Best Nylon Strings Guitar

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021

The trusty nylon-string acoustic is the first port of call for many guitarists when they begin their musical journey. These guitars are frequently low-cost, with a playing action higher than a suspension bridge and little tonal variety. It could come as a surprise to learn that the nylon-string scene has a whole new dimension. So, … Read more

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

best‌ ‌acoustic‌ ‌guitar‌ ‌strings‌ ‌

It is natural to get confused while choosing from varieties of guitar strings available in the market. Since an acoustic guitar has no additional amplifier, strings play a key role in the quality of music it produces.Not just that, the playability, tuning, and comfort of the guitar player, etc. aspects are interlinked with the strings.  Best … Read more

How to Play F Chord on Guitar

How to Play F Chord on Guitar

Before you go on learning any guitar playing style or exercise it is crucial that you do a bit of warm-up for your fingers first. But, be aware that warm-up exercises will vary from exercise to exercise. You are probably looking for the easiest way to play f chord on guitar. We’re here to help … Read more

What are Guitar Strings Made of?

what are guitar strings made of

Though often undermined, the type of string for a guitar is pretty important. The right kind of string will give you the correct response and the desired feel, serving as an asset to your playing of the instrument. You are likely to suffer immensely if you make the wrong choice of strings.Hence, it is important … Read more

D Addario Strings Review

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You won’t understand much of a difference in playing different types of guitar strings if you’re a beginner. However, if you’re an intermediate or professional, then you’ll notice that there’s a huge difference between different types of strings, and the difference is not only in how they sound, but how they feel as well. Let’s … Read more