The cartridge cover is adaptable
  • Has a motor speed of 1.6 kgf, making it a high-powered turntable


  • Since there is no preamp included, you would require additional speakers
  • There is no auto-return and no playback level

3. Fluance RT80

Turntables under $200

When it comes to Hi-Fi sound, the Fluance RT80 is a cut above the rest. Its AT91 cartridge is an engineered double magnetic one with a diamond stylus which is flexible, upgradeable, and popular for its anti-resonance and anti-distortion benefits. It has a belt-drive system with an adjustable counter balance and a sturdy wood case for added stability.

This also implies that the resonance is minimal, and excessive vibrations are reduced. There's also an inbuilt pre-amp with two speeds of 33 and 45 RPM. It's versatile, as it can play LPs and EPs on any manual turntable.


  • Its RCA gold-plated outputs provides clear signal
  • Its diamond stylus ensures Hi-Fi audio with accuracy and precision
  • The S-type tone arm enables static equilibrium for more stable scraping and turning


  • The anti-skating mechanism isn't as accurate as it should be
  • The cueing system was said to be prone to errors

4. Numark PT01

The Numark is one of the most compact scratch and slice turntables available for less than 200 dollars. It has a Numark trademark named the reversible scratch switch, which allows spinning the turntable in either right or left hand by simply plugging it into AC power. It also has a red sliding mat that can handle light, medium, and extreme rotating stresses.

It can even be set to fight mode for more nuanced and upbeat sounds, and it can be wired to RCA sources or even headsets for some relaxed individual listening. More notably, it has a feature that allows you to record digitally in your tablet or laptop right then and there, allowing you to take it everywhere


  • For better portability, it is packaged in a high-quality hard case cover with an accessory compartment
  • Through its accessible software, it allows on-the-fly recording and scratching from vinyl through a USB
  • The inbuilt pre-amp has a gain control that can be adjusted


  • There is no scratch fader, just a scratch switch

5. Pioneer PL-990

Turntables under $200

The Pioneer PL-990 is a fully automated turntable which comes with a lightweight tone arm along with an inbuilt sound equalizer, so you can plug it into an external speaker with AUX or RCA input. Furthermore, it comes with a diamond stylus and a double magnetic cartridge.

As a result, the sound it provides is both soft and crisp. It also has a single button for certain orders and it is completely automatic and slows down after a period of inactivity. Unwanted sounds are avoided thanks to its feet that absorb vibration and a rubber pad for its platter.

It has two speeds of 33 RPM and 45 RPM, and contains RCA and adapters of 45 RPM for free. I n terms of the spinning work, it provides more than the selling value.


  • For sound flexibility, it comes with a free audio equalizer
  • A universal style cartridge connector is included
  • Contains a high quality DC motor for improved and accurate platter rotation and sound clarity
  • When turning, it has anti-resonance and prevents unwelcome sounds


  • The construction is a little light and shaky with the RCA cables containing rear plugs
  • When it spins at high speed or is attached to high-powered external speakers, it has a propensity to create groove distortions

6. Sony PS-LX3

The Sony PS-LX3 since it is completely automated and supports wireless vinyl playback. It has Bluetooth and also USB connections. This turntable will conveniently attach to sound bars, speakers, and also wireless headphones. The brand does have recognition for cutting-edge audio production.


  • With an aluminum platter, it promotes tone consistency
  • USB splitting is a feature that converts, sells, and transfers vinyl records into digital formats
  • There are three gain levels on the switchable audio preamp


  • Some Bluetooth speakers might not be compatible with it
  • The counterweight and rubber mat are very light

Info Section

You may think that buying turntables are a no-brainer; however the fact is that they are a huge deal that requires a considerable amount of thinking. You will immediately purchase an expensive one simply because you have the financial means to do so. However, cost isn't the only factor to weigh, which is why you should be aware of a few more basic factors to consider when purchasing one.


Budget has to be the most crucial concern when it comes to basic considerations. Since this article focuses to provide the best turntables under $200, you should be confident that you can purchase your very first turntable without blowing your budget. Budget has always been a major limitation for turntables, but this problem has been solved with the advent of budget versions.

However, you must be cautious of the various budget models. Avoid thinking about it right now if you haven't heard something good about it. Never make a decision based solely on price.


So you managed to lay your hands on a turntable that is inexpensive, but do you have any connectors to go with it? Will it link via Bluetooth wirelessly? Is it compatible with USB channels? Is it really capable of producing music to begin with? Only because you got it for a low price doesn't mean it'll work well. Test the machine first, and then when you're there, double-check the warranty period.

Need for Room

Another factor to remember is the amount of room it will need. It is a common issue with budget turntables since their inbuilt amplifiers are usually not very powerful. This means you'll always need to invest in external speakers along with other connectors to get the volume you want.

You may have the money, but do you have enough room in your home to accommodate all of the accessories? If you find that any of the extra accessories might not fit in the room available, go for a big budget turntable; but if it fits along with all of its external accessories, go for a budget model.

Is it Second Hand

Will you want a completely new, high-end design, a bargain model, or just a second hand budget model, taking into account all three factors? Assess the requirements to find a response. Why are you really considering purchasing one? Budget turntables might suffice if used for DJ purpose. Turntables purchased secondhand are still a gamble, and even brand new ones cannot be reasonable.

To Conclude

Based on the reviews of this article it's clear that turntables will be here to last. Modern times demand modern standards and functionality, and these have not been short on new features that keep them in demand even today.

However, there are several factors to weigh when purchasing one, and it necessitates sharp eyes and clarity in taste in terms of whether you are purchasing one. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on good music. In reality, if you view these turntables under $200, it's literally within reach.

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