Best Guitar Amps under $500

Guitar Amps

There are a variety of forms and ranges of guitar amplifiers in the market. Do not forget that a perfect amplifier is worthy of making a massive sound difference on your gadget, no matter how reasonable the amp may seem. To help you in searching for the absolute one, we have chosen the NINE best … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitars under $200

Acoustic Guitars

Learning guitars in this digital age of the 21st century is not pains-taking if you have an accurate one in your hand. It is not mandatory to start with an uncomplicated type of guitar. However, to explore a new music genre on guitar, you can always begin with an “acoustic” guitar.Best Acoustic Guitars under $200 … Read more

Best Wireless Guitar Systems

Wireless Guitar Systems

We now live in an era of unregulated digital communication, with many consumer devices no longer requiring wires. The variety of wireless guitar systems has greatly expanded over the last decade. If you’re new to these wireless technologies, deciding on the right wireless guitar system can be difficult.Going wireless not only eliminates the sound problems … Read more

4-string vs. 5-string Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar works with the depth of the music. The extra string allows playing notes very easily. Its job is to create indirect toning. This secondary toning difference will be evident only when you have experienced both 4-string and 5-string guitars.We will check out the major and minor differences between both of the types, later … Read more

How to Make a Guitar Amp from a Speaker

How to Make a Guitar Amp from a Speaker

Starting off playing any instrument can be a little taxing and confusing to you. Likewise, starting to play an electric guitar and getting into things like amps can be a little overwhelming to you. An amp is a system that strengthens your weak electrical signal of an electric guitar and emphasizes it to make it … Read more