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Bows are as significant as the violin itself. The true potentiality of a first-rated violin bow depends on several specifications. That is why, before you go to buy one, make sure you have done your homework on it.

Violin Bows Buying Guide

We cannot simply think of our classical music and contemporary culture without the musical instrument-Violin. If you are one of those would-be musicians who own a violin, you certainly know the importance of Violin Bows. Not only a good violin bow appeases our mind, but also, it creates a vast difference in the matter of quality sound.

We know you are familiar with violin bows that are popular, expensive, and look favorable. But, you ought not to judge violin bows based on their appearance, as there are many factors to consider whether it is the best pick for you or not.

The Basic Materials: Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and Carbon Fiber

The sound from the bow depends on the material used to make it. There are three materials used in making bow sticks such as Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and Carbon Fiber.

Brazilwood: Beginners usually start with Brazilwood material violin bows because the bow is more affordable compared to others. These hardwoods directly come from Brazil and other tropical areas.

Pernambuco: One of the most responsive woods for the bows has been Pernambuco from the earlier 19th century. These woods are a combined package of strength and elasticity. Unfortunately, Pernambuco woods are on the way to extinction due to environmental degradation.

Carbon Fiber: Sometimes bows are well-equipped with synthetic materials that seem to be stiffer and enduring. These synthetic materials are nothing but carbon fibers.

The Shape of the Bow: Round or Octagonal?

A bow with the proper amount of stiffness ensures a rich and smooth sound. Round violin bows are more available in the market than an octagonal bow. But, octagonal bows provide the stiffness that you need.

Differences in Sound

It would be hard for the novice player to find the difference as bows can create distinctions on their instruments. For example, we can clarify between two violin bows where one is inflexible and the other is softer. The soft stick lacks clarity, where a stiff blow produces a clear-cut sound.

A brighter, more concentrated sound comes from a stiffer, stronger bow. It's rare to find a bow that can provide both a smooth wide sound and the clarity of concentration and rapidity of reaction that a stronger, stiffer bow may provide.


All you need is to look for a well-balanced bow from tip to frog. If you feel positive holding a bow, then remember, this is the suitable one for you. For your understanding, an average bow weighs about 60 grams.


Most of the bows range under a hundred dollars. However, wooden bows are moderately more expensive than carbon fiber. If you are looking for better quality professional bows, you need to invest at least five hundred dollars. There are some plastic-made bows in the market, and you can find them within budget.

Best Violin Bows in 2021

You may be baffled choosing your ideal one, as there is a wide range of choices of violin bows in the market. To help you in this matter of aspect, we have prepared a list of violin bows that will blow your mind seeing their quality and features below right here:





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Violin Bows


Well-constructed by Carbon Fiber.

Eye-catching design.

 Advanced molding techniques craft the bow.

It offers a sweet sound.


Violin Bows

D Z Strad 300

Well-equipped with Mongolian Grade AAA Horse Hair.

The bow is silver-lined.

It features an octagonal stick.


Violin Bows


Used Brazil-wood sticks are durable.

It ensures an exceptional balance and flexibility.

A good choice for beginners.


Violin Bows

CodaBow Prodigy

It delivers a positive performance.

It offers a pre-professional price.

 Handcrafted in the United States.

It provides a beautiful sound.


Violin Bows

D Z Strad

Model 524

It improves the playing and the sound of your improvements.

Well-built with unbleached horsehair.

Polish Ox Horn makes the Fleur de Lis Frog.


Violin Bows

Kmise  Violin Bow

Brazil sandalwood is present as horsehair.

The finishing is high-quality.

Well-balanced bow for advanced players.

It comes with an octagonal stick with the Paris Eye frog.


Violin Bows

D Z Strad Violin Model 101

Well-equipped with genuine white unbleached horsehair.

It provides quick response and vast resilience.

Polished Premium Ebony makes the traditional frog.


Violin Bows


Used Premium carbon fiber brings more longevity.

It details golden weight and well-balanced joints.

It provides elasticity and sweet sounds.


Violin Bows


Well-balanced weight distribution.

The bow has Quality Mongolian Horse Hair.

Affordable price.

The copper-mounted ebony frog brings sustainability.


Violin Bows


It provides a warm and clear tone.

Captivating design.

The stick used in this bow is the strongest and durable.

High-quality carbon fiber is available.


Violin Bows


It offers prompt response with astute sound.

Use of the finest materials.

Weather-resistant carbon fiber-made bow.


1. Kmis

This stunning carbon fiber fiddle bow won our hearts with its ideal specifications such as eye-catching abalone inlay, flexible for all temperatures, Parisian eyes frog, and many more.

Moreover, one of the significant features is the natural Mongolian Horse Hair that provides a good response and soothing sound. Also, you need not worry about its balance because silver wire wrapping has a prime role in maintaining it.


  •  Powerful, and weight is light.
  • Authentic ebony wood and a Parisian eye decorative.
  • Well-balanced in hands.
  • Resistant to temperature.


  • It works as a backup bow which decreases its spontaneity.
  • Best suitable for beginners.

2. D Z Strad 300

The D Z Strad model violin bow is inspected directly in the United States. The bow comes up with a silver-lined stick and Mongolian Grade AAA Horse Hair. Unlike any other violin bows, Brazilwood is to the rescue of making the material of this bow.

