Best Guitar Strings for Metal

Guitar Strings for Metal

To build your perfect guitar tone you might think of the guitar brand, amplifier, or pedal effects in the first place. But a good metal guitarist will think a bit into the strings. Changing the strings will make your guitar alive again. Picking the best guitar strings for metal is very crucial and hard. The … Read more

Best Guitar Tuning Pegs

Guitar Tuning Pegs

Almost every guitar player stays concerned about their tuning pegs. The tuning pegs need to stay in tune as the players put them into a certain tune. The professional guitarists want to be consistent in terms of their chosen tune. The ability to stay in tune is one of the traits of any professional guitar … Read more

Best Small Tube Amps

Small Tube Amps

The proper amp could be the best purchase for you besides your guitar itself. To get a good tune, the amp is the most significant gear for you. You need to choose the best one that fits your playing style. Small tube amps benefit in many ways in the studio. They provide better sound at … Read more

Best 12-String Guitars

12-String Guitars

It has the extra harmonic richness, when you play with the string. The number of string is twice than a usual one, and the sound is so unique that it is a joy to play every time. You know it already, we are talking about a 12-string guitar. Because no other instrument can match the … Read more

Best Harmonicas for Beginners

Harmonicas for Beginners

Although the harmonica is most often correlated with bluegrass and blue music, it can be used to improve any genre. Harmonica players can be seen in a variety of forms and styles around the world.If you’re looking for a beginner’s or an advanced harmonica, the following list consisting of the seven best harmonicas for beginners on the … Read more

Best Wireless Guitar Systems

Wireless Guitar Systems

We now live in an era of unregulated digital communication, with many consumer devices no longer requiring wires. The variety of wireless guitar systems has greatly expanded over the last decade. If you’re new to these wireless technologies, deciding on the right wireless guitar system can be difficult.Going wireless not only eliminates the sound problems … Read more