Best Way to Learn Ukulele

You have a new ukulele!

You can feel the excitement bubbling inside you as you will experience the pure joy of learning a new instrument. You, however, are perturbed by this big fat question:

Where to start from?

With your uke in your hand, you probably are unaware of which route to choose. How will you take the strange object known as the ukulele and turn its sound into a piece of inspiring, beautiful music? 

Do not fret, as we are here just to show you the path. We have selected one best way to learn ukulele – just for you. As you read, you will unravel tips that might come in handy for you. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Teach yourself

No matter which route you take, be it learning from YouTube tutorials, online courses, private lessons, or a group of players, there is nothing like self-teaching. It all ultimately comes down to you. 

Consider this lesson as a game of Episode, where you have the key to make all the decisions. The best part of this method is that there are no restraints for you. You set your pace! Moreover, you do not have to spend any bucks on lessons. The only things you need to invest are your time and energy. Believe us – it’s all worth it!

Learn to handle your ukulele

This might sound like a bit of useless advice. But we have seen many users ignoring this step and later finding themselves unable to adjust to a proper position.

Try some positions – both standing and sitting – to find your suitable comfortable place. If you prefer sitting down, let the ukulele’s body rest on your legs. Your strumming arm can be on top of the ukulele. For those of you who like standing up, we would suggest you buy a strap. It merely adds bulk to your uke. Check some tutorials to know how you can easily add a uke strap.

Another tip is to not grab it too tightly. Otherwise, the sound might not be transmitted through the ukulele body properly.

The basics!

First things first, learn the basics. Do not begin with a complicated chord transition at the beginning. Get the hang of basic chords at first. 

Begin with the major chords first, then minors, and then move on to the other chords. You can check the Ukulele chord chart over the Internet to get an overview of some major chords.

You will see that you will be playing songs without even needing to look at the chart once you memorize all the chords. If you have your roots strong, nothing can stop you from learning.

Strum through

You will probably perform simple up and down, up and down, and up and down when you begin. For adding a funky, chunky, and groovy feeling, you can add some striking and palm muting. The variations create a unique strumming pattern.

Due to copyright issues, you would not see strumming patterns posted anywhere. What you can do is figure out the way by yourself. If you come up with the strumming patterns on your own, you can learn to play the uke quickly and easily. 

Listen to the song carefully to sense the pattern. There you have it! It is all easy for you now. You can easily strum through.

Learn the song

For this, you can use the best option available: UkuTabs. All you got to do is search the song name, and the chord diagrams will appear right in front of your eyes. All the chords of the particular song will be explained in detail with the chord diagrams.

There is more! The chord diagram will also pop up when you hover the cursor over a chord in the song. To make the chords easy to learn, you can exchange the key of the song. 

Play at a slow pace

If you have mastered all the above steps, you are doing great! You have learned the chords, know the basic strumming, and now you can move on to shifting chords. 

This needs to be done at a slow pace  to avoid any kind of mistake. As a beginner, you need to practice a lo and that too, with different chords. Note that being accurate is important, not fast!

Ensure that you receive a neat sound, free of any buzzing or muting. We would suggest starting with some easy music, which has easy chords and not many transitions. Increase your speed gradually as you take on more complicated songs.

Listen, listen, and listen

The key to a good performance is to listen properly. You can listen to your friends who can play or watch online tutorials. Do not stop right there — play along with them.

Even if it comes down to you at the end of the day, listening to other people can add to your experience. It will make you experience the ukulele “groove”. Look out carefully for rhythms and tempos. Before you even realize it, you will have become a ukulele maestro!

Record and listen to yourself

When you are playing alone, it becomes hard to grasp how well you are doing. For your convenience, you can record yourself. This will allow you to check your flaws later and make changes accordingly. 


This might sound like a hassle. But if you have come this far, this step is no sweat for you. Some fingering exercises can add more melody to your notes,

Fingerpicking is best if you have delicate fingers. 

Have fun!

Do not learn the ukulele like you have to. It is a fun instrument for everyone. Enjoy playing this small guitar-like instrument, and before you know it, you will have reached incredible heights with this!

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Final Thoughts

We have shown you the best way to learn ukulele. It is up to you to decide which you want to learn. These are the exact steps for you to have fun while experiencing the pleasure of making music. 

The clock is ticking. If you want to learn, we would suggest you start doing it now! 

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