7 Easy Songs to Learn on Ukulele for Beginners

Easy Songs to Learn on Ukulele

If there’s one instrument that’s gotten wildly popular over the years, it’s the ukulele. You could blame it on the amazing YouTube covers of musicians singing “I’m Yours” or “La Vie en Rose” with their ukuleles, or how easy the instrument is to play, but there’s no denying that many of us have considered at … Read more

How Much is a Ukulele? A Guide for Beginners

How Much is a Ukulele

So, you’ve decided on buying a ukulele for some reason or the other. Maybe you want to learn this instrument, or planning on presenting it as a gift for someone. Price will always be a big deciding factor in any purchasing decision. For starters, if you’re not sure about how much is a ukulele cost, … Read more

Soprano vs Concert Ukulele: What to Choose?

Soprano vs Concert Ukulele

Ukuleles come in a bunch of different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. When you’re a beginner and going through all these choices, it can be pretty daunting to make the pick. Thankfully, a lot of this decision will depend on personal preference, so you can rule out the excess technicality on this part. When it … Read more