Best Guitar Strings for Metal

Guitar Strings for Metal

To build your perfect guitar tone you might think of the guitar brand, amplifier, or pedal effects in the first place. But a good metal guitarist will think a bit into the strings. Changing the strings will make your guitar alive again. Picking the best guitar strings for metal is very crucial and hard. The … Read more

Best 12-String Guitars

12-String Guitars

It has the extra harmonic richness, when you play with the string. The number of string is twice than a usual one, and the sound is so unique that it is a joy to play every time. You know it already, we are talking about a 12-string guitar. Because no other instrument can match the … Read more

4-string vs. 5-string Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar works with the depth of the music. The extra string allows playing notes very easily. Its job is to create indirect toning. This secondary toning difference will be evident only when you have experienced both 4-string and 5-string guitars.We will check out the major and minor differences between both of the types, later … Read more

How to Restring a Guitar

How to Restring a Guitar

If you are a beginner in the guitar realm, restringing a guitar might seem very difficult or challenging to you. Even many skilled and experienced guitar players prefer to restring their guitars by professionals because of the fear that something might go wrong if they do it by themselves. If yes, you have come to … Read more

Best Nylon Strings Guitar

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021

The trusty nylon-string acoustic is the first port of call for many guitarists when they begin their musical journey. These guitars are frequently low-cost, with a playing action higher than a suspension bridge and little tonal variety. It could come as a surprise to learn that the nylon-string scene has a whole new dimension. So, … Read more

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

best‌ ‌acoustic‌ ‌guitar‌ ‌strings‌ ‌

It is natural to get confused while choosing from varieties of guitar strings available in the market. Since an acoustic guitar has no additional amplifier, strings play a key role in the quality of music it produces.Not just that, the playability, tuning, and comfort of the guitar player, etc. aspects are interlinked with the strings.  Best … Read more

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021

Best Combo Amps For Metal

There are many classical guitar strings to choose from in the market. Which one of them would suit you the best, that is a question everyone has and the answer is different for every person. Let us help you by pointing out the top 10 classical guitar strings you can find in the market.Top 10 … Read more