Cheap Ukuleles for Beginners

Many of the beginners who are eager to learn playing the ukulele cannot make their dream come true because of being on a strict budget. There isn’t any player who woud want to begin their journey with a low-quality instrument. If you take an interest on getting yourself a ukulele but struggling to find a good one within your budget, here is a list of some of the good quality ukuleles with cheaper price tags.

With their modest value, smaller size and agreeable playability, ukuleles make for a fun and simple entryway into the universe of music. Here we take a look at what the market considers as the best but cheap ukuleles you can find, refreshed for 2021. 

If you are on your way to start your ukulele adventure, check out our list of the most ideal ukuleles accessible in the country for beginners with a less price tag, basically perfect for the ones in search of a ukulele that would not use up every last cent. 

Before hopping on the list, let us take a glance at the factors you should keep in mind while looking for a cheap ukulele. 

  • Be aware of ukuleles with too low price:

You will discover a few ukuleles that offer for around $15-$20 online, be aware of these products since they’re fundamentally fair toys. Ukuleles in this cost extend are exceptionally poor quality and regularly show several sorts of malfunctions right from the very first day. We would suggest you to look for the ones at least above the price range of $50. 

  • Do a good research on the product you are buying:

There is a well established fact that ukuleles usually get better with the raising price tags. You cannot expect to get premium quality build within extremely low prices. While purchasing, watch out for terrible construct quality, harsh fit and finish, poor graded tuners, bad quality strings, uneven and bad fret works and weak, thin and poor tone. We recommend staying clear of the extremely cheap ones, and going for at least moderately cheaper ones. You can trust our list while making your purchase. 

  • Be aware of the ukuleles with children’s characters on:

Even though these ukuleles that come with characters from children’s shows on them are on the higher end of the price scale, these ukuleles mostly have a poor quality. Their structure and constructer is not very strong and the tunes do not come off well. Try to stay alert in such cases. No matter how tempting these ukuleles might look, try avoiding them to be on the safe side. 

  • Keep your expectations real:

While it is only natural to wish for the best ukulele within a less price tag, it should be kept in mind that proper perfection should not be expected from the cheap ukuleles. You can definitely find good quality ukuleles for fewer price, but it unreal to expect them to give you entirely premium service. So if you find a tiny, harmless flaw on your ukulele, try not to make it a deal breaker. 

Now that you know what you should look for and what you should not, let’s get going with the list of our top picks that come in a cheap price. 

Cheap Ukuleles for Beginners(Overview)





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Official KALA Learn To Play Ukulele

Official KALA Learn To Play Ukulele

Mahogany tonewood

Walnut fretboard

Dark toned and balanced timbre


Kala KA-15S Ukuleles

Kala KA-15S

Mahogany build

Walnut fingerboard

Warm toned



Donner DUS-1 21

Donner DUS-1 21

Mahogany body and neck

Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Aquila black strings

Free learner’s lessons


Kmise Cheap Ukuleles

Kmise Ukulele

Constructed with high quality Mahogany

Good sound resonance

18:1 copper tuning machines

Walnut Fretboard


Makala MK-B Cheap Ukuleles

Makala MK-B

Baritone with Mahogany body

Walnut fretboard

Ideal for guitarists

Space between frets

Warm tones


Cheap Ukuleles for Beginners(Review)

1. Official Kala Learn to Play (ASIN: B01F543PAW)

Official KALA Learn To Play Ukulele

The Official Kala Learn to Play is unquestionably the most excellent budget ukulele for learners. Comparative to the Kala KA-C ukulele, this soprano ukulele is developed from a Mahogany tone wood on the beat, back and sides. The walnut fret board of this ukulele includes a round tone with an astonishing timbre adjust, blending warm-bright tones. 

Aside from that, the ‘Official Kala Learn to Play’ ukulele comes with all the fundamental adornments for a beginner and a Quick Starter Booklet for complimentary, beside free lessons once you enlist to Kala’s site.


  • Incredible tone balance
  • Comes with necessary gig bag and quick starter booklet
  • Excellent tonewood


  • Tuning gears are not very stable
  • Does not include a string set

2. Kala KA-15S (ASIN: B001LU1SFO)

Kala KA-15S

The KA-15S is a fine choice for beginners looking for a decent starter instrument, but it is also an incredible choice for intermediate players who are looking to get themselves a second ukulele in reasonable price. Kala has created notoriety for building extraordinary ukuleles at reasonable cost focuses, and the KA-15S is not any exception. The KA-15S features a clean appearance along with a strong and tight feel. 

With a Mahogany body and satin finish, the KA-15S soprano ukulele offers a warm and sweet tone. Its mahogany neck is well suited by the walnut fingerboard and bridge, which provides the ukulele with an impressive resonance, volume and bass.


  • Well built
  • Good resonance and volume
  • Warm and sweet tone
  • Impressive playability
  • Good quality Aquila strings


  • No clip-on tuners

3. Donner DUS-1 21 (ASIN: B01M1L6OSX)

Donner DUS-1 21

Constructed with blazed African mahogany on the body and neck, the Donner DUS-1 21 concert ukulele produces a very rich and warm tone. Its rosewood fingerboard and bridge are finely polished, which increases its comfort and playability. This amazing ukulele comes with all the necessary accessories including a fine gig bag, Aquila black strings as well as starter kits and free lessons


  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for a beginner
  • Well crafted
  • Simple to tune
  • Warm and rich sound


  • Glue can stick out in some places but that is a minor issue

4. Kmise Ukulele (ASIN: B078NTDCHW)

Kmise Ukulele

With a soundboard that's built with AAA Mahogany tonewood, the Kmise Ukulele is the most excellent tenor bundle out there for beginners. At the side its unadulterated quality body, the walnut fretboard includes a more made strides mid-range as compared to the other concert ukuleles accessible at this cost


  • It features an exceptionally resonant soundboard
  • Well built
  • Stable tuners
  • Includes basic accessories
  • Includes free step-by-step lessons


  • Some of the fret wires aren’t very well-sanded

5. Makala MK-B: (ASIN: B001LTZZSG)

Makala MK-B

In case you're a ukulele beginner who has a guitar background, the Makala MK-B is the perfect one for you. With a totally mahogany body and a walnut fretboard, this baritone ukulele comes with impressively recessed fret wires. Its nylon strings direct the soundboard to create a warmer tone quality. The string pressure that's comparable to an acoustic guitar bass makes the tuning more relatable to the beginners


  • Reasonable price
  • Warm toned
  • Adequate space between frets
  • Good for players with guitar backgrounds


  • Does not include accessories and tuning machines


So that was all about the best ukuleles you can find with a very cheap price tags. These ukuleles are in fact so good that finding them at such a low price is a total win. We hope this article was helpful for you to decide which ukulele suits the best for your taste. Happy strumming!

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