Best Violin Microphones

Violin Microphones

Violin microphones are a blessing in disguise when it comes to classical violin players. The microphones help to amplify your violin’s melody, making sure that you are heard by your audience clearly. Microphone violins range to wide selections, which makes it difficult to pick the right one. Let this article guide you in choosing the … Read more

Best Amps for Electric Violins

Electric violins might be tricky to handle, especially for beginners in the area. Amps aim to transmit the sound of the electric violin, making it better. For an electric violin, amps are generally hard to find as there are none specifically made for the purpose.However, with proper research on the amps, it shall be easy … Read more

Best Violin Mutes

If you are a violinist who wants to take his or her practice level to perfection and at the same time wants to maintain a smooth equation with the neighbors, then a violin mute is something you are looking for. But not just for the sound reducing purpose, violin muteS can be used to create … Read more

Best Violins for Professional Violinist

Best Violins for Professional Violinist

Violins for professional violinist requires a lot more attention than choosing one for practice. A good performing violin requires to be made from best quality materials, an instrument that will actually complement your skills. But the diverse choices in the market may seem overwhelming. We are here to save your trouble. We have sorted and reviewed … Read more

Best Small Tube Amps

Small Tube Amps

The proper amp could be the best purchase for you besides your guitar itself. To get a good tune, the amp is the most significant gear for you. You need to choose the best one that fits your playing style. Small tube amps benefit in many ways in the studio. They provide better sound at … Read more

Average Price of Ukulele

Average Price of Ukulele

If the personality of ukulele has enticed you entirely, then we can guess the reason why you are here. You may have got to know a lot about this instrument. However, its different pricing can confuse you too. As a result, you go back to square one. You still ask the internet the average price … Read more