Different sizes are available so that, from beginner to intermediate, all can have this bow on their list to buy.


  • The bow stick is octagonal shaped.
  • Appropriate practice for all players.
  • It features an exceptional 8-eye design abalone button.


  • It weighs heavier than the average weight of violin bows.


Everyone wants a simple yet resilient Brazilwood stick in his violin bows. Moreover, this bow provides an exceptional balance and crystal intonation while playing with the violin set.

It is an unfortunate matter that the violin bow is intolerable in heat and moisture weather. Also, you can play this violin bow at the bar due to the handmade process. You will have a proper balance with this bow.


  • Round-shaped bow stick.
  • Low-budget price.
  • It is suitable for practice bow.
  • The bow offers an impression of longevity.


  • Playing this bow outdoors will not be possible.
  • The bow is adverse to hot temperatures.

4. CodaBow Prodigy

This American handcrafted fractional-size violin bow has Walter Paulus with Ebony engineered ebony. The advanced materials of this bow make sure of the performance one might have with it.

Interestingly, a Moroccan leather hand grip creates well-balanced features. The finishing of this product is done with Graphite Diamond Weave with a blended acoustic core.


  • Costly yet, the experience is worthwhile.
  • It improves the sound quality.
  • The bow is well-manufactured.


  • The bow is weighty than the average ones.

5. D Z Strad Model 524

If you want to improve your playing and the sound of your violin instrument, you can grab this violin bow without any second thought. The materials are well-equipped with Mongolian grade AAA Horse Hair with an octagonal-shaped stick.

However, the bow is well-adjusted and responsive. Young players will feel comfortable to use as there is a shaft present in this bow. Advanced materials are the core elements of making up this bow.


  • The use of advanced technology in materials.
  • The bow provides a powerful tone.
  • Affordable range.
  • Affordable range.


  • A bit tough to handle for beginners.

6. Kmise Violin Bow

Have you ever gone through sandalwood violin bows? If not, then Kmise Violin bow is here as an example of High quality Brazil Sandalwood. The bow includes a fraction-sized angle frog inlaid with an octagonal stick and Parisian Eye frog. Here, we can see the use of AAA grade Mongolian Horsehair on this bow stick.


  • Well-built materials.
  • The bow is well-adjusted with a violin instrument.
  • Students and advanced players may use this bow.
  • The bow ensures high quality.


  • It is uncertain whether the bow is water-resistant.

7. D Z Strad Violin Bow Model 101

This D Z Strad 101 is the bow that comes in seven fractional sizes. In this bow, polished premium ebony makes the traditional frog. Top branded carbon fiber is the core material. It also comes in A-grade Mongolian horsehair. However, despite its being heavy, the bow properly gets balanced with handgrip.


  • Properly balanced.
  • The bow offers a quick response.
  • Resilient for all temperatures.


  • Prices differ based on sizes.


The lacquered finished HAOYUE model has more durability and long-lasting effects compared to other violin bows. However, the bow is playable in all temperatures and humidity. In the following, the bow features a lined ebony frog with the decorative abalone shell inlay.


  • Beautiful design with the black textured case.
  • The bow comes in standard 4/4 sizeIt features a well-balanced joint and golden weight.
  • Affordable price.


  • The tonal difference is vague.

9. Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman manufactures this carbon fiber violin bow with the feature of quality Mongolian Horsehair in a stick. Copper-mounted Ebony frog maintains a good bounce and action. If you want to upgrade your existing violin bow to another new one, you should have this violin bow on the list of choices.


  • The bow is appealing with clean fittings.
  • A low-budget bow.
  • It weighs standard.


  • Performance is not satisfactory.


This bow has already won our hearts with its captivating design and advanced performance. The horsehair used in this bow is black and unbleached, which we do not see in regular terms.

The bow has the resilience capacity to bring a louder tone. The bow is a recommendation for advanced players without any hesitations. The bow looks like a shining gemstone because of the glittery shell used in it.


  • The use of Black Carbon Fiber is exceptional in this bow.
  • The bow maintains a better balance point.
  • It provides a warm and clean tone.
  • There is no extra gap between bow stick and frog.


  • The horsehair seems second-rated.

11. Viotti

Handcrafted items always offer a vivid look and superior construction to manufactured products. Similarly, this moisture-proof violin bow from Viotti brings balance from tip to frog with its optimal weight.

The unbleached White Mongolian Hair is the premium material of this bow. Using this bow, orchestra musicians can practice without any hesitation. Nevertheless, in-detailed material- leather grip makes this bow more exquisite.


  • Sleek appearance.
  • Moderate sound resonance.
  • Budget-friendly cost.
  • Standard bow for all players.
  • Weather-resilient.


  • The bow is mostly plastic, not a regular use for professionals.

Your first and foremost task is to combine the budget, expectations, and previous experiences (if any). If you do not have any prior experience buying a violin bow, no worries then! We assure you that all our products described above maintain standard quality, and our buying specifications will help you get your desired violin bow.

However, we have already chosen our favorite violin bow of the year! We would not mind having VINGOBOW brand new carbon fiber violin because of its warm tone and great flexibility.

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