Best Violins for Advanced-Level Students

Improving skills require hard work and proper instruments. Mastering a violin requires patience and sincerity. As soon as you have reached the intermediate level of your skill, you have realized the instrument is a very important part of the skill development. So,you have to be quite careful while purchasing a new kit. You can check this article to find out top quality violins for advanced-level students.

Best Violins for Advanced Level Students in 2021

Let us get to the reviews of some of the best options available for you in the market:





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Paititi Violin PTVNHY100 Premium

  • Hand crafted maple wood body
  • Oil varnished
  • Practice mute


Cecilio CEVN-2BK Violin

Metallic black finish

Hand craved body

Detachable tuners


Cremona SV-1240 Maestro

  • Solid spruce top
  • Ebony finger board
  • Ultra lightweight


D Z Strad Violin - Model 400

  • Open clear tone
  • Shoulder rest
  • 3/ 4 size


D Z Strad Model 365 Violin

  • Hand curved back
  • Acoustic and electric
  • Soft canvas case


Barcus Berry Violin BAR-AEVB

  •  Wooden varnish
  •  4 strings
  • Maple and Spruce made


Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

  •  Oil varnished
  •  Premium oblong violin case
  • High quality rosin


Paititi Violin PTTFL101

  • Strong built
  • Vintage Outlook
  • Best entry-level ukulele


Sky Music Mastero Violin

  •  4/4 size
  •  Antique size
  • Acoustic


D Z Strad Violin Model 800

  •  Italian Alps
  •  Cutting projection
  • Full size


1. Paititi Violin PTVNHY100 Premium

This model is paititi’s top seller for advanced level violin players. The sound of this violin is warm and resonant. And of course you can trust the quality work of Paititi.

 The body is made from fine quality maple and spruce woods. The maple wood is flamed before using to give the violin a beautiful brown look. The strings of this model are made from high quality steel. The bow is made from genuine carbon fiber.

The kit includes oblong case with shoulder straps. You will also find a set of spare strings and a shoulder rest along.


  • Flamed maple wood
  • Quality assurance
  • Budget efficient


  • Only comes in full-size

2. Cecilio CEVN-2BK Violin 

This is an electronic violin model by Cecilo. It can also be used as a silent violin. It comes in a metallic black color.

The body of this violin is made from maple wood. The fingerboard, chin rest and tailpiece is made from ebony wood. It uses a 9V alkaline battery to power the violin. The battery comes with kit so you don’t worry about it. It also has aux cable and headphones along with it.

 The bow is made from Brazilian wood. It also comes with a lightweight hard case. It also has a yearlong warranty


  •     1 year warranty
  • Battery, aux cable and headphones included
  • Sturdy build quality


  •     Cannot be used as acoustic

3.Cremona SV-1240 Maestro

Cremona presents a special model for the advanced violin players, SV-1240 Maestro. This is one of the finest models of Cremona we have seen so far. The sound of this instrument is not exaggeratedly loud, but natural and clear.

This violin has the natural color. The top material is made from spruce and the back material is made of handpicked maple wood. The stings on this piece are made of Perlon cores, these cores are wrapped in aluminum

The finishing of this violin is beautifully polished. The bow of this violin is made of premium Brazilian wood. It is exceptionally balanced and steady as well.


  • Exceptionally clear and natural sound
  • Comes with a very light and tough case
  • Premium quality materials


  • Comes in only one size

4.D Z Strad Violin - Model 400

The Model 400 is by D Z Strad. It is specially designed for advanced players. It has a very well built quality for a premium experience. It is an acoustic model. The sound quality of this violin is very sophisticated.

The top plate is made of Engelmann Spruce and the bottom of the instrument uses maple wood. The strings on this piece are dominant. The overall finishing of the basic body is very compatible to create deep and resonant tunes. The varnish of this violin is a special touch. It uses an antique varnish model that gives the violin a gorgeous antique look.

It also has a shoulder rest and a chin rest made from ebony wood. If you are looking for a violin that has an eccentric look and consistent sound quality then this might be the one for you.


  • Comes with both chin and shoulder rest
  • Beautiful antique look
  • Smooth maple back finishing


  • High price

5.D Z Strad Model 365 Violin

Model 365 is yet another piece by D Z Strad for the advanced level players to flourish their skills to professional extend. This model has a very wholesome and warm sound.

The structure of this violin is very strong and frim. It is 100% handmade by the fine craftsmen. The back material of this model has used maple back. It has a separate shoulder rest that you can use if you want to. It also has a chin rest which is made from ebony wood. The chin rest helps you play much comfortably. The finishing of the body is oil varnished.

