Best Ukulele Pickups

A lot of people love playing ukuleles and guitars as it calms the mind and makes stress go away and make the day better by its beautiful tune. The best thing about ukuleles is that they are smaller in size compared to guitars but almost the same. 

They are also the perfect instrument to learn for people with no experience in musical instruments as there are thousands of tutorials on different websites and it is also easier to learn compared to other instruments such as violins. 

There are ukulele pickups which makes the whole experience of playing ukuleles a whole lot better. What they do is they turn the string vibrations into electricity which transfers the sound to the amplifier and are planted in the structure of the ukulele right below the strings. As they use coils, it improves the sound quality of the ukulele

Best Ukulele Pickups(Overview)





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Luna Tattoo Tenor

Vilihy Clip-on Pickup

Has a compact 


It is very light weight

Can be used for 

different instruments


Kala KA-15T Tenor

Imelod contact

Runs by using the 

sound directly

The cable length is 31.5

Removes all the 

external sounds


Makala Tenor Ukulele

Gosno clip on

Can be used for a 

lot of different 


Easy to take off and attach


Enya Tenor

Aiersi mini

 Has a 6.35mm jack 

male plug

Very easy to use


Kala KA-BMB-T All Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

Mini Piezo

Can be used for a 

lot of different 


Can work without 

external power


Best Ukulele Pickups(Review)

1. Vihily clip on pickup- The best ukulele pickup money can buy

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the first ukulele pickup, we have the vihily clip on pickup. We have chosen this pickup for the best ukulele pickups. 

The firm design on this pickup makes it the perfect choice that can be simply used on multiple instruments like violins, cello, violas and guitars. 

The pickup eliminates the body sound and response and removes the bowing noises which bring the simplicity and the warmth of ukulele's natural sound. No battery is needed, So the pickup can be directly connected to the amplifier or mixing desk.


  • No batteries are needed


  • Might break

2. Imelod contact- The runners up for best ukulele pickups

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the second ukulele pickup, we have chosen the imelod contact microphone Piezo pickup. 

This piezo microphone pickup works by approaching the sound source directly. It el eliminates almost all external sound disturbances and is not affected by sounds from closeby objects. It is 31.5 cm in length and is a Jack female socket so it is suitable for cables with 6.35mm jack male plug. The size of this makes it very easy to carry and it is also very easy to use. It just needs to be connected to an amplifier.


  • Easy to carry


  • Eliminates external sounds

3. Gosno clip on pickup

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

The Gosno clip on pickup is surely one of the best pickups that money can buy. The sole purpose of this is to make sure that the ukuleles sound good! 

This pickup manages to pick up the original sound of the ukulele by ignoring all the background noises. It is particularly designed for clipping it in the sound hole and is very easy to clip on and take off. It is (7.87 feet) in length and has a 6.3mm Jack. It can also be used for other acoustic instruments such as bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, balalaika and lute. 

It has a Frequency response of: 0A (27.5Hz)-8C(4186.01Hz)


  • Can be used for many other instruments


  • Made out of plastic so might not be durable

4. Aersi mini

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the fourth product on today's list, we have the Aersi mini Transducer pickup. These are great pickups if the user is buying this for more than one instrument as it supports a bunch of different instruments including bass, cello, violin, guitar, cajon, and other instruments. 

This pickup does not need batteries or electrical power to run. It needs to be connected to an amplifier or a mixer. It is also very simple to equip and it sounds good on different amplifiers. Soldering is not required while using this. This ukulele microphone pickup works by approaching the source of the sound directly. It assures that it eliminates all the external sound restraints and also assures that it is not influenced by sound waves from nearby items


  • It does not require any batteries or electrical power to work
  • Can be used for other instruments


  • Does not come with any instructions

5. Mini piezo pickup

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the last product on our list for the best ukulele pickups, we have the mini piezo microphone transducer. These are also the most expensive pickup on this list 

This pickup can be used for a wide variety of instruments which include acoustic guitar, folk guitar and violins. The pickup Microphone is equipped with detachable self-adhesive design. It can work without external power. The pickup needs to be put inside the sound hole and adjusted to fix the ukulele without needing to drill holes in them so it can play. 

This piezo pickup makes ukuleles create excellent sound quality. The correct components on this pickup, provides a stable performance. It is made out of metal and electrons and it weighs 90 grams which is very light considering the metal body.


  • Is made out of metal which makes it durable


  • The stickers might lose its grip with time


So that's it for the top 5 best pickups for ukuleles. We hope that this article has helped you choose the right pickup for your instrument. In this regard, we recommend the vihilly clip on pickup for you. Don’t forget to check out all of the pickups on this list!

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