Best Ukulele under $200

It’s generally difficult to choose products when you are low on budget. Ukuleles are comparatively cheaper musical instruments. So this means you have a greater probability to stumble across some good ukuleles under $200. 

In this article, you will find out some feel-good ukuleles at reasonable prices. The small guitar-like instruments deliver a good tune and are comfortable to play as well. Here, we have plucked out the best ukuleles under 200 for you. Hope you find the best one for you by the end of this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Best Ukuleles under $200(Overview)





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Ukuleles under $200

Hadean Ukulele

Acoustic/electric type

Wight of 4 pounds

Integrated tuner

Baritone size


Kala KA-SCG Ukulele

Kala KA-SCG Ukulele

Solid spruce, mahogany material.

Walnut fingerboard.


Acoustic type.


Best Ibanez Ukuleles under $200

Ibanez Ukulele

Flamed mahogany is used for body material

Natural finish

Onboard tuner

Acoustic/electric type


Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele under $200

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele

The body material is composed of Kao

Grover chrome tuners

Rosewood fretboard material.

Aquila strings


Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

Acoustic/electric pump type.

The top material is maple

Vintage sunburst color



Best Ukuleles under $200(Review)

1. Hadean Ukulele

Hadean Ukulele

This ukulele comes with the finest material and an integrated tuner, which is suitable for amplified use for volume, mid, bass, and treble control. For tuning stability, the Aquila strings absorb little to no moisture. To increase the accuracy of fret-intonation, it has gauge strings of varying intensities.

You will find it suitable for playing bass guitar notes. The electric type requires the use of batteries. It’s simple to adjust the small space between frets. Most importantly, this ukulele is budget-friendly so you would get high quality without spending many bucks


  • Easy to adjust space between frets
  • The amplified sound is great
  • Accurate tuner
  • Strings are smooth


  • High action
  • Neck heavy

2. Kala KA-SCG Ukulele

Kala KA-SCG Ukulele

This concert ukulele is draped in mahogany material on both sides. Its solid spruce will deliver a warm sound to you. It has some attractive features: a glossy finish, Aquila strings, and a solid Sitka spruce top. Its sealed-gear tuners are designed to stabilize tuning. 

The solid spruce top exhibits high volume. The contrasting wood has an appealing look. Its natural color, combined with the rosewood fingerboard and frets, creates an attractive look and tune. Folks, if you are in search of a distinctive ukulele, this Kala Ukulele with its spruce top is the one for you.


  • It has a solid spruce top
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The uke delivers a deep tone
  • The Kala has a glossy finish


  • It gets out of tune
  • It needs considerable time for tuning

3. Ibanez Ukulele

Ibanez Ukulele

This ukulele has an expensive look to it. No one would get an idea about the price of the uke by the look of it. Its sweet tone garnered popularity all these years. The Ibanez has a flamed mahogany body that is Ibanez shaped.

This easy-to-play ukelele has rigid nylon strings, a fine setup, and spectacular tech support. Made of nice wood, this uke has smooth touch. It comes with a pair of batteries. Both its onboard EQ and in-built tuner perform seamlessly. You would love the high-quality electronic sound. It also has a hard casing


  • It has some sturdy strings.
  • It is an awesome tenor ukulele
  • The matte finish looks nice.
  • It comes with a full set up


  • The straps are hard to fix.
  • It has a plastic nut and saddle

4. Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele

You don’t have to travel all the way to Hawaii to get the ukulele. It conveys a Hawaiian ukulele touch. Also, who would not like an item that guarantees a lifetime warranty? This Oscar Schmidt Uke is made of Koa, which not only delivers a beautiful sound but also makes the instrument strong and durable. Together with the rosette and binding made of abalone, it has a bright look overall.

This does not look like a ukuleles under $200; it carries an expensive exterior image. It has sturdy Grover chrome tuners installed. The Nyatoh neck ensures loud volume. It uses supreme quality rosewood for the fretboard and bridge. Alongside these, the uke needs low action, has smooth ends, and delivers resonant sound. Under 200, this ukulele offers some appealing features that you can enjoy while playing


  • It looks more expensive than its actual price
  • It needs low action
  • Stellar build quality
  • The strings stay in tune
  • Easy to play


  • It is slightly heavy.
  • The fretboard seems pretty dry
  • It uses plastic for the saddle

5. Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

If you are on the hunt for a ukulele that can deliver a fiery on-stage performance, this Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele might be the one you’re looking for. Its body and neck contribute to smooth playability. This uke has a modern look. The glossy finish, with all the sides made of maple, gives it a luxurious look. This concert-sized electric ukulele has solid toners.

The uke delivers a loud and clear tone. The laminated AAA flame top gives it a fiery look. It carries a fancy look for a budget-friendly ukulele. To top it all off, this item comes with an excellent quality gig-bag. What else would anyone ask for?


  • It contains a supreme quality gig-bag despite the considerably low price
  • It has a beautifully lacquered glossy finish
  • The whole instrument is sturdy enough
  • The frets are composed of actual metal, not cheaper ones
  • Medium-sized uke. So it is useful for both children and adults


  • It requires high action
  • The string quality is unknown and needs frequent replacement.
  • Due to a lack of volume control, it becomes difficult to adjust the volume.

Final Words

Finding the best ukulele becomes hard when you have budget constraints. We have saved the hassle for you by selecting the best ukuleles under $200. Selecting what you need is based on the features you are most likely to focus on. Here, we have differentiated some of the features for your ease. 

If we had to recommend one, then we would ask you to go for the Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele. It covers many features for a comparatively cheaper ukulele. 

Hope this article answers all your questions and helps you to find your best fit!

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