The kit comes with a case and a bow. The bow has a nice balanced finishing. The case is quite light and easy to carry around.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Easily adjustable
  • A light body


  • Not available in full size

6. Barcus Berry Violin BAR-AEVB

This is an electronic violin for the advanced level players by Barcus Berry. It has a well-built body with an exotic look of color blue. Best part of this violin is that you can use it both.

The body of this model is made from maple and spruce wood. The strings uses bronze as material. This is hand crafted in Romanian affiliate style. The bow is made from fiberglass and also matched in color

The kit of this violin comes with soft canvas cast and a USA made rosin.


  • Can be used as both Acoustic and Electric
  • Specially hand crafted
  • Exotic look


  • The case may not be for rough travel

7.Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu, is a "VSA" gold medal winner! This brand has received the finest wide variety and the highest degree of awards in that noticeably prestigious global opposition. So the quality and the performance of this instrument is something you can rely on with ease.

They are proud to promote these excellent instruments which might without a doubt priced typically extra if they came from other brands.  This device is beautiful to examine and it is straightforward to play.

It has all of the notable traits of a great professional tool and reminds me of the sound from the best Italian vintage violins. It is made from fine material of maple and spruce wood, and comes in the full size of 4/4.


  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Vintage sound quality
  • Affordable price range


  • Only available in full size

8.Paititi Violin PTTFL101

The model PTTFL101 is specially made for advanced level players to improve and enhance their skills. This model has a deep sound. The projection of the tunes is very soothing as the sound is quite sharp.

This violin is has an ebony wood made body. It is oil varnished with exceptional delicacy. The finished look of this is absolutely elegant and shiny. It comes in the natural color. It is 100% hand curved by professionals. The finger board and the chin rest are also made of pure ebony wood. The tuners are firmly set to the tailpiece.

The bow of this violin is made of fine Brazilian wood. The bow is fully lined and perfectly balanced. It is has the perfect friction against the stings.

It also comes with an Oblong violin case. This case is quite light and protects the instrument from any sort of scratches and damp.


  • A firm tuner
  • well-built chin rest
  • Oil varnish adds a beautiful finish


  • A bit pricey for a tight budget

9.Sky Music Mastero Violin

Sky music presents you the mastero violin with guaranteed mastero music quality. It is a Satin acoustic model for advanced level players. The structure of this piece is quite solid. The upper body of the instrument is made from classic, firm spruce wood. It includes a Brazilian wooden bow. The bow is very beautiful with perfectly aligned stings.

 The kit of this model comes with an oblong case that is light in weight and easy to carry around. The boxing of the case is nicely placed.


  • Budget efficient
  • Oblong case
  • Well balanced bow


  • The sound quality is not too deep

10.D Z Strad Violin Model 800

D Z Strad version 800 violin most sophisticated model for advanced players. They are made with elderly wood from the Italian Alps and complements with a satisfactory varnish that brings out the woods' natural character.

The mild varnish permits this version to produce an easy and powerful tone, making it an excellent instrument for the ones looking for slicing projection and pure resonance.

It also has dominant strings that are amazing to play. The Bow, Case and Rosin are also made of high quality.


  • Natural character
  • Powerful tone
  • Beautiful build quality


  • Comes only in full size

Info Section to Best Violins for Advanced Level Students

The diverse options in the market may give an overwhelming experience to choose the right model for you. But you have to have a clear understanding of what are the features you are looking for in a violin as well as how are these features complements your practice.

You can also check this link to check violins mutes.

Let us guide you through some of the important features to notice in a violin at the intermediate stage.


Different kinds of woods are used in different parts of the body of an ideal violin. The maple wood gives the best texture to the back of the violin. It gives a smooth finishing. The top body of a violin can have woods like solid spruce.

However, the fingerboard, tuners, shoulder rests are best if made from ebony wood. The longer these woods are dried up the richer they get, as it allows the sound more space to travel.


The weight of the violin is a very important feature you need to consider. As you have to bare it on your shoulder for a long time, it cannot be too heavy. Make sure you are comfortable with the weight of the instrument.


There are a lot of sizes available in violins. Starting from 1/ 2, it goes to the size of 7/8. But for an intermediate player the perfect size is the 4/4 full size violin. But if a smaller or size helps you control the fingerboard better that is completely fine too. But it is important to pick a size that you can command well.


The strings are made from different materials as well. It is different to control these strings when they differ. They are available in aluminum, bronze, perlon etc. These strings differ the warmth and depth of the sound. So you need to decide how you want your tunes to sound.


A bow is as important component as the body itself. If the bow is not well balanced or steady then it can ruin the entire experience of the music. We suggest bows made from Brazilian woods, as they give a firm power to the strings.

Final Thoughts

We have complied and assessed some of the best deals for you here. The list shows model from different sound quality and prices. So you can easily decide what to expect from any particular model here. List up your requirements and get the best value violin to polish your skills.

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