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The sweet tone of a ukulele can transport you to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii through its melodies. The music lovers have been going crazy over this adorable four-stringed instrument. Amid tons to varieties and options out there in the market, it can get baffling for any player to choose the one that is best for the money. 

The market places are abounding with hundreds of sorts of ukulele, coming in each kind of cost run. There’s no wonder that players, specially the beginners would get confused upon selecting the best ukulele for the money. Today, we display to you, the finest esteem ukuleles of 2021, which are unquestionably worth your cash. 

It is a dream of each enthusiastic ukulele player to ace this beautiful four string instrument. A great ukulele that suits them can without a doubt be their best companion along the way. If you can’t seem to get your head around which ukulele would give you the best experience for its value, keep reading this article as we unleash the best ukulele you can get for the money. 

Before we dive into the best kinds, let us take a walk around the criteria you need to keep in mind while buying your first ukulele.  

  • Choose the size that you feel the most comfortable with:

There are four general sizes that ukuleles come in. The smallest size is the soprano, concert comes second and tenor comes third in size. The three of these kinds are basically similar kinds of instruments, but in different sizes. In fact, these ukuleles consist of the same tune; therefore, you can certainly play all of these kinds once you master any one of them. The ukulele that comes in the biggest size is the baritone ukulele. The tune of this kind is almost similar to the 4 highest-pitched strings that a guitar generally has. You need to consider the fact that, although it is easier to play fuller and stronger sound on a bigger ukulele, you should always go with the one that sounds good with you. 

  • Consider the prices according to your needs and budget:

If you are a beginner, it is better to not go for the highly expensive instruments right on the first go. There are high possibilities that you would grow to love the instrument with every passing day, but you can always make an upgrade in that case. You wouldn’t want to buy an expensive one, only for dust to set on your instrument later on. 

  • Consider the wood used for making the ukulele:

There are different types of woods used for making ukulele; each with different features and sounds. The most popular wood, Mahogany, produces an outstanding and soft, warm tone and has the best quality and look. Nato, although looks quite like Mahogany, is a bit on the affordable side for its comparatively less bright sound. While Cedar produces a warm, decent tone, Acacia is known for balanced tone.  

Try holding a few different models of different sizes and see whichever works best for you and suits your tone perfectly.

Best Ukulele for the Money(Overview) 





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Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele for the Money

Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

Koa wood on the top, back and sides

Full toned

20 frets


Kala Mahogany Ukulele

Kala Mahogany Ukulele

Mahogany build

Round, warm tone

Aquila nylgut strings

Includes nut and saddle


Kala KA-15S

Kala KA-15S

Mahogany build

Walnut fingerboard

Warm toned



Donner DUS-1 21

Donner DUS-1 21

Mahogany body and neck

Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Aquila black strings

Free learner’s lessons


Kala KA-C

Kala KA-C

Mahogany tonewood

Walnut fretboard

Includes starter kit and gig bag

Includes step-by-step guide


Best Ukulele for the Money(Review) 

1. Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele (ASIN: B007C6ZBT0)

Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

The Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele is one of the finest ukuelels out there, but it comes with a bit higher price tag. If budget is not a concern for you, you could definitely invest in this tenor model from the Martin line. 

With its koa built, satin finish and rich and full tone, Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele is sure to be worth the value. It flaunts a beautiful dovetail neck with a solid morado fingerboard on it that consists twenty frets.


  • Strong build
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Premium quality


  • No soprano models available of this model

2. Kala Mahogany Ukulele (ASIN: B00172UV6S)

Kala Mahogany Ukulele

Constructed entirely from a chunk of the exotic mahogany wood, this soprano ukulele is among the best ones for the price. The gorgeous satin finish that produces and warm, round and full tone at only $79 is a rare find. Most ukuleles with such attractive features go higher on the price scale. The Aquila nylguts strings make a full-bodied, balanced tone which is used by several well known bands, including the ‘twenty-one pilots’. 

You can only imagine what a win this ukulele is!


  • Excellent quality
  • Well built
  • Resonant
  • Balanced tone
  • Reasonable price


  • The voicing could use some improvements

3. Kala KA-15S (ASIN: B001LU1SFO)

Kala KA-15S

The KA-15S is a fine choice for beginners looking for a decent starter instrument, but it is also an incredible choice for intermediate players who are looking to get themselves a second ukulele in reasonable price. Kala has created its fame for building extraordinary ukuleles at reasonable cost focuses, and the KA-15S is not any exception. In fact, with such a performance that comes in such an affordable price range, the KA-15S soprano ukulele is sure to be one of the finest value ukuleles. 

 The KA-15S features a clean appearance along with a strong and tight feel. With a Mahogany body and satin finish, the KA-15S soprano ukulele offers a warm and sweet tone. Its mahogany neck is well suited by the walnut fingerboard and bridge, which provides the ukulele with an impressive resonance, volume and bass.


  • Well built
  • Good resonance and volume
  • Warm and sweet tone
  • Impressive playability
  • Good quality Aquila strings


  • No clip-on tuners

4. Donner DUS-1 21 (ASIN: B01M1L6OSX)

Donner DUS-1 21

Constructed with blazed African mahogany on the body and neck, the Donner DUS-1 21 concert ukulele produces a very rich and warm tone. Its rosewood fingerboard and bridge are finely polished, which increases its comfort and playability. This amazing ukulele comes with all the necessary accessories including a fine gig bag, Aquila black strings as well as starter kits and free lessons.


  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for a beginner
  • Well crafted
  • Simple to tune


  • Glue can stick out in some places but that is a minor issue

5. Kala KA-C (ASIN: B005ETZKF2)

Kala KA-C

Crafted entirely with genuine Mahogony tone wood, the Kala KA-C ukuleles sound as god as they look with a brown satin finish. This concert ukulele provides an impressive balance between the treble-sounding tones and the midrange. Along with having mahogany on the back and sides as well, the walnut fretboard of the ukulele gives it an enhanced tonal range. 

The mahogany Kala KA-C ukulele is an excellent choice for the beginners since it has adequate space between the fret, therefore making it easier for the learners to explore the fingerboard. Apart from that, this great starter kit comes with a black gig bag, a set of Aquila Nylgut strings, straps, a clip-on tuner, a cleaning cloth as well as an instructional DVD to get you started without any delay


  • Incredible tonal balance
  • Includes necessary kits for beginners
  • Includes a step-by-step instructional DVD from Austin Bazaar
  • Constructed with genuine mahogany tonewoods
  • Pre-strung with Aquila Nylgut


  • Needs to be oiled for stable tuning
  • Does not come with strap pins

Final Words

These were our best picks that fulfill the esteem they come along for 2021. We hope this article could aid you to realize which the best ukulele for the money is for you. Keep in mind to consider the criteria to choose which one suits you best and you're great to go with your ukulele journey.

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